Tossin’ It Out There: What did YOU think of the Oscars?

MacfarlaneOk, everyone. We’re going to bump our weekly discussion up a day in order to talk about the big show, the 85th Annual Academy Awards… better known as The Oscars.

What did you think? Did you watch? What was your favorite part? Your least favorite part? What did you think of Seth MacFarlane?

Even if you didn’t watch, I’m sure by now you’ve checked out the list of winners. What do you think there? Any surprises? Sure, the mortal locks came through, like Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis, but we also saw Ang Lee upsetting Steven Spielberg and Christoph Waltz winning his second Oscar for a Quentin Tarantino movie!

There’s tons to talk about, it was a crazy show. From Captain Kirk to sock puppets to Ted, the entertainment portion was all over the place, and the awards portion rewarded some very well deserving people!

What did YOU think?

Daniel Fogarty

147 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What did YOU think of the Oscars?

  1. Overall its not as bad some years and I have become inured to the best film winner since it has been a crap choice for at least the last decade! Argo was of course not the best film, by any stretch! Following in the ‘best film is bullshit ,’ tradtion, this year best actor was also bullshit, supporting was right movie wrong actor since it should have gone to DiCaprio as Waltz was more of a lead and couldnt hold a candle to Leonardo this time. Life of Pi got the technical accolades it deserved except for the obvious one, adapted screenplay … idiots Argo wasnt nearly the masterpiece of Life of Pi! Amour was spot on and the short wins were deserving as was documentary.

    Overall, a better year than most but no year is perfect!

  2. Loved the boob song. It was so silly. But really, no where near as good as the two years when Hugh Jackson did an opening number and Neal Patrick did his. (If people have three names they use, I may shorten them. Sometimes it annoys me.)

    I acutally didn’t like the sock puppet thing much. But I found Seth’s low keyed hummor to be very funny. I oved the Von Trapp gag. It was great. I wondered how many people didn’t get it.

    I liked the music but didn’t understand why they didn’t perform all the nominated songs. Adelle and Babs were both great.

    The Jaws music was great. The first time they did it, the people speaking didn’t get it. It was funny when some of them realized what it meant but the speaker never did.

    DDL was really funny with his Thatcher gag. I only predicted 8 of the wins. I wasn’t happy with a lot of them. Some of my predictions I just went with my heart and not head and really didn’t expect those to win.

    Brave was nice as it was a princess movie in which the princess doensn’t get married, doesn’t settle down to be a good little wife and mother and accessory to some male. But it just wasn’t that outstanding. I expected Wreck-it Ralph to win.

    Unlike the last couple of years, I didn’t notice sections of the show where I was SOOOO bored. So that was a plus. I liked the decor and style upp until someone read a tweet about it looking like birth control packets. Proir to that, I saw it as sort of art deco, sort of steampunk with cogs and gears made up of oscars. But after that comment, all I saw was birth control packets.

    • “Loved the boob song”, well it’s all yours then 😀

      Not playing all the nominated songs was strange, and disappointing. Especially when they spent so much time with other musical bits.

      I definitely enjoyed the Jaws music too. Thought that was very entertaining.

      The Academy copped out by voting Pixar. I think they’re a little too old to “get” all of the Wreck It Ralph gags. Thus the actual best animated picture wound up losing points by going over voters heads 😦 Oh well, at least they had a Pixar movie to vote for! Phew! If only all the categories were that easy!

  3. I thought MacFarlane was really good. Yes some of his jokes did not land but oh well. The ones that got “Oooooo’s” from the audience were funny even if a little distasteful. For example his joke about Daniel Day-Lewis getting in the head of Lincoln and he said “I think the only man to really do that was John Wilkes-Booth” but he recovered with “it’s 150 later and it’s still too soon?” Boobs-song definitely inappropriate but funny. Dude can really sing.

    Awards – no qualms I guess. Hollywood patting themselves on the back with Argo like they did with The Artist last year.

    Presenters were boring as hell! Kristen Stewart sounded 90% asleep compared to an energetic Radcliffe. Rudd and McCarthy together were the worst though. Mrs Obama was a waste of having Nicholson there.

    I thought the tribute to Bond was lame considering all the possibilities. I liked the Goldfinger theme being sung but I guess my hopes were too high for getting something really cool.

    • I dont know if I’d give him the “Really” in the “really good” LOL, but he was ok. He CAN really sing, but I dont know if singing about topless scenes was the way to go.

      Kristen Stewart was a one woman train wreck. Holy Cow. Looked as if she was going to fall asleep any second. Rudd and McCarthy absolutely were scary level awkward.

      And yeah, that is another thing not to like about Michelle Obama being there… she crowded out Jack! WTF?!

      Agreed on 007. Compared to the possibilities? Its hard not to be disappointed. 😦

  4. To be quite honest Fogs, I wasn’t too happy with most of the results.
    I haven’t seen Lincoln or Les Mis so can’t comment on them but I do love Day-Lewis so I’m happy to see him win and make Oscar history.

    Loved Lawrence in Silver Linings but I genuinely think Emmanuelle Riva gave the strongest performance of the year in Amour.

    Tarantino was a worthy winner for Django screenplay as was Waltz. I can’t deny that he was my favourite from that film but also can’t deny that I was disappointed he beat two of my personal favourites DeNiro and Seymour Hoffman to the award.

    Ang Lee was a worthy winner for Director.

    Best film? I don’t think it was Argo. I actually think it should have been The Master but since that wasn’t even nominated, I’d have went with Beasts of the Southern Wild.

    • Kind of glad Riva didnt win, regardless. Amour made no attempt to avail itself to American audiences, so as far as I’m concerned, it can be perfectly happy with its best foreign picture and go home. Seriously. I dont care how good your movie is. Show it to the people or go &$%# yourself. (not you, the movie)

      The Academy loves Waltz, that’s for sure. They must really eat up his smug, happy, smarter than everyone else bit. LOL 😀 I love it too.

      It was a weak year I thought in the best film category. Thats why it was so wide open. From that group? Maybe I go Argo, I dont know. Maybe Pi.

      I know I picked Lee for best director here during the MAJOR AWARDS. LOL. Feeling pretty smart about that this morning!

      • LOL. Fair enough man. I take your point on Amour. It’s still a brilliant film regardless, though. Failing Riva, I’d have went with Wallis. Lawrence would have been my third choice.

        After Beasts I’d probably have gone with Life of Pi for best film. Argo was definitely top quality but just not complete enough to warrant the award. Who knows, though, I hear it grows over repeated viewings.

        Like the Academy (and yourself), I love Waltz. Hes an very appealing presence and delivers his lines to perfection. Bot just with Tarantino , tbough. I loved him in Carnage as well.
        Still, I can’t get over how gutted I am for DeNiro. 😦

      • Nah, cmon. Even De Niro had to realize that that wasn’t his award. I dunno. I dont imagine he’s all that heartbroken.

        I mean, I’m sure its crushing to lose such a thing, but he’s already got his, so Im sure he’s fine.

      • He was a long shot man but I still had hope. LOL. If only, to catapult him back into quality roles again. Hopefully that still happens anyway. I like the sound of some of his upcoming projects.

  5. I loathe MacFarlane. The only thing that would make Clooney more perfect was if he punched him in the face. I felt bad for DDL delivering such an elegant speech in that ceremony that came from the gutter.

    • LOL at the thought of Clooney decking MacFarlane mid show. That would have been something, alright.

      In fairness though, the ceremony wasn’t THAT much in the gutter. For the most part, MacFarlane kept it civil. The opening song and a couple of jokes aside, he played it pretty straight.

      Nice new avatar BTW, Khaleesi 😉

  6. A pretty good year. Seth did a good job but kind of lost his way. And the show went on for way too long. I know that’s a staple come Oscars, but some of those musical numbers just stretched everything out. Babs should not have sang. Chicago got all the love because the producers of the show produced Chicago.

    I liked parts of the musical aspect. I now just want Hugh Jackman back to host.

    • Well, I’ll give you Chicago, but Streisand was something special. You know she sung that song as part of the “In Memorium”, right? Because the famous composer who wrote it, Marvin Hamlisch, died this year?

      I agree that the musical numbers should be kept under control, but that one was a special circumstance and a highlight of the show for me.

  7. This is my back to Oscars pause after 7 years or something of not watching it. It was fun. Seth MacFarlane was cool. Had some good jokes, some I just sat and rolled my eyes, pretty decent voice.
    Channing Tatum looked constipated for a few seconds during his dance with Charlize Theron but that was a nice touch. Then we had JGL come on stage and dance and sing and that made my day :). Les Miserables was on stage doing their thing and Barbara Streisand rocked! Jennifer Lawrence fell and I blame it on bulky dresses and shock but I was super happy for her,and Argo winning was a surprise for me, but then I was extremely happy for him also! Expecting some awesome stuff from both of them in the near future…
    Kristin Stewart had bad shoes on ( I think) and she was hopping alongside Daniel Radcliffe and grunting in pain or something when she was walking and standing there to present. I found that a bit funny although I know in reality it really isn’t.
    I’d have to say jumping back into watching Oscars was entertaining. There were some nice dresses. The only one I had a really question mark for her choice was Anne Hathaway as I thought it looked like a pink apron and she went all her mom told her it was formal in the front and party in the back or something like that…But yeah, definitely not my cup of tea… On a better note, Samuel L Jackson was slick with his suit. haha!
    Sorry…I got carried away with my rambling…

    • Its cool. We all ramble here… 😀

      I heard the reason Kristen Stewart was limping was she sprained her ankle. She had to act like she was walking and she couldnt do it. HAHAHA!! LOL No really, her leg was supposedly hurt or something. I was thouroughly unimpressed by her. And with Hathaway’s kitchen apron dress. Ughck. LOL 😀

      You mention a lot of great moments that did make the show entertaining though – JGL, Babs, J Law tripping on herself. LOL

      I’m still split on MacFarlane. He got the job done, but he had a lot of joke fails and some bad taste. Plus, he always looks so damn smug. 😦

      • Ah..that could be the reason, right? Kristin Stewart in real life seems to be as versatile in expressions as in movies..haha!
        I have no comments about was alright. His role faded out a bit as the show went on..or maybe I was just tired so I didn’t notice as much. Is that what you call his look, “smug”? I couldn’t pinpoint it myself but I also didn’t know who the hell he was.

  8. Ok…I watched it.

    McFarlane started very well but slowly he got worse and worse. By the end of the show I was annoyed by him. lol

    Kristin Stewart looked like a druggie but her dress was fantastic!

    Michelle Obama’s “presence” was over the top….

    I felt sorry for Jennifer Lawrence…poor girl…

    The speeches were all mediocre however DDL and Tarantino were very funny. 🙂

    Soo…Overall, I don’t think it was any better or worse than any other Oscar shows, it was watchable. 🙂

    • Kristen Stewart IS a druggie, isn’t she? I think she’s on Heroin… LOL 😀 I kept expecting her to “fall out” any minute.

      Michelle Obama had no reason whatsoever to be there, that really really irked me.

      Tarantino and DDL were definitely the best two speeches of the night, no doubt. Jennifer Lawrence’s was good too, if for now other reason than to see how worked up she was!

  9. Did you see Joaquin squirm during Best Actor presenting? The woman next to him looked really worried.
    Michele Obama paying off that campaign debt to Hollywood producers. What if the winner was ZDT? Would they call Congressional hearings?
    MacFarlane was fine. People have short memories for these things. Everyone forgets the real stinkers
    Two highlights, Sock puppet “Flight” and “Ted” on a stool Co-presenting an Oscar tie. The first tie since Hepburn and Streisand. At least now “Skyfall” is in the books for an unusual Oscar moment!
    All in all, good times!

    • I didnt see Joaquin, no. I was probably busy tweeting. I was firing them off fast and furious last night. LOL

      I dont know what to say about the First Lady, other than it was out of place and unwelcome, in my book. I hope they never bring a political figure onstage again.

      It was alright. I dont know if I’d call Ted a highlight though, asking about orgies and stuff… I could do without the foul mouthed bear in the show, personally. Flight with Sock Puppets though. LOL. Yeah, that ruled. 😀

  10. I liked the show (then again, I always do). Was completely underwhelmed by the Bond tribute. Loved Ben Affleck’s speech and when Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron danced. Also, really liked whenever Seth MacFarlane sang because his voice is fantastic. There were many awards that I didn’t agree with (as always) but none that infuriated me in a King’s Speech kind of way.

  11. I have mixed feelings on Seth MacFarlane. He has natural charisma, which is definitely needed for an Oscar host. However, a lot of his jokes didn’t work, and the way he laughed at them got old. He was fine I guess.

    My issues are with the pacing of the awards. They played off some speakers with JAWS music, which was insulting. Then they spent a lot of time on a salute to musicals. We didn’t see all the songs performed, yet they had time for that? The Bond tribute montage was not great, and only the amazing Shirley Bassey made up for it. The show was poorly arranged and had some strong points, but there was too much fluff in the middle portion.

    That said, there were some great moments. A lot of the award recipients seemed really genuine, particularly Lawrence and Hathaway. I also really liked the way Daniel Day Lewis gave his speech, and Waltz is such a humble professional. Even with the predictable awards and middling pace, they made it worth spending the time.

    • He’s definitely pretty glib, which is a plus, but you can tell his sense of humor runs to the crass and snide side of things and was restraining himself. He just may not be the best fit for the material.

      Completely behind you on your second paragraph there. Can we please cut down on the bullshit and give the winners a little more time to speak? That said, sound and editing should be moved with the technical awards too (I believe it was editing that got Jaws’ed off right?) Anyways, lets clear up some time for the people everyone WANTS to see to be able to have a word or two!

      All said though, you’re right. Thats a better night of tv than most, LOL!

  12. MacFarlane was bad. Not “OK”, not “mediocre”. Bad. If I’m rating his performance, he’s getting at most two stars, and that’s if I’m feeling generous. Yeah, there were a few laughs, but only a few. Most of the humor wasn’t delivered well, and there was way too much that was tasteless. “We Saw Your Boobs” was juvenile and tacky; it might have fit his show, it didn’t fit the Oscars. And the whole Shatner thing didn’t work for me. The last time “We shouldn’t do this… but here it is anyway while we pretend we’re not doing it” was funny, Mel Blanc was still figuring out the voice for Bugs Bunny.

    And then there’s all the racial humor. “You’re a white man, you can’t wear a black hand sock!” “It’s OK for Quentin Tarantino to use the n-word because he thinks he’s black.” The whole Ted segment was basically “the Jews control Hollywood”, and his introduction of Salma Hayek was basically “isn’t it funny how we can’t understand these ethnic people?” Might as well throw in his Hitler joke from the nomination announcement as well. At best it’s all extremely tacky. At worst, it makes MacFarlane look like that guy at the bar who makes jokes about all black people being criminals and all Mexicans being lazy.

    That said, he was about the only part of the presentation I really disliked. I thought Michelle Obama’s appearance was pointless and made bad television, but I wasn’t offended by it. I liked the use of Jaws for the music cue, and the other movie musical references. Too heavy on Chicago though; one number would have been sufficient. And in a year where the theme is “music in the movies”, all of the original song nominees ought to be performed in full. Really, it ought to be that way every year anyway (I remember it being that way when I watched as a kid). And this year was better than last year, in that at least two of the songs were performed in full. But that still leaves three in clip or medley form. But at least they didn’t include any Cirque du Soleil bullshit this time.

    On the awards themselves, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t seem like there were any “obligatory” awards. De Niro didn’t win, despite it having been since the 1980s since he’s won. Lincoln didn’t sweep despite looking like this year’s Gandhi. Ang Lee won Best Director for a film that everyone has been saying was difficult to make; Argo won Best Picture, just as a lot of people were pulling for… and though I doubt it will, maybe this will help to remind people why Best Picture and Best Director aren’t synonymous. Without having seen either film, I know it’s fully possible that Lee did a better job of directing, but that Argo was the better film overall. Sums of parts, after all, and there’s a reason why the award has always been given to the producer, the guy who is at the head of the whole thing.

    Unsurprising to see Paperman win Best Animated Short. Also unsurprising to see Brave win Best Animated Feature. I don’t think that’s a miscarriage of justice. For me, it was up between Brave and Wreck-It Ralph, and though Ralph was my preference, Brave was certainly strong enough to win, especially when the visual aspects are factored in. Granted, it does start to look like the award is “Best Pixar Film”, but really, what’s Wreck-It Ralph? It’s all under John Lasseter, the line between Pixar and Disney is pretty fuzzy… and really, the Academy always kissed Disney’s ass anyway. If it weren’t going to look like a kiss-ass award, it would have had to have gone to ParaNorman or The Pirates, and I don’t think anybody would have predicted that or thought it was the right call.

    • I think the consensus was that he was middle of the road. “Sorry, Seth, the verdict is ‘Meh”” – CNN. We Saw Your Boobs was dumb, certainly, but as for the racial/religious stuff, that seems to be at the Oscars every year (not that it should be) Even Billy Crystal last year had a racial joke gone bad and a couple of jewish comments… I think its part of the package.

      I couldnt stand the First Lady bit. That actively infuriated me. I’m completely disgusted with American politics in every possible way, and I completely resented its intrusion into the festivities.

      That’s a good point on all the awards being meritorious! Excellent point, really. That may be a first! LOL.

      I have to disagree with you on Brave though. I thought Ralph schooled it this year. I mean, Brave is still very good, but I would have it third or fourth if I were ranking 2012’s animated offerings, personally.

      • I think “middle of the road” is just the immediate “kind” reaction. Even Letterman and Franco had “middle of the road” reactions immediately after. As for the racial/religious jokes… yeah, Crystal went down that route last year, and I remember thinking it was tacky of him as well. I wouldn’t say it’s “part of the package”, though — and it sure as hell shouldn’t be.

        I’ll admit I haven’t seen Frankenweenie or ParaNorman yet, but if you’re placing Brave below those, they must be fantastic. Unless you think the Oscars snubbed something… The Lorax? Rise of the Guardians? I know, Hotel Transylvania! 😀

      • Personally, I was a big fan of Rise of the Guardians, but I wouldnt have expected it to win any awards. Frankly, I may be that movie’s biggest fan.

        But Brave wasn’t anything that special, outside of featuring a female protagonist… and that’s not even that rare in animation… just in Pixar.

      • I disagree… the narrative may not have been particularly unusual (though it was still unique), but it was still a reasonably strong story. And on a visual level, it left the others, even Ralph, in its wake.

      • I got your back here, Morgan.

        Wreck-It Ralph is a bad Toy Story knockoff with video game characters and fart jokes. It’s *way* too low brow for anyone to have seriously considered it a contender for anything. Add to that, it simply wasn’t visually impressive. It was funny in parts, to the right people, but otherwise incredibly derivative and underwhelming technically.

        Brave had this locked up with a female protagonist and fucking gorgeous technical achievements. The Academy was going to lap this shit up with a spoon, Pixar or not.

        Neither met my expectations, but at least I could say Brave was a “more well crafted” picture.

  13. MacFarlane was a pretty good singer, that was quite a surprise. But I’m not exactly a fan of his yet. I thought the whole thing was ok, but not great by any means. The lowest point for me is obviously the lame Bond ‘tribute’ with JINX introducing it, heh! Thank goodness Skyfall won though and Dame Shirley Bassey & Adele gave a splendid performance!

    • Yeah, LOL. I’m not exactly about to start watching Family Guy or anything, either! 😀

      I dont know that the Bond tribute was a low point, but it definitely was a disappointment compared to what it could have been 😦 Thank god Shirley Bassey kicked ass and Adele was good even though you couldnt hear her well!

  14. I really don’t understand why everyone detests this year’s Oscars so much. Reading these comments has helped, but still! I have to admit that I did not actually watch them because I am currently in Spain and unfortunately could not force my eyes to stay open until 2:30am for them to start let alone what time they finally ended.

    I did, however, watch every single video I could find this morning and I saw a LOT to love. I loved Adele’s performance, as with Catherine Zeta-Jones’ All That Jazz. I also loved the Les Mis bit, but maybe just because I’m obsessed with that movie.

    I agree that Michelle Obama had not right to be there let alone introducing best picture and I think Seth MacFarlane absolutely blew it (but isn’t that what we’ve come to expect from Oscar hosts these days?)

    And I think the Jaws theme is absolutely hilarious and perfect! But maybe they should’ve warned the nominees first? Still brilliant.

    Also as far as the results I was very pleased! Probably the best turnout for the movies/actors/directors I wanted in my history of watching the Oscars. I do agree Wreck-It Ralph should have gotten it though. And I’m not too sure about Christoph Waltz, but that’s about it.

    Maybe I just didn’t see all the awful without watching the entire thing from start to finish, but I thoroughly enjoyed most of the performances I did see.

    • Yeah, Nicole, a lot of it is the endurance factor, you know? Its a four hour show. FIVE if you watch the red carpet stuff. McFarlane can wear you down over that amount of time. And while Adele was great, and Les Mis, etc… people get worn down after watching Les Mis, Shirley Bassey, Adele, Barbara Streisand, Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones… I think MacFarlane sang, yeah, he sang… you know, all these people over the course of four hours.

      Punctuated of course with commercials and wooden presenters. 😉

      There was a lot to love though (although that doesnt include the First Lady butting in), and there werent any aggreggious mistakes in the awards themselves. Thats probably the biggest thing when all is said and done, anyways!

  15. I dont get the Michelle hate, really. I didn’t think it was too egregious. She’s popular, telegenic and fun. She’s also the first lady of the land. The wife and I thought she was one of the highlights of the show, considering how poor we thought the rest of the show was.

    Now, granted, the wife and I are unabashed partisans. We worked for the Obama campaign and are pretty proud of having helped get the Obama’s back in the WH, but still, IMO, there was nothing offensive about her being in the show.

    • I have no issues with her. Sure, she’s popular, telegenic and fun.

      But she IS the First Lady, as you say. And that’s why she got that appearance. She’s not in film, she had nothing to do with anything. So she didn’t belong. It’s really that simple.

      The White House should find its own time to get its messages across – no matter what they are – and get their faces out of our entertainment.

      • But she didn’t “Get her message across” did she? She had a nice little patter about inspiring kids, completely, as far as I saw, non-political, and then read the winner. Also, haven’t other political figures been in Academy awards before? I looked it up and both Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford have been in ceremonies before, and I couldn’t confirm it, but I seem to remember Nancy Reagan being on one as well.

        What bothers me way more was the political campaign against ZD30 lead by Rep. Peter King, among others.

      • Nothing that I’m aware of… and probably a separate issue.

        I dont care what she said. Anything short of Free Pizza for Fogs and she can get off the TV at that point in time.

        Holding the high ground on this one I think, man. All the media coverage I’ve seen have called her appearance “confusing” at best.

  16. I haven’t quite decided yet what I thought about the ceremony. This was my first year to watch the Oscars all the way through. Some of the jokes were genuinely funny (I did like the sock puppet rendition of “Flight”) and I loved Adele’s live performance of “Skyfall” and the cast of Les Miserables singing one of the songs from the musical. But some of the jokes did cross a line and were a little too crude. Glad to see wins for Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence, though.

    • Heh. Well, if this was your first year, I’d say it was pretty typical. Lots of songs, the host always has a handful of offensive jokes, the presenters are always stiff as hell. LOL.

      Glad you found a couple of winners you could latch on to as you watched. I guess I was happy for everyone, but I wasn’t really rooting for anyone this year.

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