The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actor Nominees

Worst Supporting Actor Nominees

Here we go, people, let’s kick off our “Worst of”s with the “Worst Supporting Actor” category. These were the actors who weren’t in the lead role (thank God), but managed to make you wince anyways. The worst supporting actors of 2012. In spite of their limited screen time, these five made sure you knew just how awful they were…

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Matthew_FoxMatthew Fox – “Alex Cross”

Fox plays a villain who’s fascinated by inflicting pain on others. Including the audience. Best known for his television work, Fox takes his wild-eyed brand of thespian stylings to the big screen in order to create a laughable character who’s supposed to be psychotic. He winds up comedic, however. A shaved head and a blank look do not a great villain make. At least he was good for a laugh.

For Your Consideration Film PremiereEugene Levy – “Medea’s Witness Protection”

Eugene Levy makes us wonder why anyone ever thought he was funny in the first place. He was a stand out in a tsunami of terrible… Seriously, if your performance makes Madea look funny in comparison, you know you’re awful. Levy makes shocked faces of disbelief through about 90% of his role, and the other 10% of the time he simply looks perplexed. Thankfully he redeems himself with all of the romantic chemistry he fosters with Denise Richards.

Dennis_QuaidDennis Quaid – “Playing for Keeps”

Quaid shows up looking haggard, tired and hung over, but thankfully his role only calls for him to act like an obnoxious ass. I’m not sure what could have been made of the role by even a great performance, but Quaid brings “unlikable, egotistical jerk” to life a little too easily. Grating, irritating, and annoying, Quaid begins the film as a bribing suck-up and ends as jealous enemy. Along the way, you’ll think, “Ughck”.

Vince_VaughnVince Vaughn – “The Watch”

I’d call him out for being lazy here, but he obviously don’t give a #%&$. Vaughn can barely hide his contempt for the film, his role, his lines, you… “Hahaha!” You can actually feel his disinterest in the part. “Get me out of here” is the subtext behind each and every line of mailed in dialogue he utters. To top it all off, he plays his standard, abrasive, obnoxious asshole character, so there’s a ton of pain to be had.

Bruce-WillisBruce Willis – “The Cold Light of Day”

Willis barely even bothers to smirk in this masterpiece no-show performance. He plays a father who’s secretly been a CIA agent who winds up embroiling his family in violent conspiracy, but the big secret involved is what the cost of his gracing this movie with his name was. It’s patently obvious that there was no acting involved for him. His character even gets killed off early. Oops. SPOILER.

Well, there you have it, folks. The five actors who brought their movie down, even though it wasn’t their film! They managed to botch things up from a supporting role!

What do YOU think? Anyone I let off the hook? Am I being unfair to any of these stumble bums fine actors?

Let me hear it! Sound off in the comments below!

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58 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actor Nominees

  1. “At least he was good for a laugh” keeps Fox out of the running, I think.

    Vaughn sucked so much life out of The Watch it’s not even funny. Just like how that movie wasn’t even funny. That said, I don’t know if swapping him out for someone who doesn’t just phone it in with every single movie he’s made since the early 2000s would have saved The Watch from itself.

    • He was terrible, there’s no doubt whatsoever about it. Youre right though, I dont know that there was any saving that flick, no matter who was in it.

      Wedding Crashers was 2005… LOL Change that statement date and we’re in agreeance. 😀

  2. As luck would have it, I watched only one of those. While I wasn’t expecting much, I did expect it to be a little funnier than it was. I finally gave up about 2/3rds of the way through. That one was The Watch. Not a normal pick for me anyway.

    • Yeah, you got lucky alright. 😀 I recommend skipping the rest of them too for your positive well being. LOL

      I had low expectations for “The Watch”, too, but I had no idea they’d butcher it that bad… wow.

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