Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most overrated?

Halle_Berry_the_CallPurely coincidence that Halle Berry has a new movie coming out this weekend, folks, purely coincidence.

We all have actors and actresses we look at and think, really? Them? Everyone else is making a big fuss, and they keep landing roles, and we just think, really? Them?

In our opinion, said star is overrated. The public and/or Hollywood thinks more of them then they’re actually worth. If they were a stock, it would be time to sell, as you’d be getting more money for them then their actual value.

Who’s yours? Who do YOU think is overrated? It can be someone all time… they don’t necessarily have to be working today. It could be a director if you like as well.

But let’s hear it! Who do YOU think is overrated?

Daniel Fogarty

151 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most overrated?

  1. Hmmmmm Johhny Depp, beautiful as he is, is a terrible actor in my opinion! Jason Statham and Woody Harleson; Emma Watson and Gwynneth Paltrow are all overrated too, it think! Great post 🙂

    • Thanks Georgina. Surprised to see Johnny Depp getting called out twice today… but I suppose that’s what happens when you sell out for so long. Its been a long time since he’s had a really good role. I personally love the Rum Diaries, but that totally failed to connect with people. 😦

      Jason Statham and Emma Watson getting multiple mentions, though? Now that doesn’t surprise me! 😉

  2. I think calling anyone “overrated” is difficult because everyone brings their own expectations to the mix. I may not get all the love for an actor or director, but I could be looking for the wrong things. So I’m staying mute on this subject.

    That said, I will enjoy reading everyone else’s comments.

    • Yeah, Sandler works… I mean, he keeps making movies, we still know his name….

      I actually think he played things well by creating his own production company. At this point, if he had to work for OTHER people, he’d be on the street. But since he can make his own shitty movies, we’ll keep getting them forever!! 😮

  3. I’m really bad when it comes to naming least favorites and overrated things, because I tend not to keep track of them for the most part. Off the top of my head, Will Ferrell instantly jumps to mind. The guy has had one funny role, that being his brief stint in Wedding Crashers. Otherwise, watching him on screen is absolute misery.

    A couple others off the top of my head would be Catherine Zeta-Jones and maybe Mickey Rourke. And I’ll also echo the opinion that Julia Roberts is total blah!

    I may return to add more if I think of any, lol. XP

    • Whaaa-aat? No love for Anchorman? Ricky Bobby? Shake and Bake!! Will Ferrell’s awesome, man!

      Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful, I’m a fan, but outside Traffic and Zorro and Chicago she hasnt done much, its true.

      No love for the Wrestler though, Chris? Sin City? Cmon man, Mickey Rourke? Granted, he completely flew off the rails for several years, but… LOL

      • See, I don’t HATE Mickey Rourke or anything, I just don’t think his performances are near as good as people make ’em out to be is all. Hence, he’s overrated. 😛

        Ms. Zeta-Jones IS beautiful, it’s true, but even so it’s still hard watching her over-act the majority of her roles. I thought she was alright in the first Zorro, but did you see the sequel? Mother of god was she (and that whole damn movie) bad, lol…

  4. Many that come to mind have already been mentioned but I’m going to say a name that may earn me death threats.

    Ok, ready for this? Quentin Tarantino! Now I understand that Tarantino is viewed by many as the most visionary directors of all time. I also admit there are a couple of his films that I do like. But I do see him as an example of style over substance. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s a bad filmmaker. But I don’t think he’s anywhere near as monumental as some treat him to be. Therefore I consider him overrated.

    There, I said it. Hopefully I won’t be permanently banned from Fogs’ site ! 🙂

  5. I think some people are getting confused about “overrated.” Overrated in this case to me would be an actor a majority think is a good actor but you do not. I do not think many really think Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, or Michael Cera are good actors. But I would have to go with Bradley Cooper (my opinion may change after Place Beyond the Pines), Julia Roberts, and George Clooney. I seriously do not understand Clooney, he always plays a know-it-all smart-ass where the only difference in roles is the amount of grey in his hair 🙂

    • Wellllllll… Clooney may not have the range of a lot of great actors. He’s definiely more of a “star” than anything. But you cant deny the man’s charisma! He’s great! He’s really actually very funny, too. His work in Coen Brothers movies cracks me up! 😀

  6. Berry’s a pretty good pick… I was just discussing her the other day with my father when she was on Leno…

    Ben Stiller is way up there for me, as you know. I mean, at least with Adam Sandler, we know how he keeps getting parts, and as long as his films are marginally profitable, he can keep going. But I can’t figure out how Stiller does. The man is incapable of acting, and his greatest comedic accomplishment is making Jerry Stiller look good by comparison.

    I second the mention of Tim Burton (not that this surprises you, I know). I’ll grant he’s had a few good films (I will not grant Sleepy Hollow as one of them, that was just plain stupid.) But a few good films don’t justify the “Oh my god, it’s a new Tim Burton film!” reaction that he still gets after enough pieces of crap to bury most directors.

    • Stiller’s “moments” seem a long time ago now. We’ve been subjected to a lot of crap with his name on it in the meantime. I’ll grant that I dont think he can BE a dramatic actor, but comedy wise, his filmography isn’t totally worthless, he’s had some wins… even though its a long time ago.

      Burton still has great movies to make, I wont abandon the man. And his great ones early on were enough to buy some loyalty from me.

      • What wins has Ben Stiller had? Not “good films he was in”. “Films he was good in.” He was lousy in Meet the Parents, Mystery Men and There’s Something About Mary, being pretty much the worst part of each film. That goes back to 1998… and I don’t really recognize any films in his filmography before then. Nah. I don’t think his moments were a long time ago, I think they’re non-existent.

        I agree Burton probably still has great movies to make. He’s not talentless, or someone who has lost his talent. But he is wildly inconsistent, and every good film he’s made has been followed up by three or four lousy ones. To me, he’s overrated not because “he’s never made anything good”; he has, even I’ll admit that. He’s overrated because every time he makes a film people seem to remember only the good ones when anticipating it, forgetting how much they anticipated the ones that turned out to be crap.

      • Yeah. Hell yeah. Stiller. Effin’ Stiller. STILLERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

        Most overrated action star has to be Steven Seagal. The guy has the charisma of a turnip. A rotten turnip. A rotten turnip which a rottweiller ate and then barfed up.

    • WOW WA WE WOO!

      I cannot BELIEVE how much Johnny Deep is getting brought up here today!

      I guess, lately, he’s had a rough stretch. But again, he really established himself well early in his career… I guess at some point he decided to forego that careful career management and just cash big checks. 😦 It happens.

    • I have to confess, I steered clear of that one due to the poor buzz (back in the pre-blog days when I could do that, LOL 😉 )

      I will say, he’s gotten his share of call outs here today, too, though!

    • Hmmm. I’m tempted to defend the “Old School” selections, but I suddenly realize how difficult that is from the modern context. Without having a better grip on their films, I guess I’m not a great judge of the matter. I can point to roles where I think both where great though.

      And hey, man. Scarlett Jo is an Avenger now! Watch out or she’ll sic the Hulk on you!

  7. I feel like you asked a question a while ago that I answered pretty similarly to how about to answer this… it was like which actor/actress do you really hate or something like that. And the answer is still Laurence Olivier. I can’t stand that guy. I’ll admit that he’s probably a good actor because everyone seems to think so, maybe they all know something I don’t you know? But honestly I can’t see it. He always sounds the same in all the movies I’ve seen him in. He always seems bored out of his mind, maybe he’s just being subtle or something with his emotions but whatever he does, it does not work for me. And that whole thing about him speaking Shakespeare as if he were actually thinking it… I also never got that impression. Granted, I did not see all of his Hamlet but I’d watch the David Tenant or Richard Burton version over his any day. I’d even watch Mel Gibson’s over his. There’s also the fact that he just feels the need to make all of the Shakespeare plays into films, I would normally support that because I love Shakespeare and all, but seriously give somebody else a chance Olivier. And then there’s the fact that he married Vivien Leigh when she’s way cooler than he is. I just don’t understand why he’s so respected grrrr….
    Anyway, other actors/actresses that I think are overrated are: Rita Hayworth, William Holden, Grace Kelly, Leslie Howard… and there are probably a bunch more but none come close to Olivier. I couldn’t think of any current actors, but I did try 🙂

    • There’s a difference between the questions, alothough I’m sure people are offering up the same people for both.

      I’m honestly not familiar enough with Olivier’s classic works to opine one way or the other. I know he is pretty legendary, though, so it’d easy to see how you’d think he was overrated if you weren’t in to him.

      And wow, yeah, methinks you need to watch some movies from this century now and again Hunter! Just sayin’! 😀 LOL

  8. Kate Hudson, other than Almost Famous, though smokin’ hot is unimpressive.
    KStew for sure and her pal Lautner and his high winy voice.;-)

    • I personally wonder if Lautner will get another acting job now that Twilight has passed. I saw Abduction, and it was literally some of the worst acting Ive ever seen. Obviously KStew will keep going, seeing as she already has an extensive non-Twilight career.

      Hudson chose a terrible career path. She was, of course, great in “Almost Famous”, but yeah… I cant think of a single other thing to defend her with 😮

  9. Nowadays Adam Sandler’s the easy answer. Not sure if its the choice of movies or what but I’m throwing Will Farrell’s name in the mix. He was much better on SNL in my opinion and don’t think he stands up well as a lead actor in a movie.

    • Well, its not the first mention that Farrell’s gotten today, so at least I can say youre not alone. Personally IM not there with you, but youre not alone 😉

      Sandler, on the other hand IS the easy answer. I think he’s gotten 8 or 9 comments to his credit here, now. LOL!

  10. Let me see… For a start Brando, Pacino and Nicholson… Okay, I jest!
    For me it’s Sandler, Zellweger, Zeta-Jones, Gere, Witherspoon and one that always annoyed me Elliott Gould. Can’t see talent in any of these. Granted, Gere was quite good in Internal Affairs though.

      • There was a time in early ’70s where Gould was considered one of the biggest up-and-coming comedic actors in the business, and kind of a counterculture fixture: M*A*S*H, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Getting Straight, that sort of thing.

      • Yeah I know, but that was like 30 years ago! Never came to pass, either! 😮

        Still, I left it timeframe free, so, if he fell short of his rep, he fell short of his rep.

      • True! Very true! I always thought that people actually liked him. How on earth is he still working today, after all these years? The man’s abysmal. 😉

  11. I would have to say Mark Wahlberg. He was good in The Departed but solid in some others like Contraband. I dont find funny lately in comedy movies.

  12. I do not understand why people go see Tom Cruise movies. Every time I see him on TV, he’s starring in yet another generic actiony/thrillery movie. He’s like the Applebees of actors.

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