The Great Debates: “Animal House” or “The Blues Brothers”


It was in March, a little over 30 years ago now, that John Belushi passed away.

He was a legendary comedian, but his filmography basically boils down to two great films. Animal House and The Blues Brothers. Today, I ask you to choose between them.

Which one are you going to pick?

Click through to read the tale of the tape!

Animal House

BlutoDirected By: John Landis

Released: July 28, 1978

Budget: $3 Million

Total Gross: $141,600,000

Also Stars: Tim Matheson, Peter Riegert, Karen Allen, Thomas Hulce, Stephen Furst, Bruce McGill, Kevin Bacon, John Vernon, Donald Sutherland

Sequels: None, thankfully, though there was a short-lived TV Series on ABC entitled “Delta House”.

The Blues Brothers

Jake BluesDirected By: John Landis

Released: June 20, 1980

Budget: $30 Million

Total Gross: $115,229,890

Also Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Cab Calloway, Carrie Fisher, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, John Candy, Steve Cropper, Donald “Duck” Dunn, Murphy Dunne, Willie Hall, Tom Malone, Lou Marini, Matt Murphy, Alan Rubin

Sequels: Yes, unfortunately. “The Blues Brothers 2000”


Well! There you have it folks! Two awesome, hysterical movies, but you’re only allowed to pick one!

Which is it going to be? The frat house revelry of “Animal House”, or the R&B road movie “The Blues Brothers”?

Let us hear it!

Daniel Fogarty

104 thoughts on “The Great Debates: “Animal House” or “The Blues Brothers”

      • Dammit man, I love both my boys equally, but I dig Belushi a little more in Animal House. Maybe because their frat reminded me of Goodyear at UCONN, or the bung.

      • The Bung…. LOL!!! Oh my god, I havent thought of that place in so long. Thats funny as hell man. Bungwood. Nice… 😀

        Basically that WAS Uconn, wasnt it? We had toga parties, animal names, hell yeah. 😀

  1. I gotta choose The Blues Brothers, mainly because I like the characters more then I did Animal House. Don’t get me wrong Animal House has some very funny moments, but it just doesn’t have soul which Blues Brothers has in it’s shades

  2. No contest for me. I gotta go with the Blues Brothers. I thing a large part of it is that I saw Blues Brothers when I was younger, and many times since then. Animal House I didn’t see until I was a bit older and I didn’t really get into it as much.

  3. Animal House. I have a very fond memory of watching it with my Dad when it came out on VHS (he hadn’t seen it since it was in the theater). I have never seen him laugh so much. A great memory that I’ll always remember.

  4. I’ve never seen Blues Brothers, and the closest I came to wanting to was during the PFHC League on Creation-Matrix, when Badger and Anthony co-captained a team, and themed their roster after them.

    I… greatly dislike?… Animal House. I don’t know if I hate it, because I do remember chuckling a time or two. But I have no use for it at all. Because of all the hype that surrounds it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an all time top five disappointment for me, when I did watch it.

    So I’ll go ahead and cast my vote for Michael Jackson’s Thriller…

    • Wow. Dude. You could punch me in the face and not ^$&% me up as much as you just did.

      I dont know what to WTF you on first!

      You’ve never SEEN the Blues Brothers, Spike? What’s up with that? Get on that!!

      And then… you dont LIKE Animal House? Good lord, man, whats not to like about it? Its on the mount rushmore of comedies…

      That’s like crazy talk, man. That whole comment is like a schizophrenic episode. There’s got to be some meds that can help you, we just have to find them!

      • What’s not to like about Animal House?

        Disclaimer: I haven’t seen it in about 15 years, so my memory isn’t fresh. I do remember what I felt after watching it, because I’ve had to explain myself on at least a yearly basis to one person or another after they try and tell me how amazing it is.

        Animal House is a hot mess.

        Have you ever seen Carrot Top’s stand up? Just constantly firing shitty jokes and scenarios at the audience to see what sticks? Nothing close to a narrative weaving through connecting funny concepts and jokes together? Not even the slightest semblance to comedic timing? That’s what Animal House felt like on a comedic level to me.

        Maybe I wasn’t being fair at the time, considering how disappointed by the fact that I didn’t garner much more than a couple huffs of air out of my nose in amusement while watching the movie, but that’s how I felt. Maybe someday I’ll give it another shot, but I can’t see it. I was ridiculously disappointed in it.

  5. I just watched Animal House for the first time last week. Sure, I’ve seen bits and pieces here and there, but never sat down and watched it fully.

    It is awesome.

    Blues Brothers, not so much. Too much singing.

    • Well, I’m a little bummed for you you cant appreciate the Blues Brothers. But I am happy you like Animal House.

      I’ll say this… the voting is tight, but Blues Brothers fans appear 10x More likely to shred Animal House than the other way around. 😮

  6. How is Animal House winning so handily? I agree that it’s a funny movie, but it’s hardly on par with the road-movie musical classic of The Blues Brothers. Fogs, this is stunning!

    • Yeah, I think the poll got hacked last night by someone. It’s unfair… they were running neck and neck when I went to bed. I’m actually debating whether to hack it back myself or not.

      • Is there any way to actually confirm what happened? Even though I’m in the minority vote here, if it’s just that a bunch of Reddit voters came in on the side of Animal House, that seems fair to me. But if someone really did hack it somehow and alter it manually, or is just using a bot swarm, then yeah, that’s unfair to every real voter on both sides. Bugs the hell out of me that some people can’t let others have their fun on the level.

      • The person may have come from Reddit, but there’s no way of knowing. There’s no one “claiming responsibility” or anything, and the Reddit thread actually, if anything, swings Blues Brothers.

        Still contemplating potential action plans buddy. I could hack it back myself, announce it, and play it out the rest of the way… call it a draw and run it again in the future… not sure at this point.

      • What I meant was whether you could actually tell it was one person illegitimately hacking it, or a bunch of people legitimately voting, as unlikely as it may seem. But if every indication is that things aren’t skewed towards AH in the comments here or elsewhere, that does seem a trifle peculiar.

      • It was back and forth for awhile there, too, with great turnout. It was on the way to being the best contest in the series!

        I do think there’s something poetic about it getting hacked in favor of the Deltas though. LOL. At least the vandalism fell to the vandals.

        Oh well, let me think. I’ll come up with something.

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