The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Actress Nominees

Worst Actress Nominees

Alright everyone, here we go! The moment you’ve all been waiting for dreading. The worst actresses of 2012. These are the ladies that left our jaws hanging open in disbelief at just how awful they were. The worst female performers of the year!

Click through to she the ladies who were the biggest offenders of 2012!


Premiere Of Warner Bros. "Going The Distance" - ArrivalsDrew Barrymore
“Big Miracle”

Drew brings her lopsided style of delivery to a shrill environmentalist character. She plays an aggressive, vocal activist who loudly preaches her protectionist message. I’d typically lean towards her views, but even I wanted her to shut up! Drew does little to mitigate the pain. She also manages as many romantic sparks with co-star John Krasinski as a roll of wet paper towels. The only endangered species here is Drew’s acting career.


Ashley_GreeneAshley Greene
“The Apparition”

On the plus side, Greene’s performance was the scariest part of the movie. Not for the right reasons, of course, and not that that’s saying much. A “Twilight” alum, Greene brings her CW level talent to bear here in order to create a completely forgettable character. In a way, that’s good, I wish I could forget the rest of this film! Still, this was high school drama class stuff, her agent should get credit just for finding her work!


Katherine_HeiglKatherine Heigl
“One for the Money”

I took it much easier on “One for the Money” than most people (C), but even I can’t deny that Heigl was a detraction. Not that the material was pure gold or anything, but a more winsome leading lady would have gone a long way towards disarming some of the vitriol aimed at the film. Heigl just seems to bring out the hater in folks, and there’s not much that I can say in her defense based on her lackluster turn in this one.


Mila JovovichMilla Jovovich
“Resident Evil: Retribution”

I really liked “Resident Evil: Retribution”, but a big part of that was how much fun I had laughing at the acting. What would I ever say to Jovovich if I met her at an autograph signing? “I loved your movie, you were so funny!” I have a sneaking suspicion she wouldn’t appreciate it. As much as I enjoyed the latest “Resident Evil”, “Laughably Bad” is still Bad.

Kristen_StewartKristen Stewart
“Snow White and the Huntsman”

How bad do you have to be when you’re Snow White in a Snow White movie, and they announce they’ll be doing a sequel without you? “Pretty Damn Bad” is the answer you’re looking for. The movie actually tried to hide her in spite of the fact she had the titular role, giving her fewer lines, spending lots of time on other characters and minimizing the emotive work she’d have to do. Didn’t work.


[Note: It’s a well-known fact that I’ve yet to witness a “Twilight” film, saving them all for the eventual, promised “Too Much Twilight to take?” blogging endurance marathon. So any actresses involved in that reputably poor acting fest is off the hook for contention here!]

There you have it, folks, the worst actresses of 2012!

Are there any that you think I’m picking on unfairly? Anyone you were really hating on this year that I omitted? Out of the nominees above, who do YOU want to see take home the lamp?

Let’s hear it!

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64 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Actress Nominees


    That’s out of my system, I feel refreshed now. God how I hate her. More than I hate Snow White, and that’s saying something.

      • Yes, I hate Disney princesses. Shoot me, stab me, do it all, I probably deserve it.

        I just can’t stand the whole style and presentation of Disney, whether it’s the Barbie-like physiques or the Prince Charming or how it’s basically saying, “Go out there and fight, and then you’ll be a princess and live happily ever after…” – until you get divorced, wait what? I know they’re for kids, tweens, etc., but they bother me. Not enough grit. Speaking of, True Grit was more inspiring than anything Snow White has done. She ate an apple and met some dwarves. OK, I see that. Belle “fell in love with” a thing pretty much resembling a bear – or a troll, I won’t nitpick. No, that’s never going to happen in real life. Sleeping Beauty slept for 100 years, and all it took was a kiss for things to get right back to normal! She didn’t even ask for some eggs and bacon, or to see her parents, nope, nothin. And yes, I know, they’re NOT REAL, but people certainly treat them that way and use them as semi-guides on how live. By people, I mean young girls like I used to be.

        I’m actually looking forward to There and Back Again in a desperate, tragic sort of way – at least someone good will die, and that’s very un-Disney-like.

        No, I take it back. No one shall Kili my Fili!!!! *sobs*

  2. I’ve seen 4 of the films. (I refuse to see any Mila films if I can help it). I’ll have to go with Miss Heigle. The movie was terrible (it’s in my worst list) and her performance…SNORE. Oh, sorry. Thinking about her performance put me to sleep…SNORE.

    • I haven’t seen the movie, but the Flophouse Podcast guys watched it and they mentioned that the movie would’ve been much better if made a decade earlier (which is pretty much around the time the film was optioned) and made with a young Marisa Tomei. So there’s another vote for Ms. Heigl.

  3. “…her CW level talent” Hilarious line. 😀

    As to these, I again plead ignorance, though in some cases I’ve seen their acting elsewhere. Probably a good idea to add the Twilight disclaimer, since I’m sure otherwise a lot of people would be calling for K-Stew based on that instead of the film you nominated her for (and I appreciate that unlike some other “worst of” lists, you limit each nomination to one role, rather than doing “So-and-so for movie a, movie b, AND movie c!”

    • Oh I HATE that about the Razzies, WTF. You know? A person cant be great in one film and horrible in the next? Didnt Sandra Bullock win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year?!

      Yes, you nailed it, that’s totally a pet peeve of mine.

      That said, I’ve seen enough Twilight clips and enough work from the alums to know that it probably deserves all the crap that it gets.

      • Yeah, that was Bullock. I have to admit, I’d been losing respect for the Razzies for a while before that, just due to the “combined nomination” deal for certain actors. I think last year pretty much cemented it for me, though, when it was pretty obvious they just wanted to have the gimmick of Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill winning everything. I mean, sure, Worst Picture, Worst Actor, I can see that. But giving Sandler the Worst Actress award? No. Just no. A man in drag is still a man.

  4. I’m down for Kristen Stewart. She is still the reason that I am now waiting for Snow White and the Huntsman to drop even more in price before I get the Blu-ray and it would be just for Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth.

    I only saw Resident Evil: Retribution but hey, any movie that hits the so bad its good level is okay for me. I wouldn’t give it the worst role because at least I got to laugh.

    • Yeahhhh there might wind up being some mitigation there. But its still bad. You know?

      Meanwhile, Stewart was so bad that they’re making a sequel without her and she was the lead!! LOL Actually Theron is probably onscreen just as much, but… cmon. So bad. LOL

      • I know..I was laughing over that. It is really bad! Kristen Stewart NOT being in the sequel might just make me want to go see it (depending who they replace her with)

        But you know, its Kristen Stewart. I’m just happy she’s getting less movies. What can you expect with an actress who has no facial expressions? I watched like 90% of one New Moon and she looked depressed, in pain..I don’t know…just no range of emotions. So yeah, I’d be super happy to see her get this one.

  5. Why are the other 4 even in the nomination? Kristen has it beat hands down. Even in the early Disney films she couldn’t act. I saw the first Twilight and I wanted to rip my eyes out halfway through. I was hoping for Blade to appear and start staking everyone. I also tried to watch the Hutsman. Poor Chris getting stuck in that movie.

    • LOL. I actually thought he and Theron salvaged it. K Stew stands alone in this regard – she was awful, but the movie she was in wasn’t. None of the other nominees here can say that… I’d never want to watch any of those flicks again.

      Yeah, K Stew could be considered a front runner. But I wouldnt call her a lock 😉

  6. Just leave Kristen alone you guys just don’t understand her. She is going through a really tough time and this acting thing is like so annoying. You guys don’t know how hard her life is.

  7. Ugh, Katherine Heigl. I don’t like her at all. The only movie I liked her in was Knocked Up. Honestly, I don’t see her as a good actor. Mediocre…yes. She totally deserves to be on this list.

  8. LOL at “CW level talent.” Funny stuff Fogarty!
    I actually caught part of Barrymore’s performance at lunch today (HBO in the break room is awesome.) As long as I have a breath left in this body, I’ll say that she has been riding the coattails of E.T. her whole career. Her performance in Scream was by far my favorite since then… Because she gets gutted like a fish. And I think Sandler was better off with the Boy George lookalike in Wedding Singer than with her. Vote here for Barrymore.

    • Thanks for having my back there, she was indeed bad, but she’s not amongst the cast of “Usual Suspects” that people would automatically assume would be included here…

      ET, but lets be honest, too, she did have that “Poison Ivy” phase that I was a big fan of. LOL. 😀 She’s been in some good things, but she’s always been more of a “Star” than an “Actress”

      That Scream scene is definitely the shining moment of her career. Its the best part of that movie, and one of the all time classic horror moments! Love that scene!

    • LOL! The female Keanu? 😀 I think you’re being unfair to Keanu! I was just watching Point Break an hour or so ago! 😀

      Duly noted though, buddy, duly noted. Checked out your top 10 podcast too. Ted, huh? LOL 😉

      • Hahhhh, I consider it a sinful decadence of a choice! There are so few funny movies anymore that I have a soft spot for them without meaning to.

  9. Hurray! I finally saw one of your worst nominees!

    Ok, I guess that sounded wrong. But I saw Huntsman and didn’t remember her being so bad… But the more I think about it the more I realize that I hardly remember her at all, which is probably the point! Between Theron and the costumes and visual effects, she does kind of disappear.

    • Here’s the thing. Here’s why you dont remember her. They worked AROUND her. I could tell. It was like the studio stuck the director with her and he was like “Pffffft. alriiiiiiight and then he started cutting her lines and scenes in order to minimize the damage. LOL

      But if you’re SNOW WHITE, in a SNOW WHITE movie, don’t you need to be front and center? They couldnt even do that here! LOL.

  10. K Stew all the way. Throw in Amanda Seyfried from In Time too.

    I miss the days when Heigl was good in Grey’s Anatomy. She’s gone bat shit crazy and … well, look at all that make up on her face! Who did that to her?

  11. K-Stew was the weak link in The Huntsman. That OUGHT to have been the title. The story should have been about him. They were most of the way there already. It was an interesting take and a good idea but Steward just isn’t versitile enough to manage the part.

    • Yeah, exactly. “The HUnstman” would have been so much more appropriate. Then they wouldnt have made a stir by not having her in the sequel, either…

      But. “Snow White” sells more tickets I guess. 😦

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