The Collection

The Collection

I’ll tell you one collection this movie has no chance of ever winding up in…

“The Collection” is the sequel to 2009’s “The Collector”, a film which I haven’t seen, but I certainly didn’t need to in order to understand this.

A psychotic serial killer dubbed “The Collector” kills groups of people at a time, but captures the final survivor in order to add to his “collection”. He houses said collection in a large, seemingly abandoned hotel that he has customized into an elaborately booby-trapped labyrinth. After his latest mass murder – in which industrial mower blades decimate an entire rave – he captures the daughter of a man wealthy enough to send a mercenary squad searching for her (Emma Fitzpatrick). The squad finds someone who has recently escaped the Collector (Josh Stewart) and convinces him to lead them to the Collector’s lair, but they don’t realize what they’re in for.

It would be a misnomer to label “The Collection” torture porn… there are very few acts of torture shown (as if that’s a bonus, LOL. “They really don’t show that much torture!”). What’s more apt would be to call it booby-trap porn. People slowly walking down hallways, fearing trip wires and pressure plates, etc., because large, spring-loaded metal cages, air compressor fired spikes and bands of razor wire suddenly stretched taut await. Which is the sum and all of the film, really. People awaiting grisly demises, occasionally peppered with a glimpse into the Collector’s sick “Collection” of mentally broken captives and dissected body parts kept in glass tanks.

It’s borderline reprehensible, but as someone who grew up an enormous fan of the “Friday the 13th” series, I won’t be a hypocrite here. I’ve certainly enjoyed watching people put to death senselessly onscreen myself.  Instead, I’ll attack from this angle… if you’re going to revel in the dispassionate slaughter of anonymous human fodder… at least have the balls to show it. This film made me yearn for the days of practical effects, where makeup artists like the legendary Tom Sevini reveled in creating vivid gore and sickeningly realistic kills. Here, there are certainly innumerable twisted and grotesque concepts presented, but much of it is implied and then cut away from… as if this movie wasn’t rated R. I’m certain that it was a budgetary choice and not an aesthetic one (obviously, creating those realistic kill shots is more expensive) but the result is that this movie doesn’t even have the guts to be the sick, stomach churning, gross out fest that would be its one single claim to fame. Instead all you’re left with is the shameful disregard for human life…

Atop of which, it’s poorly written and directed.

Yes, there really is no reason whatsoever to check this movie out unless you’re a blogger hungry for content, and even then you’d probably leave with a resentment that Hollywood couldn’t offer anything better. There’s nothing at all to it beyond the drivel of the high concept, and they don’t even deliver on that in a satisfying manner.


38 thoughts on “The Collection

  1. The original, THE COLLECTOR, has a 4-star rating at Amazon. Maybe, you should have screened the other one ;-). This does sound like a waste, though. Thanks for the heads up, Fogs.

    • 4 out of 10? LOL.

      The first has a 30% on Rotten Tomtoes… So this one, at 44%, is actually faring better.

      I’d be curious to ask those giving it a favorable review/recommendation just what exactly they’re seeing here, cause I missed it. 😦

      Anyhow, No problem, El Gato, I assume you have enough good taste to steer clear.

      • Yeah, I can believe it. It’s all in the sampling you’re drawing. People who aren’t enthused about the flick aren’t going to be motivated to go out of their way to comment or rate it, you know? So… Gotta take it with a grain of salt, as you well know.

  2. I think I saw the first one and wasn’t too thrilled with it. Didn’t get a chance to catch this one. I know it won’t be still in the theaters (at least first run theaters) when I go on vacation the week between X-Mas and New Year’s so I’ll either catch it second run or on DVD. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    • I did Al, thanks. 😉 Hope you and yours did as well.

      Frankly, you’re not missing anything if you never catch this one. I know you’re a horror fan, but I cant imagine this having much appeal… although I’ll be interested to hear Chris’ take on it tomorrow. Wonder if the “Big Horror Guy” factor comes into play LOL 😀

  3. I feel like the SAW writers are just dating themselves at this point(and i say this as someone who enjoyed the first SAW films). I realize a lot of writers repeat themes/ideas in there work…but normally they try to change it up a bit.

    This seems like more of the same, without much done to liven up the formula.

    • Yep, yup and Ahyup. Absolutely a regurgitation of the same type of thing, with minor twists along the way.

      At least in Saw you had a really good antagonist in Jigsaw. The design of this guy is about as lame as they come. Stoic, silent, and completely nondescript visually. Way to go creative team!! 😀

      • That was supposed to say first 3 SAW films(The ones after just seemed like blatant cash grabs, and i felt the 3rd one ended the franchise well) but you got my point so its all good 😉

      • Hey, they should have used Piscasso as the villain here! He’s definitely not nondescript! (Sorry, it had to be said, or no, maybe it didn’t, but I lack a movie-thought-word filter, so…) 😉

      • LOL! Ok, I’ll give you this Livi.

        As much as I disliked Picasso? 🙂 “The Collector” makes him look like Hannibal Lecter in comparison. Compared to the generic, hulking, silent brute from this flick, Fox’s Picasso is a mad, charismatic genius. [Nodding glumly] I’ll admit it. I’ll admit it.


      • He’s just utterly bland. Completely silent, big, and in like an all black outfit – including a black mask. 😦 Lame.

        They even had him do that Michael Myers head tilt… Which really pissed me off!

  4. “I’ll tell you one collection this movie has no chance of ever winding up in…”

    LOL! Only you, Fogs. Keep up the putting-of-shit-like-this-in-its-place.

  5. First “F” I’ve seen from you in a while, sounds like this one deserved it. I’m amazed that they made a sequel after the creative and financial failure of the first… when I get down to LA this is the kind of shit I shall change, lol

  6. I don’t do this often, but I’m gonna disagree with you on this Fogs:

    ‘a film which I haven’t seen, but I certainly didn’t need to in order to understand this’

    In my humble opinion seeing the original is vital, as you see the struggle and everything Arkin has been through just to be alive for the sequel. And obviously it sets up the bad guy. I loved the first one, and gave it a positive review. On the major horror sites they have given this sequel a lot of love, so as a fan Im very excited to see this. Its nice to get some horror movies in cinemas.

    Obviously we can’t all agree, and even though you didnt like it I love your write up. I just hope you don’t put too many people off checking this out 🙂

    Love Tyson 😛

    • I stand by my statement. This is a very simple plot, with one dimensional characters (that dimension being “potential victim”), there’s no prequisites necessary in order to be able to “understand” this movie. Could seeing the first have “enriched” it for me? Possibly. Probably… but I have severe, severe doubts that a more extensive knowledge of the protagonist and his prior ordeal could have helped me here. They found him bloody and in a chest. That’s all you really need, your mind will do the rest. LOL It’s all good, Tyson, I hope you enjoy it. Personally, I dont think there’s much value here, horror movie or no.

      • I actually agree with Tyson on this. You feel for the guy so much more knowing exactly what he goes through in the first and gave the end of The Collection more impact. I liked The Collector which looks less produced and is actually scarier. From the sequel, I wasn’t looking for something genre changing or best movie of the year by any means (not even fantastic production value) – just a fun movie to see in theaters and I got just that.

      • Yeah, I’m more than happy to settle for a fun movie to see in theatres… I dont need it to be exemplary or anything.

        But here’s one thing I think I did miss… from what I’m gathering talking to people (offline as well), the original was a better movie. Thus maybe I’d have been more predisposed to enjoy this and or the villain, if my introduction to the series had been with the better film as opposed to the lesser one.

        Glad you liked it Jess, I always hope people dig on movies… I just cant get behind this one 😦

  7. I skipped a screening to this one and looks like I’m not missing anything. Wow, an F. You probably don’t give that rating very often eh Fogs?

  8. Hi, Fogs and company:

    I caught the trailer for ‘The Collection’ last week and was very negatively impressed.

    Though its hero, Josh Stewart caught my attention on FX’s short lived ‘Dirt’ and as a recurring character in CBS’s ‘Criminal Minds’. I don’t think he’s ready for prime time on the big screen.

    The film looks like a compilation of grisly thoughts about machinery of mass mayhem excavated from the minds of Rex Miller (‘Slob’, ‘Chaingang’ and ‘Slice’) and Slade (‘Ghoul’, ‘Headhunter’ and ‘Ripper’). Not a very comfortable place to be.

    Thanks for the heads up, my friend.

    • No problem, Jack. You know? As to Josh Stewart… this is the kind of movie that even the best performance in the world would get drowned out by the metal machinery and screams and such. Its also dimly lit and poorly edited, so I basically hold the cast here relatively blameless… I’m not sure what they even could have done, given this material. 😦

      • Hi, Fogs:

        To quote Monty Python:

        “Run away! Run Away!”. 😀

        No, wait. Josh did that during his first encounter with ‘The Collection”s madman.

        I see your point regarding the screams, machinery and editing. Really don’t want to delve any deeper as to why this film was made.

        Given the right material, Josh Stewart could be a viable ‘Troubled,
        distraught young man’ type.

  9. Thank you Fogs. Thank you for taking one for the team on this one. sounds about like what I expected. And to get an “F” from Fogs’ means def not checking this one out.

    I was tempted given the lack of enthusiasm I had for the box office this weekend. but you saved me. LOL

    • Yup. The offerings were definitely a let down for those of us with blogs to feed, no? LOL. This upcoming weekend, too. Damn…

      But after that its going to be a hectic couple of weeks bro! Better get ready! 😀

  10. Wait a minute… judging from that movie poster, are you implying that the Collector is a luchador?

    Let me tell you, I’ve had it up to here with the anti-luchador defamation. First the implication that we can’t type on keyboards because we have boxing gloves on our hands (look, we have specially made keyboards, OK?) Then the recent Twilight inspired propaganda that perhaps luchadors have been wrong all these years for fighting the vampire women (they’re undead succubi who seek to flay the souls from the good holy people of Mexico! What do you expect!)

    And now this. A sad day indeed for technicos and rudos everywhere.

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