The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon Finale!!

Alright everyone, here we go. “Skyfall” opens today, and this will be our final Bond Month Blog-A-Thon post. But we end on a high note! With a number of “Skyfall” reviews to present, this easily became our biggest week yet!

Click through to check out the 00s who reported for duty in our finale!

Our good friend T, over at The Focused Filmographer, gives his take on the Bond series during his weekly TV show, Take 2 with Terrence!! You have to check this out, it’s a huge kick. 😀

Hunter, from Soul of the Plot, weighs some “What Ifs” with Bonds that could have been… check ’em out, here!:

Dan Heaton, over at Public Transportation Snob has two offerings for us. His top five Bond scenes, and his top five Bond movies!!

Brik Haus over at Awesomely Shitty has a comparison between book and film on “Casino Royale”… in his own, inimitable style! 😀 Check it out!

PG Cooper is back with more rankings for us. This time, the most important list of all, the films themselves! He ranks all 22 pre-“Skyfall”, here:

El Santo strikes again! This time up, he tries to defend “Die Another Day”! Ooooohf, not easy. Check out what he has to say!!

He’s got some support from Andrew over at The Stop Button, check out his favorable review, here!:

Le0pard13 over at “It Rains… You Get Wet” has a break down of “You Only Live Twice”‘s theme, done by John Barry and Nancy Sinatra! Very cool, give it a look!!

Nostra over at My Film Views takes a look at the many faces of Daniel Craig, and then compares the Skyfall trailer to the actual film!

We have a BUNCH of “Skyfall” reviews this week! Check out what these bloggers think of the latest Bond outing!!

Marked Movies:

Tim the Film Guy:

Jaina at Time Well Spent:

Mr Rumsey from Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings:

Jessica from the Velvet Café:

Chris at Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop:

Sati at Cinematic Corner:

Nostra at My Film Views:

Two Tickets for…

Richard Kirkham at Kirkham a Movie A Day:

Dan from Daniel’s Film Reviews:

Mr Howie Decker from!!

WHEW! I want to give a huge thank you to all the bloggers who contributed links this month. I really appreciate your help in celebrating James Bond with me, you really helped make this month something special. 😀

32 thoughts on “The Bond Month Blog-A-Thon Finale!!

  1. For this day of release, you’ve wrapped it up with a grand finale of links, Fogs. Well done, my friend. And thank you very kindly for including me in this (more than once, too, in this series of posts) :D.

  2. Great finale with a lot of great posts. If you haven’t read enough you can also check my blog, have my Skyfall review up, a comparison of the trailer vs the movie and a “Many Faces of…” post on Daniel Craig.

  3. Fogs, thanks for posting the links! I have a lot of reading ahead of me. I won’t be able to see Skyfall until Monday, and I can’t wait to check it out. I’ve been avoiding the reviews and spoilers so far, but i can sense it’s well-liked overall.

    • Yeah, definitely meeting with the approval of the masses. No doubt. Thank YOU for contributing, man, I really do appreciate you sharing the links and helping me make this effort a succes, you know? 😀 Appreciate it. And those were a couple of good posts, too!

      • No problem! If I had more time, I would have written up some more Bond posts about specific movies. I am going to try and do a Skyfall review next week and will be writing a poste on License to Kill for another site in a few weeks, so the Bond love continues!

  4. Afraid it is not in time for the post here but I’ll give you a link to my thoughts on Skyfall

    Dan I want to thank you and all the other bloggers who contributed to this series. I suspect I am one of the old guys in the crowd and I was happy that you let me in to the group. I don’t want to be maudlin, but it has been years since I’ve had the opportunity to talk about all of these films with others who love them or are frustrated by them in the same ways I have been. When I first found your posts on all the 007 films, I knew there was a kindred spirit out there. The anticipation of Skyfall has renewed my energies on my own blog and made me seek out many more sites than I would have found otherwise. Since I know you want to write your own review before you start checking out what everyone else has said, I won’t tip my hand on my views. I will continue to read and respond to your other film posts and series, but I am going to miss the excitement of looking forward to a new Bond film (at least for a couple of years) Enjoy the film.

    • Ohhhhhh… we’ll find an excuse to talk Bond here or there, I’m sure.

      But you know what I was thinking was… this is the 50th anniversary. It only comes once. And we definitely celebrated it in style by writing about, reading about, helping build up, promoting, and watching the movies. Not that we have any kind of scope or scale here, but we definitely did put our best Bond on for the last month. 😀

      And yes, thats a cardinal rule with me, I dont want to get ideas or anything by reading anyone else. I will definitely be by before you know it though!

      And I edited that link in, might as well right? 😉

      Big thanks to YOU man, for participating! It was great having such a contribution from you, I could definitely count on using your links each week!

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