The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Actor Nominees

Best Actor Nominees

Here we go, here we go! We’re getting into the big categories now, here are the Best Actor Nominees for 2012! The five actors in leading roles who made the most memorable impressions this last year!

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Bradley_CooperBradley Cooper
“Silver Linings Playbook”

“Silver Linings Playbook” is the story of a man with impulse control issues, fresh out of the psychiatric ward, obsessed with reuniting with his wife. Cooper plays him as edgy, antsy and unstable. As he gets involved with Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), you’re rooting for him to realize what a good thing he has in front of him, and let go of his obsessions. Manic, funny and sweet, Cooper’s performance deserves all the praise it’s getting.

Daniel Day LewisDaniel Day-Lewis

Day-Lewis takes our collective vision of Abraham Lincoln and embodies it on the silver screen. From there, he proceeds to put on an energetic, humorous, impassioned performance. It’s immersive… you’ll never once question you’re watching an actor and not Lincoln, he’s that authentic. It’s bound to be a legendary role, and will add another jewel to his already formidable filmography.

The UK Premiere of Real Steel, LondonThe UK premiere of 'Real Steel' in LondonHugh Jackman
“Les Miserables”

Jackman puts his soul on display here, singing and emoting with everything he’s got. In order to play Jean Valjean, he lost a considerable amount of weight to reflect the character’s gaunt condition as a prisoner. But it’s his impassioned, heartfelt singing that makes the role so memorable. Jackman reaches down deep and belts it out, while acting at the same time. It’s an impressive performance to watch… and to listen to.

Ewan_McGregorEwan McGregor
“The Impossible”

McGregor stars as a husband who is separated from his wife and eldest son during the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Frightened and grief-stricken, but resolute, he treks through the desolation searching for his loved ones, even though there’s little actual reason to hope. McGregor conveys all of that, the fear, the sorrow, the blind hope… it’s the type of performance that will put you through the wringer, in the best of ways.

Joaquin-PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix
“The Master”

You won’t run across characters like Freddie Quell everyday, that’s for certain. He’s unstable, unlikable, and a touch dangerous. Literally, he’s a basket case. When he gets involved with “The Master”, he slowly begins to settle down, but a hint of danger always lurks beneath. Phoenix gives an incredible, transformative, mildly crazed, unforgettable performance here. The best word I can think of is “Edgy”.

There they are people! The five nominees for the 2012 FMR MAJOR Award for Best Actor!

What do YOU think? Did Denzel get snubbed? How about anyone else, think I omitted someone unfairly? Do any of these guys not deserve the praise, in your opinion? Which one do you think should win?

Let us hear it!!

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64 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Actor Nominees

  1. While we have reviewed both Silver Linings and The Impossible on our site, I personally have not seen any of these performances. I am going with McGregor cause he is the only Jedi on your list.

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