The Great Debates: Indiana Jones or Han Solo?

Indy vs Han

Alright everybody, here we go!!

With rumors circulating that Harrison Ford may reprise his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars: Episode VII”, I figured it was the perfect time to get the great debates going again… with one of the big ones.

Indiana Jones? Or Han Solo?

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Indiana Jones


IndyYear of first appearance: 1981

Year of most recent appearance: 2008

Films: “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

Occupation: Archeologist

Weapon of Choice: Whip

Vehicle: Whatever is available

Girlfriend: Marion Ravenwood

Indiana Jones is a professor of Archeology at Marshall College, but his pursuit of lost treasures and artifacts often leads him into dangerous adventures.


Han Solo


HanYear of first appearance: 1977

Year of most recent appearance: 1984

Films: “Star Wars”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Return of the Jedi”

Occupation: Smuggler turned rebel leader. 

Weapon of Choice: Blaster

Vehicle: The Millenium Falcon

Girlfriend: Princess Leia Organa

Han Solo was a smuggler trying to make a buck when he transported a party with ties to the rebellion against the Empire. Soon, he was part of the rebellion as well.


Well, there you have it folks. Two of the most iconic movie characters ever, both played by the same actor. Each of whom may still yet live again on the big screen.

Which one did you choose? Why? Was it the whip? The Wookie? The hat? The vest? Tell us in the comments below!


Daniel Fogarty

114 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Indiana Jones or Han Solo?

    • I’m with you. Indiana Jones hands down. Nobody beats him. Raiders is easily one of my top 5 all time. Anyone who can kick your ass with a whip really is a badass.

      Also, I won’t say I hate Star Wars, but I’ve never been a huge fan and definitely never saw in it what SO many seem to see in it. Here I thought I was the only one lol They’re good movies, but just never found them overly great.

      • Wow, well, I’m with you on Indy, that’s fine. But Star Wars? Gotta disagree.

        I might guess that you’re young… or you never caught them in theatres. If you were AROUND for Star Wars, those words would never be said. Star Wars was such a quantum leap forward in movie making… it was so radically beyond anything that had ever been seen that it almost couldnt be believed. People celebrated the shit out of it, and it became lodged in the culture.

        Beyond that though, all three films are still great. Inventive, exciting, original… great characters, great action, great story. The prequels damaged my relationship with them, but now that LUcas is gone, I’m healing LOL.

      • I’m 32 (I dare say older than most around here, or as old). Grew up with Star Wars and all that. And yes, it was a marvel when it came out…on the technical side. And the stories are good and all. The movies still entertain me. Just saying I definitely wouldnt consider them the greatest movies ever like so many do. Very good. Historical. Technical marvels. Just nowhere near my top 10 I’d say. Probably wouldnt even consider it the best trilogy.

  1. Of the two franchises, I’m definitely a bigger Star Wars fan than I am an Indy fan. Yet, when talking these two characters specifically, gotta go with Indiana Jones. B)

  2. I did something similar to this last year. It was interesting. It was neck and neck all the way! I lean towards Han Solo but Indy is the main character of his films. That’s gotta count for something.

  3. Han shot first.

    The real interesting part about it all though is Indy is basically what Han Solo would have become if Han had a college education.

    Scouring the universe for expensive and rare treasures, stealing them from the Empire to put in a museum.

    They are practically the same character.

    But I still chose Han. Because he shot first.

    • Ha!!! I like that. Can you picture Han at college? 😀 Buying and selling term papers, hacking into the registrars office, influencing professors… I’d have buddied up with that guy!! 😀

      Nice one Trevor, lol.

  4. Indiana Jones, no question. Han isn’t even the coolest character in his movies. Besides, skill with a whip > skill with a blaster.

      • If you’re just talking about overall, I think Vader is cooler, certainly could make a case for Luke especially in Return of the Jedi. Maybe “cool” is the wrong word. But Jones doesn’t have much competition in the “cool” department in his movies.

    • How do you factor in the Millenium Falcon AND the fact that Indy gets rattled way easier than Han does? Come on, Han would’ve made sure the girl in RAIDERS who wrote on her eyelids was waiting for him after class.

      • Lol. Didn’t consider the falcon. BUT, since Indy can drive about anything I’d guess he could hold his own with a space-jet-fighter-thing.

      • Guys has good points, but I like Gene’s line of thinking… I’d love to see Indy get chased into the Falcon and try to take off in it without knowing what he’s doing. I bet he could get it going!

  5. Are you kidding, it”s DR. Jones, he’s a college professor for goodness sake. OK, he has a whip too. Besides, after I discovered that Han Solo didn’t shoot first, his cool factor dropped substantially.

  6. Why do you ask such hard questions? Why can’t it be easy? You know Pee Wee Herman vs Steve McQueen or something.

    The moments I saw Han Solo kill Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina I was sold. You don’t get any cooler than that.

    I pick Solo but by a slim margin.

    • LOL. It’s not “The Simple Choice” Hipster, it’s “The Great Debates”! Gotta make ’em difficult, buddy, I gotta!

      I presume you, like the rest of us, wigged out once George Lucas demonstrated his mental shortcomings by altering that scene… 😀 LOL I know I did.

  7. Not gonna say much about it except for the fact that Han Solo has never been in a bad movie (at least not yet). Indiana Jones has been in at least 1, 2 if you count Temple of Doom which some people do.

  8. My ten year old looking over my shoulder didn’t even hesitate. Han Solo! After reading all the comments I am tempted by the underdog factor too and will vote Han. He’s the dynamic character who is ultimately loyal to his friends and Indiana (you are making me choose remember, I do love Indy) is a mook to Marian not just once but a bunch of times. So I would stow away in Han’s cargo bins before I would climb into Indy’s canvas covered truck. I think Indy is a lot likelier to get me killed.

    And you know you can say whip skill > blaster skill, but I say earning PhD = year frozen in carbonite.

    Thanks for making me think about it. I am very solidly casting for Han Solo.

    • LOL. Thanks for having some fun with it. I like it, I like it.

      Meanwhile, Han’s not that far behind now. I did some campaigning for him on Twitter and Google+ and it seems to have gotten him some votes over night. 😀 Just couldnt stand to see him get bllown out!

      I think Indy is a lot liklier to get you killed too, not to say that Han is a safe bet though! 😀

      I like your math there. Especially the PHD = Year spend in carbonite. I dont have a doctoral degree, but earning a Masters sure was like putting your life into deep freeze!

      • Thanks. Your debates are always very entertaining so I am glad if I can add to the fun. I am not speaking from experience re PhD…just have observed others. 🙂 Han wasn’t one to talk about his carbonite ordeal much but you know it had an impact on him.
        So, I let my daughter take my vote, didn’t know if I was allowed to click again for myself..if so I’d add another vote on the Han side.

  9. You are so evil. I’m having a geeky head explosion. Han Solo was one of the first characters I ever loved and Indy is just Indy. I hate you…..(not really, but sort of) 🙂

      • Ha! I voted Indy. As much as Han will always have a special place in my heart, Indy has inspired me more and given me more hours of sheer delight over the years. Had to go with Indy. Sigh.

  10. I’m gonna say Indiana Jones because they actually actually put his name into the title. I mean, they called it “Return of The Jedi” instead of “Return of Hans Solo”, even though that could have been just as accurate in some ways.

    • I think that the whole “name in the title” thing was just revisionist history in order to alphabetize them all together. LOL I still refuse to call Raiders Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, just like I wont use the Star Wars chapter titles LOL!

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