Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR favorite Bond Moments?

Over the course of 22 films, the Bond franchise has given us innumerable memorable moments. 007 has skied off of cliffs, been shoved from a plane without a parachute, defused bombs. He’s driven a mini-copter, a tank, speedboats, and the coolest cars in the world.

He’s saved the world countless times.

Along the way, he’s left us with some of the most iconic scenes and moments in movie history. From his initial introduction scene to Honey Rider emerging from the ocean in Dr. No. The Union Jack parachute unfurling as his theme song kicks in, followed by “Nobody Does it Better” in The Spy Who Loved Me. The parkour sequence in Casino Royale. The laser beam in Goldfinger.

Bond has more than his share of fantastic moments, it’s an abundance of riches. He’s got the gadgets, and gets the girls. The villains stand no chance.

What’s YOUR favorite moment? Is there some scene from the franchise that stands out for you, particularly? A chase scene maybe, or a confrontation with a henchman? Maybe one of his encounters with the numerous femme fatales in his life? There’s so many to choose from!

What are YOUR favorite moments from the Bond franchise?

89 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR favorite Bond Moments?

  1. To be honest I don’t really remember Bond movies well – I saw most of those, but it was years ago, I should probably do a megamaraton and watch them all before Skyfall. One of my favorites is Goldeneye and the thing I remember the most from this one is Famke Janssen suffocating guys with her tighs 🙂

    • LOL!! Well, you do recall a memorable moment, so… even if your memory is hazy, you got that one!

      I was telling a friend on Facebook today – it’s no small task to power through them all. 22 movies is at least 44 hours…. thats a full work week! I’d love to rewatch all of them before Skyfall, too, I just dont think I could commit!

  2. Oh Fogs, there are too many to chose from! But since I’m partial to Dalton, I’d say my fave is when he said ‘Whoever she is, I must’ve scared the living daylights out of her’ and when he was seethed with rage and squeezed the balloon after Sanders was killed, both scenes in TLD. In Licence to Kill, I think that final moment before Sanchez’s death in TLD is a memorable one… ‘Don’t you want to know why?’

    As far as Craig’s Bond, the train scene between Bond and Vesper is one of my all time favorite Bond moments!

    • I’m the money. Every penny of it. LOL. And then they break each other down, sizing each other up. Great scene indeed. I hope we get something half that cool in Skyfall!

      I think you’re easily Dalton’s number one fan I know, Ruth. No doubt. 😀 You’re the flag bearer, for sure!

  3. Hi, Fogs and company:

    #1: “I don’t expect you to talk, Mr. Bond… I expect you to die!”

    Wait.,,, What?

    No, that’s it!

    • That is a great moment. Super super iconic. I feel like even if people HAVENT seen that movie, they should be able to name the film and the characters. It probably rivals Bond James Bond – the original moment its spoken – for recognizability.

      Cant argue with it as a choice, sir, not at all!

  4. Pick a Bond scene; all memorable for me.

    1) Bond driving into the water with a submersible Lotus Espirit and later driving out of the water and onto the beach in The Spy Who Loved Me (with Barbara Bach).

    James Bond: [in the submerged Lotus before launching a missile to destroy a helicopter] It’s time we said goodbye to an uninvited guest.

    2) Ski opener in View to a Kill that is the first snowboard scene in mainstream movies I can recall; technically he used a snowmobile runner as it briefly hydroplanes on water. The trick was performed by snowboard pioneer Tom Sims.

    3) Hard to forget Goldfinger female chief of security introduction [you know the line from Honor Blackman 😉 ] and Bond’s retort “I must be dreaming.”

    4) Man with the Golden Gun last scene sailing on old ship when Nick-nack
    (Soon-Tek-Oh; aka Tatoo from TV’s Fantasy Island) is hiding in the closet and bond closes a large suitcase around him thereby cleverly restraining Nick-nack until they reach local authorities.

    Goodnight: Oh, James. You didn’t!
    James Bond: Yes, I damn well did!

    5) Casino Royale drink order scene.

    James Bond: Dry Martini.
    Bartender: Oui, monsieur.
    James Bond: Wait… three measures of Gordon’s; one of vodka;
    half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and
    add a thin slice of lemon peel.
    Bartender: Yes, sir.
    Tomelli: You know, I’ll have one of those.
    Infante: So will I.
    Bartender: Certainly.
    Felix Leiter: My friend, bring me one as well, keep the fruit.
    Le Chiffre: [annoyed] That’s it? Hm? Anyone want to play poker now?
    Felix Leiter: Someone’s in a hurry.

    • LOL. Ok. Reactions!!

      1) Spy Who Loved Me is such a great bond film. The Lotus, Jaws, the ski jump. For that one movie, everything worked.

      2) I dunno man, the Beach Boys? LOL. Lotta hate out there for that scene.

      3) Pussy!! 😀 I like his retort in Diamonds when he meets Lana Woods, “I’m Plenty!” “Of course you are” “Plenty O’Toole! “Named after you father, perhaps?” 😀

      4) I like that scene, and I like Hervé Villechaize… I always thought he could have been a great hanchman. But that movie is a mess, I think he wound up wasted. 😦

      5) I love Le Chiffre. What a snot. LOL. Great villain. One of my favorites in the series. 😀

  5. There is no way to narrow it down. I will try to limit myself to just a couple, maybe one per Bond (OK, two for Connery)

    Daniel Craig: After chasing down the bomb maker and being cornered on the embassy, Bond just shoots him and blows up the place.

    Pierce Brosnan: “No More Foreplay”

    Timothy Dalton: Dropping Dario into the Coke Grinder

    Roger Moore: Swatting away the bad guys grip on Bond’s tie, dropping him off the edge of the building after giving up Fekesh’s location at the pyramids.

    George Lazenby: Sliding face down on the curling court, machine gun blazing as the attack Blofeld’s lair.

    Sean Connery: The whole two minute fight scene with Red Grant (Robert Shaw) on the Orient Express.

    Sean Connery 2: “That’s a Smith and Wesson, and you’ve had your six.”

    • One of Bond’s most cold blooded moments, shooting Professor Dent like that…

      Glad to see that Brosnan line get some love! 😀 One of his finest moments as Bond… that scene between him and Famke. Great stuff.

      I love that Craig moment too. That’s like the exclamation point on the end of a riveting sentence that was the parkour chase scene.


  6. When he pulls the big ass safe through the street of Miami with Vin Diesel and takes out all the bad guys’ cars with it. Amazing!

    Also love the scene where he sings a song to Michelle Williams to the tune of his little ukulele. Such a charmer that James Bond!

    Last but not least, who can forget that one scene when he runs away from the bad Transformers with Megan Fox.

  7. I’m still at just two Bond films seen, unfortunately, but I’ll tell you my favorite moment from each:

    Dr. No – Honey Ryder emerging from the water (of course)
    Casino Royale – the opening parkour scene

  8. Love the parkour and crane stuff in Casino Royale. But also loved the motorboat chase in Live and Let Die and that car flip! God there’s so many great moments. Hope Skyfall has some to rival the very best.

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