The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Ok, everybody here we go with the Nominees for Best Supporting Actress! These are the ladies who elevated the films they were in, in spite of the limited screen time their characters received. Though they didn’t have a leading role, the audience couldn’t help but take note!

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Amy_AdamsAmy Adams
“The Master”

As the ambitious, protective wife of “The Master” Lancaster Dodd, Adams’ Peggy Dodd is the film’s Lady Macbeth. Manipulative, conniving, calculating, and stern, Adams is the cold, hard to please matriarch of the cult of “The Cause”. Typically known for her sweet charm and likeable characters onscreen, “The Master” represents a welcome, different side of Adams’ talents.


Judi_DenchJudi Dench

Career nod? Perhaps. For years, Dench has been elevating the calibre of the Bond franchise with her dignified, determined, tough as nails “M”, and “Skyfall” may just be her best turn yet. In the face of personally targeted terrorism, “M” is forced to weigh the consequences and costs of her methods. Dench allows us all to see how it weighs on “M”‘s soul, without stopping her from carrying through with her sworn duties.


Sally_FieldSally Field

Field gives a feisty performance as Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife and confidant of the President. In private, she grieves over the loss of their child and offers counsel, and in public she supports her husband with her sarcasm and sharp wit. Field adds a spark to the film whenever she’s onscreen, but particularly in her thinly veiled hostilities with her co-star Tommy Lee Jones’ character.


Anne_HathawayAnne Hathaway
“Les Misérables”

I think that anyone who sees it will wind up being moved by Hathaway’s soul-stirring rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream”. Thin, shorn, dirty, frail… Hathaway reaches deep down in order to deliver an emotional, plaintive, unforgettable song. So strongly does she communicate her character’s plight that it establishes empathy not only for her character, but for every character that follows in the film.


Maggie-SmithMaggie Smith
“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

There was a lot of great acting on display in “Best Exotic”, but none of the characters had a greater arc than Smith’s. She begins the film as a helpless, curmudgeonly racist, then simultaneously softens and strengthens before our eyes, until finishing the picture as a warm-hearted, valued contributor to the staff. That Smith can take us along with us on that journey is a credit to her talent.


Well, there you have it! The Best Supporting Actress Nominees for 2012!

What do you think, did I get ’em right? Were you impressed by anyone I failed to mention? Any of these ladies listed that you don’t feel is worthy of the honor? Which of them would you pick as the winner?

Let us hear it!

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60 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Supporting Actress Nominees

  1. Hathaway. Oh my god, so much Hathaway. She’s amazing. She overrides Hooper’s shitty direction and projects a ton of power and emotion in “I Dreamed a Dream”; that sequence works like gangbusters pretty much despite Hooper’s best efforts. (Worst efforts?) It has to be her. Love Fields, love Dench, love Smith, love Adams, but sorry– this is Annie’s award.

  2. I appreciate Hathaway in this category as a top contender.
    Maggie Smith is great but best- I don’t know. I did like her in TBEMH.
    Dame Judy Dench is always great as she was in Skyfall.
    Adams and Fields are always good too.

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