The Great Debates: Star Trek vs Star Wars – And the Winner Is…

Star Trek Vs Star Wars

Here we go everyone! Last week we pitted the two most famous Sci-Fi franchise in history against each other and opened it up to a vote to see which one FMR readers preferred… 115 people cast their

Click through to see which one won!

Star Wars


With a final score of 61 to 54 (53% to 47%), Star Wars comes out on top! As usual here, to the victor go the spoils, so here are some of the things the Star Wars fans had to say!

Star Wars winners comments


Ok everyone. There you have it! It truly did turn into a great debate!

Until next time, thanks to everyone who voted and joined in!

Daniel Fogarty

56 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Star Trek vs Star Wars – And the Winner Is…

  1. I’m new to Star Trek. I have watched the last two movies that have been released, thats all. I’ve watched all of Star Wars and even have a LadyVdr licese plate. The characters of Star Wars are likeable, My favorite being Anakin. However I also love the dynamic between Jim and Spock. It is a bit more on the scientific side, but I definately enjoyed myself and plan on watching more Star Trek. Is it possible to be a fan of both? I totally am becoming one, thats for sure. I might even cos play as a fem vader at Comic Con this year.

    • 😯 You’re going to Comic-Con this year? I’m SO jealous! 😦 I got shut out for tickets, after going 3 out of the last 4 years…

      Definitely is possible to be a fan of both, no doubt, and many of the people who posted here are. If you just got into Star Trek, there’s a lot of good stuff ahead, though the tone is definitely different than these last two Abrams films… a bit more thought-provoking, let’s say. 😉

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