The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Animated Picture Nominees

Best Animated Picture Nominees

Greetings and salutations.

May I present to you the nominees for Best Animated Picture for 2012. These are the drawn, rendered and/or modeled films which stood out above their peers. The best animated movies of the year!

Click through to see which animated movies earned nominations!



Pixar’s latest is the also their first to feature a female protagonist. Merida gives girls everywhere an animated hero to call their own. Its story takes a more traditional tact than most Pixar offerings, which led to a certain degree of criticism. Still, however, Pixar’s commitment to quality shines through. First rate animation, humor, and a valuable lesson about the importance of family makes “Brave” one of the year’s best.



Tim Burton’s stop motion animated film about a boy who resurrects his dog is gorgeous to look at, and feels deeply personal. It features the director’s trademark off-beat, slightly dark characters, and his mildly morbid humor. It is, after all, a movie about a boy who re-animates the corpse of his dead dog. But it has a big heart, and is ultimately sweet. The stop motion animation and the decision to film in black and white also help set the film apart from its peers.

Rise of the guardiansRise of the Guardians

Dreamworks Animation adds another gem to its growing library of excellent animated titles. “Guardians” imagines the mythological heroes of children’s holiday stories as a group of heroes, bound together to protect the children of the world. When the boogeyman threatens, they have to bolster their numbers by adding the impulsive Jack Frost. Imaginative, original and gorgeously drawn, “Guardians” is a holiday treat for the whole family.


Secret World of ArriettyThe Secret World of Arrietty

“The Secret World of Arrietty” tells the story of a family of “borrowers”, miniature people who live beneath the floors of a human family. When the young girl, Arrietty, is spotted by the human boy who’s just moved in, it throws her family’s peaceful existence into turmoil. Featuring animation from the renown Studio Ghibli, and a script by famed director Hayao Miyazaki, “Arrietty” is like a wonderfully illustrated fable.

Wreck It RalphWreck-It-Ralph

When a video game’s villain decides he’s tired of being the bad guy, he leaves his game and sets out to prove he can be a hero, too. He leaves his game and heads off for others, setting off a chain of events that changes the arcade forever. With nods to the classic video games of yore, a hero with a fantastic motivation and loads of great action sequences, “Wreck-It-Ralph” really isn’t so bad after all!

There you have it, people. The best animated films of the year… of course, only one will be chosen as the best.

What do you think? Any snubs? ParaNorman fans out there? Lorax lovers? Any of these up for consideration that you disagree with?

Let us hear it!!

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66 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Best Animated Picture Nominees

      • admittedly it was not a theatrical release, no…but does it HAVE to be?

        Allow me to present the argument that some films are put up for awards even though they truly don’t get a fair wide release until after the year is over. If a film is allowed to be considered with a release in only 1 to 10 to 200 theaters before year’s end, couldn’t a film that was made available to millions at home be then considered as well?

        just tossin that out there. 🙂

        but you’re right, it was not a theatrical release. wasn’t sure if that was a specification for the FMR awards!

      • “Admittedly it was not a theatrical release, no…but does it HAVE to be?”

        Uh, yeah, for me and the awards that I’m running it does, yeah. LOL. Listen, I dont get to see ALL of the movies in theatrical release in a given year, like you said, some movies only open in under ten theatres to get considered in a certain calendar year (Hey Amour, go %$&#$%ing $&%# yourself, huh?) but I see a really really high percentage of those that do. Thus, I can lay claim to a certain degree of knowledge and validity on the field… I saw them all a really good portion of them!

        If I open that to VOD and whatnot – foreign films, indies that go to netflix or VOD… all of that goes right out the window, I could never keep up.

  1. I grew up on all the old The Borrowers books. The really old ones. Because, at the time, I think the actual books were older than I was. So I want to see that movie now. Stylistically, I would go with Guardians. I liked Brave but was having some issues with trying to determine the time it was set it because there were some clothing and style and culture and architecture issues that were not lining up for me. It felt like they didn’t bother to research it and make sure the period stuff fit in right. It looked like a lot of, “Oh this outfit looks cool and I like this kind of castle but lets add this too,” was going on. I normally love Burton but I just couldn’t get up any excitement to go see it. I wanted to see wreck it ralph but missed it.

    • I wound up liking “Guardians” a lot more than I thought it was, and the animation was definitely a big part of it… that movie wound up looking gorgeous.

      I don’t know if I personally would get all that nitpicky with brave, but if that’s your criteria… there you go. LOL. If you normally love Tim Burton stuff, you should definitely check out Frankenweenie. If nothing else, it felt like a return to form! 🙂

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