Tossin’ It Out There – Is there an actor or actress that you can’t stand?

Not that this topic was inspired by any particular movie this weekend…

But via the comments it did cross my mind that there are certain actors and actresses that people just can’t stand. Whether or not they can act, or if they choose poor parts, whatever it is… some people just establish this reputation for being widely reviled.

Kristen Stewart comes immediately to mind. It seems as though there are legions of people who can’t stand her. Adam Sandler, too. His recent run of movies has created an enormous backlash.

But it doesn’t have to be anything rational, or popular, if there’s someone you really don’t like, let’s hear it! Maybe… Charlize Theron bugs you or something. Everyone seems to love her, and that adds fuel to the fire for you. LOL. Seriously whoever it is, for whatever reason… if you can’t stand, let ’em have it!

Is there anΒ actor or actress YOU can’t stand?

162 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There – Is there an actor or actress that you can’t stand?

  1. Jack Black, Will Farrel, Tom Cruise, all people have already listed.

    Adam Sandler, which is a struggle. I really really like the actor as a person based on interviews, and non-acting work he has done, great voice actor for animated stuff, but I hate just about every movie he has ever done.

    There are a number of actresses I don’t like, K. Stewart isn’t very good. But I think in part it is because she grew up with directors who have taught her to act agntsy so she has never learned anything else. She is very good at following direction and, maybe I’m giving her too much benefit of the doubt here, but it could very well be part of the reason she ended up in that affair. Being on set so many hours, in acting mode, constantly picking up on cues for what the director wants her to do on set, but also picking up on the cues for what he wants ‘personally’. I don’t even like her but I kinda think she was used, and growing up on sets after getting her first parts as a child, her learned behavior is that of trying to please the director. But that is neither her nor there in relation to the question.

    I really dislike Missi Pyle. She has such a distinctive face. She is really set apart from all the people who look like they were poured out of the exact same mold. You would expect her to be a great character actor. But she has terrible timing and line delivery. She, like Stewart, could benefit from taking acting courses.

    There are others but I never remember their names and can’t think of some titles to look them up wright now.

    • I’d even add Sandler’s animated voice work to the stuff I dont like! LOL. Eesh…

      I’m gonna confess… I had to look up who Missi Pyle was, I didnt even know. πŸ˜€ Then I was like, ohhhh HERRRRR… LOL I never even knew her name!

      Nice defense of Kristen Stewart… not sure I’d let her off the hook, but that’s a good point.

      • Typically, I don’t defend Hollywood types. But at the same time, I realize they are just people who have all the same issues as people everywhere else. They just have more money to deal with it but more eyes to watch them as they go through it.

  2. I was going to say Will Ferrell or Jim Carey, but then I realize, it’s more the type of movies they are in that just aren’t my cup of tea,

    But there is an actress whom I really can’t stand. I saw her in an interview once and thought to myself, “what a self-righteous, self-promoting, self-absorbed, arrogant, wrinkled up old hag” and will avoid all her movies and turn the channel if I see her in one on tv……Susan Sarandon.

    (The only exception is Rocky Horror Picture Show….which my kids will watch when they throw a party)

    • You know though, with the “Type of movies they’re in” that can kind of be a function of the stars, too. If theyre they same person again and again, it becomes like a “type” of movie. So that MAY just circle back and be the stars fault again… πŸ˜€ Fun movie philosophy discussion. I like it. I like it. πŸ˜€

      Susan Sarandon though huh? I guess I dont think about her… one way or the other. LOL Rocky Horror is fun stuff though. Lots of laughs. Bull Durham, too.

  3. Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock

    • Uhmmmmmm… I have no problem with the answer itself, but the last thing I saw her in (I think) was “Horrible Bosses”, where she DEFINITELY plays completely opposite of type. LOL. I thought she was really good in that one. Did you see that by any chance?

      She’s totally filthy in that part. I thought it was really really funny.

    • Jeneane Garofalo. LOL… Wow. Hadnt even THOUGHT of her in years. I have no ill will towards her. Aside from Reality Bites and Mystery Men, I cant think of that many films she was in…

      And I REALLY like Mystery Men. I thought she made a nice contribution there, too…

  4. It depends more on the role. I would’ve said Jim Carrey, but he’s done well in some roles (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), so I’ll give him a pass. Later era Robin Williams has been incredibly grating, but he killed it in Aladdin… guy was obviously meant to be a cartoon character. In movies not named FernGully. And Charlize Theron might have made the list at some point, but, man, she was FANTASTIC in Snow White & The Huntsman (and decent in Prometheus), so she may have actually made it over to movies I will watch because she’s in it.

    Right now, I’m gonna guess any movie starring a number of the pretty-faced teens who should probably have lived out their careers on the CW and not have polluted movies with their presence. Kristen Kreuk comes to mind. Also, while I don’t think he was on the CW, Alex Pettyfer. He ruined Beastly! (OK, a lot of things ruined Beastly, but he was phenomenally horrible.) And finally, Hayden Christiansen. It’s not just for Star Wars, either. I watched Jumper, and there he was every inch as whiny.

    • Picking on the CW crowd almost seems unfair, doesn’t it? Its like the lowered standard of that network winds up undermining their chance of success going forward. I’d throw Leighton Meester into that mix as well.

      Meanwhile though, that whole first paragraph is filled with people who have had fantastic moments in the sun, my friend. Really shining hours. I’m glad something saved Charlize for you, cause in all honesty, I included her in the “Write up” as an example of someone that would be crazy if someone picked it. LOL πŸ˜€

      Not… you know… calling you crazy… or anything… πŸ˜€

  5. I find it difficult to name an actor that fits my definition of hate! So I’ll give you someone that I have trouble watching. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t enjoy watching his movies. Steve Carell. There I said it!

    • I’ll meet you halfway there. For a long time I thought he was overrated. Then I started getting into “The Office” and “Despicable Me” came out, and… now I’ve come full circle and really like him. “Crazy Stupid Love” was great, etc…

      But I remember what it was like to think he was overrated, so I can see what youre saying.

  6. I’m sorry but I can’t stand watching George Clooney or Will Ferrel. Every time either one makes a movie, I feel like I am watching the same thing over and over again. Partially I can’t stand Clooney after he was Batman. Not entirely his fault, I know, but I still hold it against him.

    • Well, Clooney’s Batman was terrible, obviously. No doubt.

      But he’s been in so many great things. From his work with the Coen Brothers in comedy to his recent dramas such as “Up in the Air” and “Michael Clayton” and “The Descendants”… I’ll balance that out I guess by taking the stand on the other side of the see saw, Em, and say I love that guy as a star. Definitely.

      I love Will Ferrell, too, but I can see how people would be Will Ferrell averse. Easily. He’s not for everyone, that’s for certain…

  7. OK… the usual answer of “Adam Sandler and all his cronies” is a pretty solid one for me. Guaranteed to get me thinking a movie is going to suck. Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo (and I’m not spell-checking that) are right there as well. In fact, I’m probably much more likely to be unable to stand comedians rather than serious actors… probably because comedy is so much harder to do yet so many people are wrongly convinced they can do it.

    I haven’t had much exposure to Ryan Reynolds’ work yet, but after Green Lantern he’s on my radar, and missiles are locked on.

    Also, it isn’t necessarily on-topic but I think I should mention that I want to punch Michael Cera in the face. This has nothing to do with his acting; I’ve never seen anything with him in it (except a small part in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind). It has nothing to do with who he is as a person; I’ve never heard anything good or bad about him. But when I see his face, I just have this purely instinctive, visceral urge to punch it. I don’t know why. If I ever met him in person I’d probably have to be holding my instincts in check every second. Jesse Eisenberg, of course, gets this as well to a lesser degree.

    • Wow. Janeane Garofalo (still spell-check free!) gets her second mention here. I would have thought she’d have faded from recollection by now, for sure.

      Stiller’s had a bunch of “Mail Ins” he deserves to get some backlash, definitely.

      LOLLLLLOLLLL Oh man! I was replying as I read, or that LOL would have been the lead! I… snghghgt. Thats great. That is really just…. wow. I think I’ll let that comment speak for itself!! πŸ˜€

    • Well now… thank you for reminding me that I completely left Ryan Reynolds off my own list. I don’t remember who said it, but Mr. Reynolds is not leading man material … but Hollywood thinks he is.

      I have hated every scene he’s been in. Green Lantern. That Sandra Bullock movie. That one with the guy from Arrested Development. Deadpool. He has ruined everything. EVERYTHING. Some people say they’ll give him a free pass — along with Kristen Stewart — for Adventureland. But I will not. I even hated him in Adventureland. WHY MUST YOU RUIN EVERYTHING, RYAN REYNOLDS.

      Seriously, that show would’ve better if it was “One Guy, A Girl, And A Pizza Place.” You are so bad.

  8. Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are my top 2. I haven’t really liked any movie these two are in or else I can’t stand their character.

    • Wow, man, those are two A listers right there. NO movies? Between the two of them? Geez… so many good candidates!

      In the meantime though, both have been mentioned preoviously here, so obviously you’re not alone in your opinions on them!

  9. Ever since she got herself in Carrie remake – Chloe Moretz. Even when she was in the worst movie I saw – Kick Ass, I didn’t mind her but now I just cringe whenever I see her face. Especially after her pitiful work in 30 Rock.

    Lena Dunham is another one, I can’t stand her for a number reasons, mostly her stupid comments in interviews.

    And Will Ferrel. He is not funny at all.

    • Im not putting up a fight for Ferrell, I recognize a lot of people cant stand him… I dont agree, I like him a lot, but I can see where that’s coming from.

      Chloe Moretz though? Really? Huh. I LOVE Kick Ass. And the Let the Right One In remake was pretty decent as far as those things go…

  10. I don’t think there’s a particular actor or actress I can’t stand all the time, but many actors that I hate most of the time but once in a while they do a good movie or role, so I tolerate them. Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Will Ferrell (to a lesser extent), Adam Sandler…

    • Yeah, they’re hit or miss (Stiller) or they’ve had their day in the sun and now the glory is past (Murphy). I gotcha. I wish Sandler would stop making movies altogether. LOL

      And Eddie Murphy needs to go dramatic. Seriously. He’d be good at it…

  11. What a GREAT discussion here Fogs! Nice work. Just had to chime in and say that after reading thru so many comments. I left the house to do a few things and there were about 10 comments or so. Come back, and BAM!! 99 comments! Love all the responses here today. Nice work

  12. Jack Black (except for Bernie) and MILA JOVOVICH (in everything she did). She’s one of the few actresses who is boring naked.

    • LOL. THATS a testament to being boring alright. πŸ˜€

      I enjoy Jack Black when he’s in the right project. But he’s been mentioned so many times here today that it’s impossible to not see that there’s a lot of animosity out there for him.

      Good thing for the Kung Fu Panda exemption!

      • One of my pending articles (i.e., not even in draft form yet) is about the cartoon comedian conundrum… all those comic actors who we can’t stand, yet somehow work out just fine in animated features.

  13. Hands down…Scarlett Johansson. It’s not like I can’t stand her. I had no problem watching her in the Avengers. I just think she is…overrated. I saw great potential in Lost in Translation, but after that, she fell flat for me. I don’t see why she is one of the most highest paid actresses out there.

    As far as actors goes…humm…I’m not a huge fan of Channing Tatum. I did like him 21 Jump Street, because he is kinda a funny guy. But seriously, how much times to I have to see you dance and flash those ABs. It’s kinda getting boring. And is that really acting…come on! If that’s acting, I’ll dance and flash my ABs…oh wait, that’s called stripping.

      • @Ray: I give you that. See got some nice ASSthetics. Plus, her face is not too bad either. πŸ™‚

      • LOL. At least now, she’s had the Avengers, so she’s been in a really big, hit film. You’re right – even though I’m not annoyed by her or anything, I did always think she had an A List profile with a C List filmography… Maybe its the movies that I HAVENT seen of hers that are the great ones. (Although I do love Lost in Translation).

        Channing Tatum is aesthetics for females. πŸ˜€ Plus, he IS pretty funny. Between 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, he had a pretty good year this year Jen… in my book.

        And Scarlet has Aesthetics to spare. πŸ˜€

      • Scarlett is GREAT! She has had some other great performances. In Good Company, Matchpoint, Scoop, The Other Boleyn Girl are just a few forgotten, yet good performances of hers. What’s not to like?

    • @Jen With all due respect, she won a Tony(that other acting award) for Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge”. Something many, many actors can only dream of!

  14. Ben Stiller is clearly at the top of that list for me.
    Also didn’t runs:
    Mel Gibson
    Vince Vaughan
    Zach Galifianakis
    Adam Sandler
    Jonah Hill

    But, anyone can be redeemed by one great role.

    • Geez man. You have problems with a lot of people huh? πŸ˜€

      Stiller readily shifts into auto pilot. He’s been doing the same schtick for 20 years now. I can understand the animosity. Actually, most of those stars I can see WHY they would annoy someone, they just dont annoy me.

      Exceptions? Sandler, of course, has been terrible for a long time now. And Mel is someone who bothers me for his offscreen antics as opposed to anything I’ve seen at the movies… where he’s always been great.

  15. For whatever reason, I really can’t stand Brad Pitt. I can’t think of a logical reason why I can’t stand him, especially since he’s a pretty well respected actor. For some reason, he just drives me crazy πŸ˜‰ lol

    • Yeah, Ash, that’s…. a little illogical. πŸ˜€ LOL

      Surprising all the names that got brought up from this topic. Clooney, Pitt, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron… stars I never would have thought of.

      • It’s always interesting to see different people’s tastes – those are some names I wouldn’t have guessed either. The only real reason I can think of why I don’t like Brad Pitt is probably because I didn’t like the character he was playing in the first film I ever saw him in, and he’s rubbed me wrong ever since

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