Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most overrated?

Halle_Berry_the_CallPurely coincidence that Halle Berry has a new movie coming out this weekend, folks, purely coincidence.

We all have actors and actresses we look at and think, really? Them? Everyone else is making a big fuss, and they keep landing roles, and we just think, really? Them?

In our opinion, said star is overrated. The public and/or Hollywood thinks more of them then they’re actually worth. If they were a stock, it would be time to sell, as you’d be getting more money for them then their actual value.

Who’s yours? Who do YOU think is overrated? It can be someone all time… they don’t necessarily have to be working today. It could be a director if you like as well.

But let’s hear it! Who do YOU think is overrated?

Daniel Fogarty

151 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most overrated?

  1. Good question.

    For directors, I don’t like D. W. Griffith’s work, mainly because of the underlying racism behind Birth of a Nation, though he isn’t necessarily a bad filmmaker. I also am not a fan of Tom Hooper who overuses close up and slant angles in his movies.

    For actors, there are a couple I used to think were overrated but changes my opinion about like George Clooney (once I saw his work with the Coen brothers and The Descendants I liked him). I’ll have to say Meryl Streep and John Wayne. I don’t think they’re bad actors but just overpraised.

  2. The one that sticks out for me is Julia Roberts. Really don’t get the big deal. She’s alright but hardly deserves the seemingly legendary status she has. Same for Sandra Bullock. Clive Owen is on there for me and I was gonna say Jude Law although I saw Side Effects yesterday and enjoyed him in that.

    • Another member of the Julia Roberts is overrated club! LOL Surprised we got this far without someone mentioning Sandra Bullock though! 😀 Nice one.

      Jude Law’s had his moments though. I love him in AI. Great flick!

    • Thirded…I’ve never understood about Roberts. I much prefer Bullock; she tends to play the same role, but adjusts for comedy vs. drama. Owen & Law are both OK by me.

      • Yeah, LOL. Julia Roberts has been a really popular choice here. If this were a poll, she’d be winning 😉

        Clive Owen really hasnt DONE all that much has he? All I can think of is Sin City and Children of Men right off the bat. Both were great, but… I dont see him being overrated or anything. He’s not brought up much!

      • Well now that you mention it, I can’t remember the last movie he was in, so yeah…he seems to fly under the radar. I think he has like, 5 kids though or something…?

      • Oh, I dont know, actually.

        Surprisingly, for someone who’s into movies as much as I am, I tend not to follow their personal lives much. I know Angelina Jolie has a dozen kids! There’s one I know. 😉

        Surprised no one mentioned her here actually, now that I think of it! LOL

  3. Terrance Malick. One good narrative film, Badlands, followed by thirty years of pretty pictures lingered over for no good reason whatsoever. “The Tree of Life” Made me want to end my life. It’s as if he regressed from film maker to film school slacker. All the cool kids in cinematography love him, but the ones in the writing program laugh and roll their eyes when he opens his mouth in class.

    • Oh wow. Yeah, I LOVED “The Tree of Life”. I’m gonna MTESS that puppy one of these days. 😀 I understand how people would hate it, but I got SO much out of it.

      So I cant agree with you here, buddy, even though I’m sure you wont want for company…

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  5. Poor Halle Berry…I’m not sure if it’s because she is a bad actress or because she has no ability to determine what’s a good role and what isn’t. I personally find Natalie Portman to be extremely overrated.

    • Yeah, I could agree with that. Her actual good roles are kind of few and far between. Aside from Black Swan and Leon, I’m having trouble coming up with movies I like that she stars in. Oh, V… so… she’s had a couple. But she definitely is a huge name.

      • I actually don’t think her performance in ‘Black Swan’ was as impressive as everyone makes it out to be. She was very good, I’ll give her that, but I don’t think it was much of a challenge for her to act like an OCD freak because I imagine she’s really prissy in real life. I think Jennifer Lawrence should have gotten the award for ‘Winter’s Bone’ because that was a hard role to play for her and it showed more versatility. That’s just my personal view though.

      • Huh. I actually havent watched “Winters Bone” yet… its been sitting in my DVR for a month. LOL

        Portman was pretty awesome though in Black Swan. I’m not going to knock her there, at all. She was excellent.

        Plus, I dont want Sati after me LOL 😉

      • Yeah I think it’s just a matter of personal taste as much as anything. I have issues with that film though because of it’s questionable similarities to a favorite film of mine. I think if I hadn’t seen and loved the other film I would have liked ‘Black Swan’ a lot more.

      • ‘Perfect Blue.’ It’s the story of a Japanese pop star turned actress who starts to lose her mind after she’s taken advantage of by unscrupulous agents and producers. It’s very Hitchcockian. Brilliant movie.

  6. Oh man…I’ve always though Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock were overrated, and I’m certain I’m not in the minority. If I had to pick an actor that I believe to be overrated, I’d most likely have to go with Mark Wahlberg. I think he’s grown by leaps and bounds from his role in Fear, but for all the hype he gets I don’t think it’s all that deserving.

    • Yeah, Joe, if we were keeping score on this thread, Julia Roberts would be winning by a landslide. LOL Sandra Bullock, surprisingly didnt get mention much until these last few comments, though!

      On Mark Wahlberg… he’s not a great actor by a long shot. I’ve laughed at his bad acting too many times to defend him too hard. But I will say, given the right role, like Boogie Nights or The Departed, he can really be awesome. Thats it. Thats all I got. LOL

  7. I’m just going to have to say that Halle Berry CAN do a variety of facial expressions. She isn’t that bad. She isn’t amazing. I never had the impression she was thought of as an all time great, so I have trouble thinking she was rated high enough to be rated as over rated. I think the real problem is she picks bad movies or the director and writers take what could have been a good idea and ruin it.

    I see mention of Sandra Bullock. Here is a funny thing, I saw an interview with her a number of years ago and she would be the first to agree she is overrated. She flat out stated she doesn’t think she is as good of an actress as other people seem to think she is.

    There are a number of younger actors whose names I’ve not really learned that are all over rated. I never got why people thought Natalie Portman was all that great. Lucy Lu usually pics some interesting parts but there is a ceratin sameness about what she does. Lucky Number Sliven was the first time I ever saw her do anything different and realized that maybe she can act after all.

    There are a couple of male actors out there that seem to be big right now. Name are not popping into my head. I just don’t see the draw for them.

    • I dont think Halle Berry is bad, per se, but she is a huge name, and she is an Oscar winner. Her average movie doesnt support that, and typically, she’s a reason why. Its true theyre not great projects, but she isnt helping any.

      At least Sandra Bullock is self aware. Didnt she pick up her Razzie in person, too? Or was that just Berry? 😀

  8. First off, Halle Berry is UNDERRATED, not overrated. Part of her problem is that, their aren’t the parts for her available, because they don’t write a lot of beautiful African-American characters, but she’s been amazing in some very good films and TV movies. “Monster’s Ball” of course, she steals that movie, but I loved her in, “Things We Lost in the Fire”, as well as “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”, I thought she should’ve won an Oscar for “Bulworth”, actually, that’s a great supporting role that nobody ever talks about. Yeah, she’s a Bond Girl, and Catwoman, but she is an amazing actress.

    Okay, as to, most overrated. I’m gonna make a Top Ten list of the current most overrated.

    1. Joss Whedon
    2. Tony Scott (I know, but he was.)
    3. Peter Jackson
    4. Guy Ritchie
    5. Wong Kar-Wai
    6. James Cameron
    7. Adam Sandler
    8. Ryan Murphy
    9. Ridley Scott
    10. J.J. Abrams

    As for all-time names, John Wayne would’ve been up there, also Howard Hawks, John Ford, Claude Chabrol, probably. Joshua Logan too. I guess I see some of the logic of picking like a Meryl Streep or someone else who’s spectacular, but still gets way too much credit, but there’s quite a few completely untalented people with acclaim and credit for me to completely ignore, and yeah, the really big offenders are behind the camera, as oppose to most of the actors in front.

    • I’ll give Berry that, Dave. She doesn’t get as many chances as she probably should. She was fine in this weekend’s “The Call” as well, the problem with that movie arent her own. I wouldnt go as far as she should have won an Oscar for “Bulworth” though. LOL 😉

      Meanwhile, you’re throwing a huge list of names out there. I will say there’s no way James Cameron is overrated. For whatever you want to say about him, money talks, and he’s made the highest grossing motion picture in history TWICE, plus a string of other hits. Cameron has earned whatever rep he has. Ridley Scott has also done some all time great films. All you need is a handful, and he’s done that.

      I do think Joss Whedon’s fans sanctify him to an extent that he might not deserve, but if the Avengers 2 was as good as Avengers, I may have to recant that. You may also have a point with Peter Jackson, I havent seen him be great outside of Middle Earth, so that could indicate some overrating.

      But no badmouthing the Duke, Pilgrim. That’s just not right. 😉

      • Go rewatch “Bulworth”, that is a far trickier role than it seems. Cameron, is completely overrated. He’s a good filmmaker, knows special effects, but he has no inventiveness in terms of storytelling, and just believes that the amazing effects make movies. If “Avatar” ended at the 1 hr 40 minute mark, it would’ve been the best movie of the decade, but instead, after all that time he spent creating an amazing world that no one, he had no other idea, but to destroy it, and badly too, with normal special effect. He made a movie that looked like nothing ever seen before, and made it look like “True Lies”, which just reminded me that he directed “True Lies”, another unforgivable sin. His films, are mildly entertaining, once, and then they get worse and worse on each new viewing. He needs to stop writing things, he’s definitely overrated, especially considering how popular he is. Same with Peter Jackson, and no, “LOTR” are terrible too. Bad book to begin with, and editing it down, and having it make sense, and instead, put through nine hours of hell, to tell an hour and a half story, but yeah, his best film was “Heavenly Creatures,” and that film’s overrated. Ridley Scott, I do like, and when he’s great, “Thelma and Louise”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Matchstick Men”, “American Gangster”, etc. he can be special, but too often, he gets so caught up, in some supposed metaphor, instead of actually telling the story, and it’s bad enough when it happens in his good movies, like “Blade Runner”, but in his worst films, “Gladiator,” “Robin Hood”, and “Prometheus” (Although I did recommend that one, but barely.) you’re just staring at the screen, wondering, wth’s he thinking? He’s overrated, ’cause it’s frustrating.

        As to Joss Whedon, first of all, “The Avengers” was not a good film. I don’t know what people see in that movie, or anything he does actually. That movie was unnecessary made-up extra conflict after another, and he’s always does this. He’s one of the worst writers in Hollywood; I don’t know what his fans see in him. His fans are the worst, but he’s never done anything good, and that’s why he’s number one on my list. Why does he dumb everything down? You want to create a teenage girl that hunts vampires, but why create a stupid teenager that kills vampires? UGH! He writes for stupid 12-year old girls, and it’s inconceivable to me that he’s working in Hollywood.

        As to the Duke, I like the Duke fine. But most of his films don’t hold up as well as they should, but yeah, when he’s in something like “True Grit” or “The Searchers” or “Stagecoach”, he can be special.

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