Tossin It Out There: Who’s YOUR Favorite Movie Monster?

teen-wolf-teen-wolfAlright, everybody, how’s it going?

As I’m sure everybody knows, I spend the weekend watching some terrible, terrible movies. I made it through, but certain movie elements need to be redeemed in my eyes… one of which being movie monsters.

From the classic movie monsters to the animated monsters of Monsters Inc, there’s a lot of cool movie monsters out there. Scary ones, funny ones, creative ones… they’re not all as bad as the ones I spent Sunday with!

Who’s your favorite? Do you lean towards the funny? Like, SlimerΒ from Ghostbusters? Or the terrifying, like the cave creatures in “The Descent”? How about giant monsters, like in “Cloverfield”? It’s wide open, let’s hear it! In order to allow zombies (there aren’t many specific zombies) you can choose monsters who run in packs, if you like.

Just to make this ruling early, Aliens are allowed, but no serial killers, please! πŸ˜‰

Let’s hear it! Who’s YOUR favorite Movie Monster?


Daniel Fogarty

167 thoughts on “Tossin It Out There: Who’s YOUR Favorite Movie Monster?

  1. I came in expecting to say the Xenomorph from Alien. Then I saw the Audrey II shoutouts and wanted to join that bandwagon.

    Now, I just want to troll you with O’Bannion from Dazed and Confused. Can you believe he flunked, just so he could be a dick two years in a row?

      • His true monstrousness begins to show as Carl’s mom pulls a shotgun on his ass and a slow transformation begins.

        In the beginning, O’Bannion’s actions all make sense. He’s just trying to fit in while his “friends” continue on with their lives, undoubtedly leaving him behind, forgotten. Like Frankenstein’s monster, he’s been demonized unfairly, misunderstood… and as the paint falls upon him, and even those he’s been left behind with turn on him, he becomes something no longer familiar. Truely, he is foreign… other… a monster.

        “What are you looking at fucker? You little Freshman faggot? Fuck you. Fuck all of you!”

        Surely nothing less than a monster could utter such a diatribe against the human condition.

        TL,DR: Aww man, I hate that dick.

  2. I’m not really that big on monster movies. I love werewolves as a concept, but I’ve never really seen an awesome werewolf on screen, the closest would probably be the ones from Underworld. But I think I’m going to go in a completely different direction and go with Hellboy, you can’t go wrong with Ron Perlman.

  3. Yeah, the more cliche, movie monsters, never really affected me, but I am partial to the Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, and Freddy Krueger, but when I think of monsters, I think Hannibal Lecter or Norman Bates or someone like that. I also think of “Monster”, the movie, whether Charlize Theron played Eileen Wuornos. I guess now that I’m thinking about it, who were the really monstrous characters, the one that’s jumping at me right now is Alex Forrest from “Fatal Attraction.” That’s the one that’s really mimicking in my mind right now, so I guess today, I’m going with Glenn Close, as favorite movie monster.

    • There you go T. In a fight, who wins? I think it’s Staypuft. The Xenomorph stands no chance one on one against the two giants, and without the Ghostbusters crossing the streams, I think Mr Staypuft could handel Cloverfield. πŸ˜€

  4. Frankenstein for sure (from the 1931 beauty)!!! One of the earliest films I’ve seen. No one, except the Gremlins, came close.

      • My sister’s a HUGE fan of horror and she made me watch Psycho when I was 9. Watched Frankenstein when I was 10. Watched Gremlins the same year. I’m turning 18 now and I can say that my sister has the most influence in my love for cinema. πŸ˜€ Great post!

      • No need. She said it runs in our blood [being horror folks]. And keep it running, she said, I should. I understood. So, I made my niece watch “Night of the Living Dead.” She’s 8 and now does the worst “They’re coming to get you, Barbara” impression in the world!

  5. Alien, definitely. That freaky thing in the end of Pometheus too, God why do I have to watch this kind of creepshow in 3D yet at no point of The Hobbit was Armitage naked?

  6. When you ask about favorite,it makes me think that there has to be something one would like as well as fear/ dislike about the monster ,so I’d pick King Kong.

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