San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Greetings from the line for Hall H, on Saturday at 5:30 am (well, when I began this post at least). I got up at 4, was here by 10 after 5 or so…

And I have never been further back in line for an event. I cannot even SEE Hall H right now. The Lawn is completely full of campers, the sidewalk across the street was full of campers, the line loops around the grass and back by the bay. I got up at 4 am, and now wonder if I’ll even get in.

I spent my time last night updating all the photos, and never got around to a summary post, so I figured since I have TIME (LOL), I might as well write up my adventures from yesterday. Read on!


20120714-061049.jpg Comic-Con is always full of little treats you don’t expect, and this year, that came in the form of David Hasslehoff. LOL. I was wandering the floor, saw he would be doing a signing and grabbed a ticket. Got in line early (in order to try to hit Hall H) and wound up having a front row seat to watch the Hoff do his thing. He showed up 10/15 minutes late, but then came out and enthusiastically worked the crowd (and he DID draw quite a crowd). I got to see why he’s such a big hit in Germany… The person in front of told him he was from Germany and boom, the conversation was happening in German. When it was my turn, I told him how much I liked “Piranha 3DD”, and he lit up, telling stories about it… The manager had to move me along, and not because of ME. Lol.

So that was fun, and that’s a great autograph for the wall.

Thing is though, when I got to the line for Hall H, in order to see the Sony panel, the line was too enormous. I had figured on people bailing out of line once they realized they couldn’t get in for “Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”, and then a mass exodus after “Thrones” finished, but the size of the line (lawn filled, down the street behind convention center) made the issue at hand an hour and a half gamble to see if we (I had met up with Emma from Cineplex) could get horrible seats at best.

I made the decision to bail.

Today was scheduled to be dedicated to Hall H anyways, so the extra floor time appealed to me. In all candor, the reason I waited so late to get in line was that I refused to commit so much of my Con to the Hall. If I could get into Sony with only an hour and a half wait, fine. If not, the floor awaited. Turns out, it was the floor.

Which led to many more costume pics, and much more time amongst the vendors and all the action.

20120714-091923.jpgI also found my way to get another autograph, too. I know that Im well on the record saying the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” is the most important show on television, and I was able to get an autograph of Giorgio A Tsoukalos, he of the wild hair. πŸ˜€ I asked him, if he could only point to ONE piece of evidence that supports the ancient aliens theory, what would it be. Hearing him say “Pumapunku” made my day. I KNEW that had to be the answer!! πŸ˜€

Not getting in to Hall H had other benefits as well, actually. Not that I wanted to get off the hook for my posts last night, but it did enable me to gallery dump and more importantly, get to bed early. As mentioned above, today was a VERY early start. I was in line by a little after 5 am.

It looks as though it’s going to pay off, though! The morning began literally out of sight of the Hall H grass, but at 8, when they cleared the mini camps of all the fans who camped overnight, the line compressed dramatically, and I am currently mid lawn. A shoo in to get in for today’s huge slate: Quentin Tarantino and Django, Peter Jackson and The Hobbit, del Toro and Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and more. πŸ˜€

Depending on the wifi, I may not update the blog again until tonight, I’ll see you then!


9 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: That’s the way the cookie crumbles

  1. Glad you were able to find entertainment on the floor after Hall H was over-full. I assume there are probably a dozen different options at any given time, right?

    I’m not a fan of Ancient Aliens, but I’m glad you were able to get the guy’s autograph if you are. Also sounds like Hasselhoff is the kind of actor who knows why he’s there. I kind of wonder if that tends to be more true for the “B actors” than the “A listers”… more of an awareness that it’s because of the dedicated fans that they’re a success.

    • There are, (12 options) but you have to plan in advance what to commit to. Can’t just walk into most panels. Plan B is always “Wander the Floor” because it’s a never ending variety of treats.

    • LOL… People do graffiti about the Hoff in Germany? Lol. That’s freaking cool.

      I’ll tell you, I wasn’t sold on “The Campaign” until now. The extra footage was so funny. The extended “I let a goat lick my weiner” scene was WAY too funny. The stuff his family comes up with is SO messed up! πŸ˜€

  2. You got Giorgio’s autograph? Wow!!
    That is so awesome! I definitely concur about ancient aliens….
    Nice pics, I’m enjoying seeing the color. So did You dress up this year? Are you in any of those pics you posted? πŸ˜‰

    • No, no. I did not “Dress up” πŸ˜€ Maybe one day, maybe one day. Lol

      And no, unfortunately I went solo, and I’m not all about asking people to take my pic with my camera, you know?

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