New Episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

PodcastHere we go, folks! A new episode of (title pending) for you to check out!

Three films up for review this week: Sylvester Stallone’s latest, “Bullet to the Head”, the team up of Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin in “Stand Up Guys”, and then the zombie rom-com “Warm Bodies”!

After which, Tank and I have a discussion on the career of the Italian Stallion, Sylvester Stallone himself. From his genuinely great films, his franchise sequels, his cheesy action films to his horrendous, terrifying bombs, we cover ’em all; the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s a great episode and you won’t want to miss it! As always, you can download it directly, here, or search for us on iTunes or Stitcher radio by looking for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs!


4 thoughts on “New Episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

  1. Walken Impression is good. Stallone is great, The Pacino not so much but Arkin was excellent. A lot of Stallone talk but that’s just what I enjoyed. Thanks for a fun hour.

    • LOL. I know, my Pacino sucks. 😀 Its all for fun, though, so, you know…

      On the scale of embarrassing opening goofs that we’ve done? I dont even know that that one cracks the top ten 😀 LOL

      Glad you enjoyed it Richard!

  2. Stallone I submit did not sell OUT so much as sell UP;
    he wrote, directed, and starred in Rocky 2, 3, 4, & RBalboa.
    Revenues on Rocky franchise are ballpark $1.2 Billion and he also wrote Rambo role for film which when added to the tally is close to $2 Billion; nice. The character may be put to rest but the legacy endures onscreen for me. Though admittedly he showed some real depth in acting like the conversation with Mick at his apartment and certain scenes with TShire like the ice skating or the ‘need a roommate’ scene. Maybe this could have developed more, but Sly’s career may not have. I enjoy the Rocky franchise and a lot of his 70s/80s films. I don’t know how his action style is translating onscreen today; not as strong I’m sure based on his latest project. Btw, I too think Copland is underrated. Fine pcast. 😉

    “I look at this town, and I don’t like what I see.”
    -Sheriff Freddy Heflin(Stallone), Copland(’97)

    • Heh. And I thought for the most part I was defending him! LOL. I think I’ll stand by the sell out comment… he pursued the avenue of films that would bring him the most money, and not the most artistic merit. I cant blame him, and I dont even mind that much. but it is what it is… I didnt make it up, thats kind of a knock against him thats been out there a long time… 😦

      Still a big big fan of his, without a doubt though.

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