Follow Fridays!: Duke and the Movies

Duke & the Movies is the blogging home of Mr. Sam Fragoso.

It’s safe to say that Sam is an accomplished and well-respected blogger. Duke & the Movies took home this year’s Lammy for “Best Running Feature” for his series “Battle of the Directors”. He was also the runner-up for “The Braniac Award”. Additionally, his blog also received nominations for “Best Reviewer” and “Best Blogathon”. Hell, even his “For Your Consideration” poster did well this year, making it (I believe) to the semi-finals in the FYC Poster tournament.

Click through to read more about “Duke &” after the break!

Duke & is a sharp looking blog, with a clean, professional image, which in turn supports Sam’s high calibre writing.  His focus is on a combination of reviews and discussion pieces. Sam gets many of his reviews up even prior to release, as evidenced by his review of “The Campaign”, here (which is just hitting theatres today). You can check out his some examples of his other recent theatrical reviews of The Dark Knight Rises and Magic Mike.

He incorporates a number of discussion threads into the mix, giving everyone plenty of chances to interact with him and have their say on the matter at hand. In addition to the aforementioned “Battle of the Directors”, he also hosts “Inquisition Tuesdays”, where he takes a given subject and discusses it briefly before turning it over to the readers for discussion. His latest, this last Tuesday’s, was “In the history of cinema, who is your favorite comedic actor or actress?”. (Even though everyone’s answer should be Bill Murray, of course. 😉 )  He also runs a “Name That Movie” game for people’s enjoyment, check out some recent examples here and here!

Weekly, Sam posts up “The Rundown“, where he takes a moment to sound off on current movie news and the current news of the day in general.

Taken altogether, it’s a well-rounded blog that gives readers a nice mix of offerings, and all of them are of high quality. He’s built a reputation on being a classy individual and a thoughtful writer, and “Duke & the Movies” embodies those attributes as well. Sam takes great pride in his writing, and uses his talents to make each review an excellent read. He has looks at the latest movies for you before you’d need to make up your mind whether or not to go check them out, and he gives people plenty of chances to interact and share their opinions on the subject at hand. It’s definitely a blog you should have on your radar, so check it out today!

You can follow Sam on Twitter as @SamFragoso and check out the Facebook page for “Duke &” here!

22 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Duke and the Movies

  1. Thank you so much, Dan.

    Can you shoot me an email today reminding me to answer what you asked earlier.

    I’ll lay it all out for you.

  2. All those award nominations and you still like the guy? Wow! LOL. Haven’t been there in a while. Swinging by now.

  3. Wow this is uncanny! I just left a comment at Sam’s site seconds before I head over here. Yes, absolutely agree, a great site and Sam is a fantastic writer!

  4. Nice follow for Duke & the movies; great blog; nice post here.
    BTW, Duke & the movies has the Roger Ebert seal of approval; pretty sweet.

  5. Well, I guess I have to check this blog out, eh? Everyone mentions “The Lamb” I have never signed up. I thought I was a huge movie buff, but then everyone over there blows me out of the water. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up. Oh, and by the way, Bill Murray would NOT make my list of comedic actors! Sorry.

    • Col. Leen.

      Cmon now. I havent seen you online in ages, and the first thing you do is besmirch Bill Murray? LOL… The man’s a hero of mine! 😀

      Anyways, yeah, the Lambs cool. Check it out. Lots of networking possibilities inherent therein.

      • I know. I’m back and I’m mean, not fair. I think Bill Murray is a far better dramatic actor, same for Robin Williams. I’m looking forward to Hyde Park on Hudson. And he was enjoyable on Moonrise Kingdom. I just hang with the Caddyshack, Meatballs Murray.

      • 😦 I havent seen Moonrise Kingdom, yet. I love Rushmore though. And Life Aquatic… so… I expect to love it.

        I like Murray and Williams dramatically, I dont know if I could go so far as better though. LOL… well, at least not for Murray.

        Good to see you back, mean or not LOL. I think the couch was one one of the first blogs I found last year when I was starting out! 😀

  6. Thank you for all the kind words everyone. The Roger Ebert “seal of approval/sage advice” was greatly unexpected and something I think about all the time. As for all of those individuals who haven’t visited my site, please do stop by and leave a comment. I enjoy conversing with new readers and subsequently visiting/reading their work.

    Again, thank you Dan.

  7. Nice choice there Fogs. I visited Sam’s sight a few times and it’s very well put together. I’ve been searching for a follow button though and can’t seem to find one. Sam, if your reading this can you point me in the right direction?

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