The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actress Nominees

Worst Supporting Actress Nominees

Boys and girls, it is my profound disappointment to present you with the Worst Supporting Actress Nominees for 2012. These were the ladies that weren’t the leads in their films, but they made you say “Egads!” anyways. The Worst Supporting Actresses of 2012.

Click through to see the offenders!


jessica-bielJessica Biel
“Total Recall”

It’s not as if Rachel Ticotin left huge shoes to fill, but Jessica Biel’s Melina is certain to make audiences pine for the original. Or anyone else, for that matter. Stiff and inexpressive, Biel’s performance here is one of the big reasons that “Total Recall” came up lame. If Earth’s future depends on her as a revolutionary, we’re all in trouble. At least she fit right in with all the cheap, phony looking CGI.


Chelsea HandlerChelsea Handler
“This Means War”

Handler plays the obnoxious, crude, sex-obsessed confidant to Reese Witherspoon in this year’s critically panned “This Means War”. I didn’t hate it as much as most, but she nearly single-handedly derailed it for me. Crude, lewd and obnoxious, Handler grated on my nerves each and every second she was onscreen. I honestly hope to never see her in a movie ever again. Seriously.

dolly-partonDolly Parton
“Joyful Noise”

It’s not a good sign when you have to acknowledge your plastic surgeries via humor in your movie, lets start there. But aside from that, Dolly was just asked to show up and be “Aw Shucks” Dolly. There was no “acting” involved, she was just the country spun matriarch with down home advice for folks. She gets to sing and act sassy, and… be Dolly. Thing is, who’s looking forward to seeing that nowadays?



Rihanna’s casting fits right in to “Battleship”‘s strategy of success through stupidity. She’s completely out of place as a naval weapons specialist, and further, they have her man enormous weapons that look as if they would knock her on her ass. As a result, every moment she’s onscreen comes across as laughable. Silly. Of course, everything else in “Battleship” was ludicrous, too, so in that regard, having her be the weapons expert works.

sigourney-weaverSigourney Weaver
“The Cold Light of Day”

Weaver thinks a smirk is enough to qualify as “evil” in this bland collection of clichés. I almost wonder if she and Willis made a bet to see who could exert themselves the least in the course of their performances. In spite of having the larger role, I think Weaver compensates nicely by condescending the material a little more. Her performance is stale, uninspired and lifeless, much like the movie itself.

There they are, folks. The lackluster ladies of 2012!

What do YOU think? Any of these ladies unworthy of the this particular dishonor? Are there any that you were hoping to see, but I left off?

Let us hear it!!

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74 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actress Nominees

  1. Fogs, the only one I’ve seen is Jessica Biel in Total Recall (that seems to be a trend), and yes she is very flat. I really don’t think she’s much worse than Kate Beckinsale, though. Both are stuck in just a terrible movie. Just painful.

    • It’s true, Beckinsale was bad too, but I think – at least my impression was – she just had to fight and be evil. Which is a role easier to hide bad acting in. Soooo… Biel got the nod, even though they were both worthy. 😦

      • Least beck had an excuse. I believe her husband produced it. She was good to ok. But biel is always bad .. she shouldnt be doing anything beyond horror or soap operas .. maybe. Lol

  2. Lol .. jessica biel is a terrible actress. Dull, movies do not generate income. I am not making this up! Cheers

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