Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor


It’s amateur hour in “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor”, as Tyler Perry breaks out the weed whacker in order to write and direct this tale of infidelity and woe. Bad acting, bad dialogue, poor direction and a ridiculous story collide to bring you an ultimately laughable film.

Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) is a frumpy, tired marriage counselor, advising a young couple. As a cautionary tale, she begins to tell the wife what happened to her “sister”, and our story begins via flashback.

Judith lived next to Brice (Lance Gross) when she was a child, and the two fell in love as they grew up. They would eventually marry, leaving Judith to wind up only having ever loved one man. As the years pass, he begins to take her for granted. He forgets her birthday, ignores her while football is on, etc.

So when her job brings her into contact with a suave multi-millionaire with eyes for her, Judith is susceptible to his come-ons. Harley (Robbie Jones) is a social media magnate who consults the high-class dating agency that Judith works for in order to create a state of the art matchmaking program. He’s given Judith to work with, but it’s quickly apparent that he’s working on her and not with her.

Eventually, Judith succumbs to his advances, but not without an enormous cost.

And I do mean enormous. We’ll get to that. “Temptation” is a ridiculous blend of boring and overblown that you just don’t come across everyday. For the first half of the film, as Judith gamely fends off Harley’s advances, the movie is an outright snore. The world’s most clueless husband fails to see that his lameness has left the door open, as she slowly gets worn down by Harley the studly multi-millionaire. There was legitimately no suspense, as everyone knows she’ll eventually give in, but there was also no chemistry and worse still, no heat. Question: how do you have a PG-13 movie about an affair? Shouldnt the crux of such a movie be the sexual attraction? And the payoff moment be the sex scene where the two finally give into temptation? Trust me, you will never see a bigger cop-out than the hook-up scenes in this movie.

It’s after the illicit affair begins though, that “Temptation” shines its brightest. Things get utterly ridiculous as Harley doesn’t just destroy Judith’s marriage, he drags her straight to Hell. Those willing to be spoiled, please highlight the section below to read the incredible, unbelievable cost that Judith pays for this affair. LOL

1) First, Harley gets her strung out on booze and coke. She staggers around and tears into people like a pissed off Whitney Houston on a bender.

2) She loses her job.

3) She loses her husband.

4) Harley starts to beat her. In the world’s most heavily foreshadowed domestic abuse incident ever, Harley’s temper gets the best of him and he beats her up thoroughly.

5) If all that weren’t enough, the grand prize is HIV! Yes, it’s true. Repercussions 1-4 weren’t enough, Judith is also given one of the world’s most feared diseases!

Tyler Perry, Ladies and Gentlemen! Honestly, by the end of this film, I was laughing with how ridiculous it was. Poorly directed, of course, as well. I don’t recall ever being critical of city shot montages used as scene transitions before, but here, I was. I thought at one point during one “Did they use shaky cam on that?”. Also, be on the lookout for the scene where Judith’s husband comes to rescue her from Hell! Complete with swirling flames, laughing demons partiers, etc! Subtle, it was not.

Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Williams are horrible in equal measure. Williams is asked to do a bad french accent the whole time, zo she talks like thees! Kardashian is obviously not an actress, who was clearly added in hopes of attracting some of her legions of fans. Every line she throws up is a complete airball. Brandy Norwood was fine, too bad her character was a walking plot device. And I can’t not mention Ella Joyce as Judith’s church goin’ mama, who believes Harley is the devil, holds a prayer circle, and does everything short of shouting “Oh, Lordie!”

This was a terrible film, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s worthy of the mockery above and more.


27 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

  1. I’ll say that they at least got a good poster designer for the movie. This one and the Rocky Horror inspired one look great. A shame it’s wasted on a movie like this.

    • LOL. Too funny. When a POSTER is the best thing about your movie? You know you’re in trouble.

      Yeah though, Bubba, you have a point… the posters weren’t bad. I should exclude them from my derision here. 😉

  2. Not only won’t I see it in theaters, I have no desire to see it on video. Thanks for saving me the wasted time.

    • Absolutely. File this one under “No need whatsoever”

      Unless you’re looking to strengthen your year end “Worst Of” list, Al. LOL 😉 This one probably won’t win… but it’s a major contender. Let me tell you!

  3. Tyler Perry presents
    A Tyler Perry production,
    In association with Tyler Perry,
    A film by Tyler Perry,
    Tyler Perry in…
    Tyler Perry’s Temptation.
    Written and directed by Tyler Perry.

    Do you ever think some people just reeeeaalllly like the sound of their own name?

  4. This looked awful. Saw the trailer several times and the whole theater erupted in laugher every time at Kim Kardashian “We have a standard to uphold!“ and the woman that says, “ That boy is gonna hurt you something BAD!!” LOL

    • It’s even worse than it looks, too, trust me. The first half was a boring, unremarkable adultery movie. The second half? Where she starts paying the price? High comedy… but not in a good way. LOL

      Kardashian is a lock for a worst supporting actress nom for my year end awards here. Probably a Razzie, too, seeing how they love to hate on the famous and incompetent. LOL 🙂

  5. Its well known in my office that I’m something of a movie buff (Y’think?), so my edit suite frequently becomes the center of some pretty far ranging movie discussions. A couple of months ago 2 of my colleges went on and on about how much they liked Alex Cross and all of Tyler Perry’s films, and were somewhat staggered when I admitted I had never seen one. They claimed that it was a clear sign of my inherent racism and proceeded to beat me up about it at ever chance (well, OK, I’m exaggerating for effect, but the implication was pretty clear, “Aint no brothers in the Hobbit, huh?” etc.).

    Anyway, I’m going to have to ask them if they saw this and what they thought.

    • LOL!

      It’s almost two separate issues, to me. On the one hand, by all accounts he’s one of the forces today in films starring predominantly African American casts, which needs to be lauded, because they’re few and far between. So, that’s something that he should get credit for.

      On the other hand, his movies are terrible. I, like you, had steered clear until I undertook my blogging mission here, but since then I’ve seen two (Alex Cross doesnt count, he only starred) and both were absolutely awful. Madea’s Witness Protection and this. Madea’s was a worst picture nominee, and odds are that this will be too. I also have Perry penciled in for a worst director slot. He stands a good chance there too.

      Your coleagues are basically only proving they have bad taste in films. 😦

  6. What can I say, thanks for taking one for the team on this one.

    “Question: how do you have a PG-13 movie about an affair?”
    Answer: to attempt to capture as wide an audience as possible. Based on BO kinda sorta looks like it worked. Based on its (un)merits the film probably should have tanked.

    They lost me at Kim Kardashian.

    Chalk this one as your Easter penance.

    • Wellllll… I guess I didn’t put that correctly then. LOL I knew WHY they would. I just didnt know how they COULD. I should have said “How CAN you” instead of “How DO you”. I just think its a more adult topic than a PG13 rating allows for. 😦

      You’re right though, the numbers came in and there’s no way they’re unhappy with the results. Tyler Perry is all high fives and smiles this morning I bet.

      And yeah, LOL. I wound up doing a bunch of penance this weekend at the megaplex!

  7. Awesome review! I always love some bashing and some highlight crappy results 🙂 Kim Kardashian, if not any other factor already had me saying that I would NEVER go see this EVER! Even if it was on TV, I wouldn’t put myself through that sort of pain. Which makes you totally awesome, taking one for the team all the time 🙂

  8. I am not surprised. I have seen quite a few Perry movies and they always have crazy, over the top and stupid things in them. So no change there 🙂

  9. Hey, it’s laughable? Tyler Perry finally made a comedy that the mainstream audiences can appreciate? Or was that not where you were going with that? 😀

    Every last iota I have seen about this — including the posters — has looked thoroughly unappealing. And now you tell me there’s a Kardashian in it. What the hell? Maybe somebody needs to take Mr. Perry aside and explain stunt casting to him. You don’t cast somebody who is explicitly known for being famous for being a talentless train wreck if you’re looking to make a serious picture. Or, for that matter, anything above the level of Scary Movie V.

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