The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Actor Nominees

Worst Actor Nominees

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, back to the bad… here they are. The worst of the worst. Five actors who really stank the joint out in 2012. Mail in jobs, scenery chewing, charisma-free outings… these five guys have all the bad acting bases covered.

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Nic_cageNic Cage
“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”

Nic Cage has earned a reputation for terrible, scenery chewing performances of late. But the worst part of it is that he occasionally gets the green light to do it on purpose… and you can tell. Somehow, here, Cage was supposed to act “Crazy Cage” and couldn’t pull it off. You could tell, he was trying too hard. So how bad a job do you have to do when you have the go signal to act badly and still fail?

Best Supporting Actor nominee Eddie Murphy arrives at the 79th Annual Academy Awards in HollywoodEddie Murphy
“A Thousand Words”

In “A Thousand Words”, Murphy plays a man cursed with a limitation on the number of words he can speak before he dies. Thus he spends half the movie mugging and miming and gesturing frantically in order to get his point across. The last 1/3 is more a dramatic role… in fairness, he was pretty good there, but I can’t figure out if part of that is because I was so relieved he stopped trying to be funny.

Adam_SandlerAdam Sandler
“That’s My Boy”

What kind of a sad statement on Sandler’s career is it that I can say with all seriousness that this is his funniest role in years, yet in the same sentence call it one of the worst performances of 2012, and have both statements be totally true? Sandler is terrible here, and yet still this is the funniest he’s been in quite a while. In “That’s My Boy”, he offers us a horrible character, boorishly acted. True Sandler.

Ben_StillerBen Stiller
“The Watch”

Stiller turns on the cruise control, and makes no effort whatsoever to disguise it. Acting as if he cared would be 100% more acting than he actually did here. This schtick is rote for him, and it shows. In order to find his motivation for this particular character, he drew from a place of deep boredom and disinterest. I’m pretty sure I didn’t laugh once, although I know I winced often enough.

Sam_WorthingtonSam Worthington
“Man on a Ledge”

Worthington plays the titular “Man on a Ledge”, and I spent half the movie wondering if anyone would even notice if he jumped. If Worthington were a color, he’d be a bland shade of camouflage. Not something you want in a lead. Who were talking about again? Oh yeah, Worthington. The poor man’s store mannequin. At least it seems as if Hollywood has wised up and stopped handing him franchises, thankfully.


There they are boys and girls. Five actors who reached into your pockets, took your cash and just walked away. They clanked lines off the rim, put you to sleep, and made you cringe with their grating characters.

Which one do YOU think was the worst? Anyone here I should have spared my wrath? Did I forget anyone? Anyone upset I passed over Taylor Kitsch for recognition? Who else?

Let us hear it!

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55 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Actor Nominees

  1. Haven’t seen any of these films, so it’s your call amigo.
    Though Stiller seems to have entered Sandler terrain in the worst of category which can’t bode well for Ben this year or the future if he’s phoning it in.

  2. These aren’t bad actors so much as bad movies and the actors themselves pick painfully commercial films; what about the jokers in THIS MEANS WAR, horrible and unfunny film

    • Well, they’ve all had moments, I suppose, if you wish to defend them, although its hard to say Sandler was ever a good actor yet, and Worthington hasn’t impressed, in spite of being in Avatar. The others have kind of abandoned their craft a bit and are content to act badly, doesn’t that make them (currently) bad actors?

      I didnt hat “This Means War” as much as you did, I thought it was fun. I did bash on Handler though in my worst supporting actress category though.

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