The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actress Winner

Worst Supporting Actress Winner

Here we go everyone. Thw “Worst” portion of the MAJOR Awards rolls on with Worst Supporting Actress. These are the ladies that really brought down their pictures, in spite of limited time onscreen!

The nominees are: Jessica Biel, “Total Recall”, Chelsea Handler, “This Means War”, Dolly Parton, “Joyful Noise”, Rihanna, “Battleship”, Sigourney Weaver, “The Cold Light of Day”.

Worst Supporting Actress

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Chelsea Handler, “This Means War”


Known primarily for her talk show work, Handler joins “This Means War” in order to add an unnecessary touch of crass. Basically asked to bring her patented sardonic persona to the screen (no acting involved!) and interject a crude best friend character to act as a sounding board for Reese Witherspoon’s Lauren. As Lauren struggles to choose between the two men vying for her hand, Handler’s Trish encourages her to date both.

She does so in a crass way, of course. Asking about intimate details, over-sharing about the disappointments of her own sex life, trying to vicariously live through the excitement that Witherspoon’s Lauren is having. It’s a completely unwelcome interjection into the film. A misguided strategy to begin with, but Handler does nothing to help, either. If anything, she turns the dial up on it as much as she can. Trust me, when she’s a part of the scene, she will NOT allow you not to notice. She’s loud, rude and brash.

The fact that her character is such a blight, combined with the fact that (from what I understand) she’s just being herself onscreen (look ma, no acting!) add up to my awarding her with this dishonor.

The others were pretty abysmal as well. Jessica Biel was as phony as some of the computer generated effects in “Total Recall”, and Dolly Parton didn’t do a shred of acting in “Joyful Noise”, she just showed up and was her good ol’ fashioned country self! Rihanna was miscast to the point of being laughable in “Battleship”, and Sigourney Weaver flat-out collected a check for “The Cold Light of Day”.

Chelsea HandlerLeg LampBut none of them could match the grating, shrill, annoying, borderline offensive onscreen persona of Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea Handler. Your FMR MAJOR Award winner for Worst Supporting Actress of 2012.

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Daniel Fogarty

26 thoughts on “The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Supporting Actress Winner

  1. Totally agree Fogs! Handler was so crass and disgusting in the role. This Means War was quite fun for being an in-flight entertainment, both only for the two male leads.

      • Eeesh is right Fogs. Even amongst such an awful ‘competition’ (except for Sigourney, I quite like her though maybe not in THAT roel), Chandler is still the worst of them all!!

      • I used context clues to determine what you meant. LOL.

        Hey, I like Sigourney too… but she was in absentia in “Cold Light”. LOL. She might as well have been checking her watch while she was reading her lines ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. With This Means War, Fun Size, and her rapidly-canceled sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? in 2012, I’m betting that Chelsea Handler’s acting career dries up as quickly as it began.

    • At least in fun size, her role was… fun sized. LOL. She wasn’t around much. LOL

      I dont know how she does as a talk show host, but I’m more than willing to see her not acting again, lets say that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. One wonders what her talent was in the first place to get her to this point. Was it comedy? She’s not funny, here or on her TV show. Must be her mouth, not letting anyone else speak and verbally abusing everyone ala Don Rickles. Maybe they gave her this role to shut her up? Works for me!

  4. Ya, her character is flat. Plus, it’s weird, I can’t see Witherspoon’s character to be friends with her. I like Handler, but her character was a joke. Great pick.

    • Thank you! That carries extra weight if you’re a fan of hers in other things.

      You’re absolutely right, I couldn’t put two and two together as to why she and Witherspoon’s character would be friends in that movie. They seemed nothing alike. Good point.

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