Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Bromance?

kirk-and-spockWith the release of “Star Trek Into Darkness” this week, I must have come across the term bromance a million times in reference to Kirk and Spock.

It’s a term I was loath to accept when it first came out, but society has worn me down, it’s part of the vernacular now. There’s no shortage of them in the film world, either.

From Butch and Sundance to Han and Luke, buddies are an integral part of movies. They even have their own sub genre: the “Buddy movie”.

Who’s your favorite? Frodo and Sam? Johnny Utah and Bodhi? Tango and Cash (LOL)? How about Dom and Walker from the Fast and Furious series?

There’s no shortage of them, so take your pick!

Let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite movie bromance?!

142 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Bromance?

  1. In no particular order… MacLeod and Ramirez is a good one for me. Han & Chewy, too. Narrator and Tyler Durden don’t count. Stark and Banner in the Avengers/Iron Man 3 are pretty great, too. Buzz and Woody. Tony & Mike in Dazed and Confused. Pink and Dawson in Dazed & Confused. Prof X and Magneto probably get my top spot.

    • “Narrator and Tyler Durden don’t count” – come on… yes they do!

      Woody and Buzz! Nice choice! Professor X and Magneto take the top spot, huh? Not for me… but… I can see that! 😉

      • Add all their movies together, and you get a fantastic broma–I can’t say it. Friendship. But I’ve been a huge fan of that dynamic for longer than the movies, so maybe I’m being a bit too biased.

        Maybe it should go to Ramirez and MacLeod. I mean… their connection was so strong he willed Ramirez back to life. With his The Prize powers… or something.

  2. Charlie Sheen and John Malkovich playing themselves in Being John Malkovich. The idea of them as best friends is a terrific punchline.

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  4. I half way expected Kirk and Spock to start making out in STID. I do love Frodo and Sam. Harry and Ron, and Brendan and Dale from Step Brothers. Does Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat count?

    • No law against bringing up something that’s been mentioned… I actually think you’re the first person aside from me to “second the motion” so to speak. That’s a fun flick, man. Love how Stallone plays “the smart one” 😀

  5. lol….Tango and Cash. Ha! How about Jordi and Data or Capt. Damien Tomaso and Leïto in District B13??? Spock and Kirk are of course great. Sam and Frodo are a given. I personally love buddy movies. I think they always make for a great story! I’ll think of more later!

  6. Told you I’d think of more: Legolas and GImli!!!!! Harry and Ron! And yes! LA Confidential: Bud and Edmund. Now…. I will try to go away and leave you alone.

    • Holy Moly! LOL. You do love the Buddy Movies! 😮 😉

      Nice to see the Expendables pop up in this thread! Jordi and Data is a good choice, too. Legolas and Gimli hated each other half the time though, didnt they? I suppose they patch things up by the end though… 😉

      • They only argued a bit at the beginning, but then they became like amazing!
        I do love them yes! 🙂 and I do hate the word Bromance.

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