The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actor Winner

Worst Supporting Actor Winner

The MAJOR Awards roll on! This post presents the Worst Supporting Actor winner for 2012!

We had five actors all worthy of being lambasted for their atrociousness in films from last year, but only one can be the winner.

The nominees were: Matthew Fox for “Alex Cross”, Eugene Levy for “Madea’s Witness Protection”, Dennis Quaid for “Playing for Keeps”, Vince Vaughn for “The Watch”, and Bruce Willis for “The Cold Light of Day”.

Worst Supporting Actor

They all sucked, and each of them should be ashamed of themselves for these roles in their own, unique ways. But only one of them can take home the lamp!

Click through to see which of these slacking scofflaws was the worst!

Eugene Levy, “Madea’s Witness Protection”


Listen. These guys were all terrible. I’d have been completely happy (and justified) in crucifying any one of them in this post. I had it earmarked for Bruce Willis for months, in all honesty. But then, right at the last-minute, in doing my “Due Diligence” for my “Worst Picture” post, I decided I had better investigate “Madea’s Witness Protection”.

And as I watched Eugene Levy’s performance, my only thought was “Holy $&%#ing Shit, that’s bad.”

Levy’s role in this film is the type of role that makes me wonder why I EVER thought he was funny. Not that he’d have ever been listed amongst my favorite comedians or anything, but he’s had his moments. SCTV, Christopher Guest’s movies… American Pie. I mean, he’s given me a few laughs over the years. But here? Oh my freaking GOD. Soooooo bad.

The character and the movie overall are no winners either, so from jump street he’s dealt a losing hand. A CFO who was appointed due to his lack of knowledge, so that crooked individuals could launder and embezzle money, Levy’s George Needleman is forced to go into witness protection when his company collapses and he turns State’s evidence. He winds up staying with Tyler Perry’s infamous Madea character, with his wife (Denise Richards. Yes, Denise Richards and Eugene Levy are supposed to be married in this movie. Seriously.) and children in tow. Eventually he figures out a way to steal the money back so he dons a ridiculous disguise and a horrible fake accent and heads to New York with Madea.

I don’t think there was a moment onscreen when Levy didn’t have me cringing. Forget the ludicrous concepts involved (and I didn’t even mention that he’s discovered to be related Madea. Seriously), he just gaped and mugged and made dumb looks from behind his huge glasses and put this look of exaggerated shock on his face throughout. It was painful to watch. And then when he dons the disguise, he just shifts things to an entirely new level of godawfulness. It was like watching the “Pink Panther” remakes during a bad acid trip. I just couldn’t believe it, he was legitimately, horrifyingly bad.

The other four were stiffs that I hate to let off the hook. They never even woke Bruce Willis up for his role in “The Cold Light of Day”, someone promised him a check and that he could knock off all his scenes in six hours and he was like, “Ok, whatever”. Vince Vaughn grated on my nerves with his part in “The Watch”, which was extra painful because I actually like him, and have defended him in the past. Matthew Fox proves he’s best suited for tv with the soap opera level talent he displays in “Alex Cross”. His “Picasso” was perhaps the year’s most laughable and ridiculous villain. And Dennis Quaid showed up over-tanned, bloated and drunk (Ok, allegedly drunk) in order to play his part as an obnoxious boor, only I’m not sure how much of it was on the page.

For Your Consideration Film PremiereLeg LampBut none of them could wrest the title from Eugene Levy, who gave the most eye gouging supporting turn of 2012.

Eugene Levy, the FMR MAJOR Award winner for Worst Supporting Actor 2012

2012 MAJOR Awards HUU Banner

Daniel Fogarty

25 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actor Winner

  1. It’s too bad that what Tyler Perry does, passes for the height of Black entertainment. The Afro-American community deserves better. I think the only reason he’s popular is lack of choice. Needless to say I’m not a fan. Eugene Levy can do better, so can everyone in Tyler Perry’s flix.
    My pick is Vince Vaughn. More than bad. Irritating and annoying. Makes me wonder why in editing someone didn’t push to excise his part!

    • Vaughn was irritating, it’s true. But so was Levy. It was ghastly. I’m not sure if your amateur sociology studies prevented you from actually seeing the movie, but I can assure you, Levy was awful… And I’m not sure he required much help getting there. 🙂

      • Ya, thanx to the gods of the internet I “witnessed” this flik.
        No Socio studies involved. Oprah called Perry the Titan of Black entertainment. She should know.

  2. I haven’t seen this one nor any other of Perry’s movies so I’m gonna assume I’m not missing much ^^ Though I think Idris Elba was in one of his films so I’ll unfortunately get to see that one :/

    • LOL. The cost of a crush, huh?

      This was actually my first trip into the Madea-verse, and I will say that the main character “her”self gave me some mild chuckles along the way. But the movie as a whole was a god awful train wreck. Maybe somewhere with the series there’s a decent installment, I don’t know.

  3. Hi, Fogs and company:

    To quote Captain Malcolm Reynolds in ‘Serenity’.

    “Yeah… They’re a nice bunch of rubes.”

    Yet, do they match or even come close to the collaboration of Jason Alexander’s Boris Badenov and Robert De Niro’s Fearless Leader in ‘The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle’ from 2000?!!!

    I have to go with Dennis Quaid in ‘Playing for Keeps’. From his start as Ed Miller in ‘The Long Riders’. To his Gordo Cooper in ‘The Right Stuff’. To ‘The Big Easy’ and ‘D.O.A.’… O, How the mighty have fallen!

    • “Jason Alexander’s Boris Badenov and Robert De Niro’s Fearless Leader in ‘The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle’ from 2000?!!!” No, but – thankfully – few things do. LOL

      And yeah, Dennis Quaid isn’t exactly at the top of his game with stuff like this. It’s certainly a “bottom of the barrel” role. 😦 I dont like seeing anyone forced to work with this kind of material!

  4. Wait… so not only do they stick a guy in witness protection in with somebody else… but that someone else is a distant relative? That’s… pretty much the opposite of how it’s supposed to work, right there.

    …OK, I’m criticizing the logic of a Madea movie. I may need help.

    • LOL. Well, in fairness to the dumb movie… When he’s put into Witness Protection, they don’t know he’s related. That’s one of the “comedic” reveals of the movie.

      Oops, sorry SPOILER everyone…

  5. Eugene Levy is a man I love. He does comedy better than practically everyone and it’s a shame his career has gone in the toilet. I’m hoping he re-teams with Christopher Guest for another mockumentary soon.

    For 2012 though, he was good in American Reunion. Saving grave.

    • I had no problem with him there, definitely not. He was fine.

      But this isn’t the Razzies where they string every film an actor did in a single year together during their nomination… this is specifically targeted at “Madea’s Witness Protection”.

      Which, honestly? May soften your stance on Levy. LOL 😮

  6. When will Eugene Levy realize that he can actually read a script and say ‘no’? Does he really need the money? Also, it’s so sad that Oprah called Tyler Perry the titan of black entertainment. It’s a good thing I don’t take entertainment (or weight-loss) advice from her.

    • Ha! LOL. Yeah, I dont know. He probably makes a ton of money, so maybe she’s right in that regard. But this movie was awful, for real.

      And I dont know, I guess youd have to assume Levy needed the cash. Cause there’s NO WAY he could have read that script and thought “Funny”. LOL 😦

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