Hit and Run

Well… it’s got some really cool tunes.

“Hit and Run” is one of those small crime semi-comedies, kind of along the lines of “Snatch” (not that it’s comparable in quality), say, where you get a cast full of colorful characters, anchored around a couple of central characters, and then there’s a lot of bumbling and violence until everything intersects at the end.

“Charles Bronson” (Dax Shepard) is in the witness protection program, but when his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) lands the job of her dreams in LA, he decides to go with her, even though it may compromise his cover and jeopardize his life. Along the way from the sticks to Los Angeles to get to her job interview, they amass a string of people “out to get them” for a variety of reasons. The federal marshal supervising his case (Tom Arnold), who doesn’t want to see Bronson violate the terms of his agreement, Annie’s jealous ex-boyfriend (Michael Rosenbaum), a horny gay cop (Jess Rowland), and of course, eventually, the gang of people who Bronson ratted on and went into witness protection to avoid in the first place (led by Bradley Cooper).

Once Bronson’s cover is blown, a chase movie ensues, complete with multiple car chase scenes (the highlight of the movie) and a spattering of gunplay. It’s all underscored by sporadic attempts at comedic situations and dialogue, and backed by a very hip selection of tunes.

It’s a movie I felt I should have liked much more than I actually did. My main issue is that it’s extremely “talky”. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell spend about half the movie, literally, talking. Whether it be romantic banter, hammering out their relationship, or dropping exposition in order to convey their backstories and set things up, much of the movie consists of those two talking. And neither the dialogue, acting, nor characters are interesting enough to support it.

Additionally, even though they were decent and even occasionally excellent, too much time is spent in car chases. There are at least three or four lengthy car chase scenes in the movie… I honestly grew tired of it.

But the worst thing about it were the terrible supporting characters. Bradley Cooper’s character and a couple of quick cameos aside, all of the comedic supporting characters are absolutely horrible. Tom Arnold’s clumsy Federal Marshall is terrible. Kristin Chenoworth’s pill popping skank of a college administrator is terrible. Michael Rosenbaum’s obsessed ex-boyfriend character is terrible. Jess Rowland’s gay cop character is terrible. Get the picture? Cooper’s dreadlocked convict is really the only salvageable side character. And there’s no shortage of side characters here at all.

It’s not to say the movie was completely awful or anything. It has some moments along the way, and I’m sure Kristen Bell fans will enjoy seeing her onscreen. There are three or four quick cameos that were each fun, the car chases were all fairly decent, even if I did suffer from overload by the end, and Bradley Cooper has a couple of funny moments. Overall, though, I wasn’t all that impressed. It’s an extremely forgettable movie.


21 thoughts on “Hit and Run

  1. It’s not perfect by any means, but I still had a decent amount of fun with it. I think I just liked how all of the stars in this film came together just to make a little movie, and have fun with it. It started off shaky though, actually, very shaky. Thankfully, it all came together for me in the end. Good review Fogs.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t the worst film of the weekend, that’s for sure. And a lot of the performers did have some fun along the way… but I just had too many issues with it to give it anything higher than a mediocre grade. ::Shrugs::

      Thanks for chiming in on it though Dan, always nice to get that second opinion. 😀

    • Totally true.

      I can get past the “Likeable” part if they’re interesting… but no one was, really, here.

      Not the worst movie of the year by a long stretch, but no need for anyone to check it out really, either.

      • I don’t think that it was one of the better films of the year, but it was more entertaining than I ever thought it would be based on the trailer. The talky parts were really refreshing to me and I thought the action was filmed well. The chemistry between Dax and Kristen was really awesome to watch though. A lot of real life couples have none on screen but they had tons to spare.

      • Mmmgnmmm….

        I dunno. I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one Jess. I wasn’t as taken by them. They felt bland to me. Thus, not that interesting to watch. Which in turn, seeped into the entire movie. So…

        Glad you dug it though. I’d always prefer people really like a flick than be a hater, like me. 😀 This isn’t one of those bad movie like, say, tha Apparition was where I would mock someone who said they liked it in a serious way *snbnnnkk* LOL. I can this one having its fans…

  2. I don’t know, man. I loved watching Tom Arnold so earnestly make an ass out of himself in scene after scene. That’s pretty much all he’s there for.

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