Follow Fridays!: Cinematic Corner

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s follow friday movie blog recommendation is “Cinematic Corner“, the blogging home of our friend Lady Sati. 😀

Cinematic Corner is approaching its first anniversary, and going strong. It’s got a ton of cool content and style to spare… click through to read what she has to offer!

Cinematic Corner is a very unique looking blog (in a GOOD way). It uses this kind of a… washed out color scheme, which gives it a very stylistic visual feel to it. It’s also very visually oriented… Sati uses a lot of .gifs and pics throughout her posts. It’s impressive, it really is. I don’t think that someone can stop by and not think “Cool” and “Oh, awesome!”.  There’s a reason – a good reason – it was nominated for a Lammie for “Best Design” this year.

The content there is top-notch as well. Sati tends to choose cool, bad ass topics to write about and highlight, such as the latest “Scene of the Week”, which highlights the battle between Patricia Arquette and James Gandolfini in “True Romance”, or this Wednesday’s “Soundtrack Wednesday” post that featured the Centurian’s “Bullwinkle, part 2” from “Pulp Fiction”. Her contribution to Flixchatter’s “Small Roles, Big Performances Blog-A-Thon” was Laura Linney’s Annabeth Markum from “Mystic River”, a choice that literally made me say “Ohhhhh…” out loud. 😀 It’s a consistent focus on these really kind of… edgy/dark but awesome topics that contributes to the noteworthy tone she has going on there.

In additions to reviews (Check out “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Compliance” for recent examples), Sati also comes up with a variety of different types of posts.  Check out her “Appreciation” series, where she spotlights a star, puts together a mini bio and some trivia, and then shares a bunch of cool pics of said performer. Have a look at her latest ones, Marion Cotillard, Michelle Williams, and Idris Elba! Saturdays are for television posts. In keeping with her cool as hell tastes, the last two I saw written up were “American Horror Story” and “Six Feet Under“. And as mentioned earlier, she does “Soundtrack Wednesdays”, where she focuses on the music of movies, and her “Scene of the Week” series, where she’ll take a certain scene, summarize it/point out why its noteworthy, and then highlight it with a series of screencaps and .gifs. Her last few there were from “Take Shelter”, “Se7en”, and “The Dark Knight”. Winners, all.

Cinematic Corner is a very, very cool place to visit. Everytime I go there my thought is, “This blog is %#$&ing awesome”. It’s got style to spare, and then some, and her taste in movies is pretty incredible. Sati draws a bunch of comments, so people are obviously responding well… You should check it out, too, and see what all the buzz is about!

22 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Cinematic Corner

  1. DEFINITELY!! I love Sati’s blogs. Here visual comparisons are one of my favourite features. Even if I’ve seen neither of the films, it’s always amazing to read and see.

    Top choice!

  2. Awww, aren’t you the sweetest? 🙂 Thank you so much!
    I’m working on the first of three special posts for the blog’s anniversary. Your post is Cinematic Corner’s first birthday gift ^^

    • You’re going three fer? Wowww.. Happy Birthday x3! 😀

      I’ll be sure to stop by and join in the festivities. Meanwhile, early congrats, and keep up the good work. When I started poking around over there again this week I was like, I have to enter her into this series. This place rocks. 😀

  3. Woo hoo!! Glad to see you highlight Sati’s blog! Her content and design are top notch, it’s like nothing I’ve seen out there. Well done Fogs and of course Lady Sati for always entertaining us with your awesome posts!

  4. Oh sure, I’ll take a look at those Marion Cotillard and Michelle Williams posts again.. You don’t have to twist my arm! 😀

    Sati has an awesome site and is definitely worthy of a FF. Good call!

  5. Excellent choice Fogs. I have to say that I’ve not came across a better looking blog since I started this business. No Offence to every to all my other fellow bloggers (as i kive many of yours’ stuff) but Sati’s site is something I really wish I had. I often miss her posts though as I don’t use my reader very much. I rely on getting e-mail notifications when something new is posted and for the life of me, I can’t find that option on her site.
    *Sati if you’re reading this, please help*

      • LOL! The “Johnny Cash” look? Thanks man, that’s a compliment indeed but I’m aiming for a revamp methinks. On the Dawn of my first years aniversarry, I thinking of looking into a new look. I must trudge through some themes to come up with. (Maybe Sati could help?) 😉

      • Yeah man! It’s nice to change the decor a little though isn’t it? I’ve still to work out a lot of the options and doing most of my blogging through my phone, I often overlook the side of my site that could be doing with some nurturing and attention. I really wish I was good at all that website design type of stuff. In fact, I wish I actually knew how to operate a computer properly. My phone is my saviour. 😉

      • Excellent Sati. I follow that many blogs that I sometimes forget to check into a few. If the e-mail notification comes in, I’ll swing by more often. You’re site is certainly something special. 🙂

  6. Sati has such a wonderful blog and I keep telling her how I can’t believe it’s based on a Blogspot platform, it’s so pleasing to the eyes!

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