San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Comic-Con has ended.


Crazy crazy four days. Or should I say three crazy days, plus Sunday?

Sunday is the day where there’s nothing to rush to. You’ve already seen the floor, so you know your way around well, you know what’s out there, you’re not scrambling around anymore trying to “See Everything”. You have no reason to be hustling or hurrying, and neither to do the other attendees. This creates – as much as something like this can exist by Comic-con standards – a relaxed atmosphere. You walk around, you see the sights, you try to bag an autograph or two, and just soak it all in the best you can, knowing that there’s only a few hours left to the convention.

I tried to do just that

The two notable changes to the floor today were that Marvel brought out the “Iron Man 3” armor, and Fox changed up the Bond 50 display, this time breaking out Timothy Dalton’s Aston Martin from “The Living Daylights”. Speaking of Bond, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker” along with having a notable role in “Happy Gilmore”. He was very personable, and I was able to get a great autograph to add to my collection! My first Bond related autograph, and it’s a BIG ONE. 😀

I saw (from afar) Nathan Fillion signing autographs – they must have had a lottery for that one, I imagine. You can’t have a normal line for such a thing. I also ran across Giorgio Tsoukalos from “Ancient Aliens” again, this time he was browsing the Sideshow collectibles booth. 😀 I asked him if I could take a pic with him next to the Xenomorph statues from Aliens, and he did! 😀 Lots of other notables around too, I saw legendary comics artist Jim Lee signing for fans and got to say hello to Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Studios.

But for the most part, the day belonged to costume watching and browsing the vendors. The displays that vendors have set up throughout Comic-Con are an important part of the experience. There are SO many awesome displays. Just an abundance of action figures and statues and replicas, it’s overwhelming. So being able to take your time and browse all the cool sights is so enjoyable. I’m glad for Sunday at the Con. I hope the content never spills over to that day.

Meanwhile, I know everyone loves the costumes, so here are the ones I managed to shoot on Sunday!

It’s over for this year, but I’ll be back. I love Comic-Con too much not to go again next year! 😀 I’ had an absolute blast… and while I would never say “I’m glad its over”, I do feel that the Con is right sized in terms of duration. When they shut out the lights, you’re nodding in agreement. You’re like “Yeah, it IS time to go home”

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of me very likes, RTs, shares, etc. I know that I’ve been pretty rough around the edges on getting back to people this week (lots of unanswered tweets and comments) but I know you’ll all understand. Thanks for all your support again, it really does mean a lot.

I’m flying back tomorrow, so nothing new til Tuesday, when we get back to business as usual with a “Tossin’ It Out There”!

36 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Easy Like Sunday Morning

    • He did great with it though… Easily one of the best costumes I’ve seen there. Gotta be a custom job, too. Ain’t nowhere that just SELLS Galactus costumes… Unlike Stormtroopers, Batman, etc

  1. Personable, Professional, Insightful. Great job! Went to alot of other “Lamb” sites this morning looking for coverage. All I could find was “Man I Love Films” were there, handing out Promos and taking quick pics, but no panels or interviews. Disappointing. I would think the “Lamb” would have coverage or at least links to members providing coverage. After all, other than the Oscars and various award shows, this is the biggest movie event on the planet! Oh well. I guess I just wanted to say thanks. Your posts here and on Cineplex were terrific!

    • Thanks Ray, glad you enjoyed.

      Not an easy thing for bloggers to cover… Expensive, you know? I did get to meet the MILF gang out there, Dylan, Kai and I hit the floor together for an hour or so on Friday, it was great!

      • Yeah. Saw you as “special guest” on Kai and Dylan’s video. Wish those things were longer than a minute.

      • I got to say you feel like a con veteran in that short MILF clip you have some swagger (I don’t know if its the right word in english) without a doubt.
        If possible I really think you should try some simpler vlogging next time you go, I think a lot of people would appreciate seeing Fogs’ in action and you have the personality to pull something like that of.

      • I considered doing that THIS year, but the reality turned out that between trying to do posts for Cineplex and keep FMR up to speed, it was too much. But next year is possible, especially as I wont be out there solo.

  2. Uncle Dan, These pics are very nice. Some of them are spooky, some of them I know, some I don’t know. I enjoyed looking at all of them. Love, Sula

  3. Some good pictures in the bunch… Batgirl looks pretty good, and I love seeing Dark Helmet. Nice to see that Brave has already made something of an impact; also surprised to see two Up costumes, especially since they’re apparently not together. The female Beetle and Booster were cute (concept-wise, I mean; well, the other way as well.) Laughed at Deadpool-Thor. Seems like there were more than a few Deadpools there from your pictures, and most weren’t wearing just a standard Deadpool costume…

  4. Awesome coverage Dan. I love all this stuff, just don’t have the time to get deeply into it. Work and family come first. Glad I can live a lot of through your coverage and pics. The redhead batgirl was hot and I liked the Dark Helmet. Lots of great pics all around.

  5. You really nailed the coverage of Comic-con, it felt like I was right there with you and I don’t feel like I missed a thing! Great pics, awsome coverage and with all the surprises and excitment, I couldn’t wait for the next post. Some great Blogging right there! Nice job! Award winning stuff!

  6. Thanks for letting us all go with you! FYI love the Large Helmet Man costume! Too funny!

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