San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Preview Night!

Good Morning (12:01, here) from San Diego, California!

Comic-Con kicks off in earnest, today, but last night I was one of about 10,000 people who had tickets for Preview Night! Preview Night is where Comic-Con opens the doors early, and allows attendees to have a look around without all the crowds. It’s only available to people purchasing tickets for all four days, and even then, only a certain number of tickets are made available on a first come, first serve basis.

It’s a chance to roam the floor with slightly more elbow room, check out all the booths and vendors, and get a first crack at a ton of exclusives. It’s a great chance to get a feel for what’s where, who’s there, and what’s what before the madness kicks in.

For me, it was a long haul across the country, a lot of scrambling to get things right and ready, dealing with your typical Comic-Con staff almost snafu, and then a hectic night of jostling through the crowds, snapping pics and tweeting away… before heading back to write it all up. I’m closing in on 24 hrs without sleep, let’s see how fun this post turns out!

5 am EST is when the day began for me. Wolfed down some breakfast, uploaded the most recent (title pending), and then hit the road for BDL. I had to take a short flight down to Baltimore’s BWI (I swear NOTHING flies direct out of Bradley) and then on from there to San Diego. Things went off without a hitch (not always a given, trust me), and my flights were both actually early to arrive at their destinations. No problems with the luggage, no problem with anything, really.

Thank god.

With an iPad, entertaining yourself on a cross country flight isn’t a big deal any longer, but it still sucks having to sit on an airplane for six hours… It was a long day of travel, but setting down really just kicked things off.

Time to grab the car and go!

Traffic was hellish across San Diego to the hotel, but I got there in time to check in and unpack in plenty of time to head for the Con.

I may have actually been there TOO early, as I got it in my head to try the Comic-Con Shuttle for the first time. Ooof-dah. I dunno… It probably wont be as bad at the crack of dawn (at least I hope), but it took 45 minutes to arrive -they’re reportedly scheduled on a 30 minute loop – and then took an hour and 20 minutes to get me from the hotel to the convention center.

But get us there it did, and one of the great things about Preview Night is that it’s so easy to get your badge… I just walked right in, felt like the King! 😀 From there, it was on to the floor, for all the Preview Night goodness!

Preview Night is just a taste, really. An hors d’oeuvres. You get to see where everything is, you get to get a feel for what booths are where, etc. There’s still a ton of people, it was crowded even trying to get pictures of the displays.

I did get to meet my first celeb of the show though, Joe Maddalena from SyFy’s “Hollywood Treasures”. They had a both that was displaying authentic screen-worn costumes from “Superman: The Movie”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Stuff like that is always so cool to see… cmon. The original suit Gene Wilder wore in “Willy Wonka”? The Jor-El robe from “Superman: The Movie”? THE “Edward Scissorhands” costume?

That’s just awesome, to me.

“The Hobbit” appears to be representing, big time. They had a booth for Weta and one of the studios was featuring it as their main attraction as well, so there were two patches of turf laid out with Hobbit stuff. The best one was the one with the life size replicas… people were taking pictures with Gollum left and right.

I managed to get Tanski the exclusive Freddy Krueger fig he wanted, although at first pass, I told him no dice. The line took three turns and kept stretching… I was like, no. NO. Nononono. But I swung back in an hour and it was much more manageable. I also got myself another Superhero pint glass (The Silver Surfer, this time), and a couple of tshirts.

So the purchasing has begun, the adventure has begun, Comic-Con is about to begin. Tomorrow, I’ll have some costume pics (believe me, no one wears any on Preview Night it seems), my first panel report, I’ll send some links to my posts over at Cineplex… it’ll be a beaut, Clark. Trust me. 😀 And of course, now is the time to follow me on Twitter if you want to follow along with all the Comic-Con action!

See you all tomorrow! Timberrrrrrrr!

21 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Preview Night!

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  2. Pure awesomeness Fogs!!! I’m so jealous but of course I’m happy for you and I’m really living vicariously through you right now.

    I hope one day I get to go to Preview Night, sounds awesome, no wonder the ticket sales go sooo fast!!

    I actually drove from SF to SD last year, but all the way from Minnesota it’d have been quite a long flight too, but six hours man, that is LONG! But hey, it’s all worth it right? I could just picture you grinning from ear to ear surrounded by all those cool costumes! Great coverage, man.

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