Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most annoying Movie Character?

ws_Jar_Jar_Binks_1280x800Everyone has had this experience. You’re enjoying a movie, but there’s that one character that drives you nuts. Even in movies you don’t like that much there can be characters that annoy more than others! Whatever kind of experience you’re having with the film, that one character just gets under your skin!

When a character is widely reviled such as Jar JarΒ Binks and “Jill” from “Jack and Jill”, they often take on a life of their own beyond the film, with pop culture carrying the spite for them personally long after the movie fades.

Which character will you pick? Who annoys you?

Can we get some loveΒ hate for Mutt from “Crystal Skull”? Will anyone bring up Stiffler? How about someone from a classic movie, such as Mickey Rooney’s Mr Yunioshi from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Maybe something current like “The Hangover”‘s Chow or Alan? Does anyone remember Sofia Coppola’s Mary Corleone?

These are the characters you just want to punch. Who will you choose? Which characters drive you crazy?

Let’s hear it! Who are YOUR most annoying Movie Characters?

Daniel Fogarty

174 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the most annoying Movie Character?

  1. It’s interesting how many of the most annoying characters are clearly meant to be hated and/or annoying. Particularly interesting to me is the appearance of so many weasels (Paul Reiser, Nedry, etc.) but none (that I saw) from the King of the Weasels, Steve Buscemi. Or how about William Atherton (Walter Peck, Richard Thornburg)?

    Anyway, if they’re supposed to be annoying, I don’t think that’s in the spirit of what you’re asking.

    For my money, there’s no character more annoying than Bella from Twilight. I mean, everyone in that movie is annoying, right? But we’re supposed to connect with Bella… and I think most people, even people that love Twilight, want to murder her. The Twinkles want to kill her to be with Jedward, and everyone else wants to murder her because she’s a terrible, terrible character.

    • Someone brought Atherton up, and Resier as well (for Aliens). I’m a big fan of Buscemi though, even in roles were he’s supposed to be a weasel (like Fargo).

      Meanwhile, Bella’s been kicked around quite a bit here. I’ve run out of memes!

      Ok, no I havent… LOL πŸ˜€

  2. Ahah I knew somehow Jar Jar would be displayed on your post. Well, I’d say K-Stew annoys me, regardless what she’s playing, ahah. Someone mentioned the stupid Bond girls and I’d have to agree [looking at you Dr Christmas Jones!!]

    • Yeah, poor Denise Richards. From Wild Things straight to being a Bond Girl, only to wind up one of the worst in franchise history and now a perpetual joke 😦

      Kristen Stewart’s characters have taken a beating here today, Ruth, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you πŸ˜‰

  3. I honestly can’t think of any really characters that personally annoyed the heck out of me. Although as an aside, the voice actor who plays Jar Jar also did a voice for an anime movie called Armitage Dual-Matrix, and while he doesn’t have the same Jar Jar speech impediment, he still has a somewhat similar voice for it. And in this movie, his character gets the crap kicked out of him. And I always thought it would be a great scene for Jar Jar haters to close their eyes and imagine Jar Jar getting beat up.

    • LOL I’ve seen the guy, doing autograph signings next to Jake Lloyd, who played young Annakin. They weren’t hurting, there were some fans there.

      Not me though, I gave that table a WIDE berth. LOL πŸ˜€

      • IIRC the character was modeled on Wesley Snipes. Somehow, I also believed that the voice actor was him too? That would be very uncharacteristic of him, isn’t it?

      • If you’re talking about Armitage Dual-Matrix ND, I don’t know. A quick trip to Wikipedia proved unhelpful. If you’re talking about Jar Jar, I’m pretty Snipes had nothing to do with it πŸ˜†

  4. Jar Jar’s the early and obvious choice, of course. Along with the “comic relief” characters in the Transformers franchise. Not just Skids and Mudflap, either; the two microbots in Bay’s film as well. Plus Wheelie from the animated film.

    I second K2’s mention of Willie from Temple of Doom. Far, far more annoying than Mutt. Hell, I’d have to flip a coin between Mutt and Short Round, even. There wasn’t anything significantly wrong with Mutt.

    Since I haven’t seen it mentioned here, I want to throw in the characters from the original Paranormal Activity. Especially the boyfriend. That guy was at least second in line for the throne of King of the Jackasses.

    • Huh. I like the original Paranormal Activity quite a bit (though the series is a dead horse now πŸ™„ ) What was your beef with him? Just that he refused to believe for so long? That’s pretty much Horror Movie Playbook 101…

      • Not that, because he did believe pretty early on. No, it was more that he believed in the spirit, but then actively went against every single piece of advice the psychic or his book said. “Don’t piss it off? OK…. HEY ASSHOLE! COME AND GET ME!”

      • Yeah, I guess I would have to give it a rewatch again. I do recall assinine behaviour, but perhaps horror movies have inured me to it and I just accept that characters are going to be dumb 😯

      • To a certain extent, sure. But I don’t think it works as well when there aren’t as many characters. This isn’t a “Root for Jason” sort of film, after all. And in his case, his behavior would have been pretty jackassed even without the supernatural element. Whole lot of the girlfriend asking him not to do stuff, and him going and doing it just to show he could.

  5. I think EVERYONE would have Jar Jar in their top two or three right? So let’s exclude him just out of respect for the miasma Lucas created there.

    My number 1 top annoying film character would be that godawful Maria Pitillo thing in Godzilla. She played Matthew Broderick’s romantic interest….. ughhh, Pitillo was more wooden then a block of wood and with less personality than K-stew (if that’s actually possible!) and I hated every second she was on screen.

    Most of Adam Sandler’s stuff comes in a very close second (excluding Punch Drunk Love and that film he starred alongside Tea Leoni… Spanglish I think it was…)

    • I’d also exempt a couple of Sandler’s earlier comedies that were genuinely funny, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, etc… but he’s terrible nowadays. 😦

      I havent seen Godzilla since it came out. I caught it in theatres and never subjected myself to it again. But I remember hating it with a passion, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Pitillo was terrible. I think that would fit right in with my memory of it! 😯

  6. A lot of hate for Jar Jar here, but Anakin from all the prequels was just as bad. From the kid actor blowing up that spaceship accidentally and saying “oops” to the whining Hayden Christiansen, his character infuriated me. Especially the “sand” line in episode 2.

    • Agreed. I tend to exempt Jake Lloyd, cause he’s a kid, but Lucas writing a Jedi child role was just head scratching. You’re right, him bloeing up the spacestation was ridiculous.

      Christiansen’s turn was even worse. Although Lucas made a lot of good actors look bad in the prequels, Christiansen really didnt come of well. And having him be this whining, petulant, sulking violent ass was a bad choice as well. 😦


      • In all fairness, some of that was down to the scriptwriters, since the dialogue in those films is truly terrible. But in Christiansen’s case, most of that was down to him.

      • Oh, I never fail to give credit to George Lucas (written and directed by!) for the awfulness of the prequels, LOL. But yeah, Christiansen didn’t help his own case much… 😦

  7. From Temple…Short Round is agreeable to me in that he keeps the plot moving and former Ms. Spielberg is rather easy on the eyes, so I don’t have a problem with those two. Put me in the majority on Jar Jar as weakening the film and franchise. From Bond 23, Skyfall, the gadget guy was shall we say less than thrilling cast choice though plausible I suppose – perhaps a might to young looking (nothing against the awesome film mind you). I’ll second FMR in saying CHandler sucked in This Means War.


    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind Short Round. I was beginning to feel a little beset on that one! πŸ˜€

      I didnt mind the new Q, you didnt like him? He was a little young for the job, but I like how EON is thinking… they want to get a young kid and have him do Bond for life, like Llewlyn!

      WOW though, did you bring up a doozy in Chelsea Handler in This Means War! 😯 Good GRIEF was she annoying! LOL That’s a hell of an answer right there, S, can’t believe we hadnt mentioned that one before!

    • MY NAME IS FABIE…. [/Bruce Willis]

      LOL, well, she’s not my favorite part of the movie, let’s say that. But Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies, I think it’s just about perfect.

      I can see where you’re coming from Fernando…

  8. Good question, must confess I couldn’t deal with Kevin Kline’s character in A Fish Called Wanda. Otto was just too truly horrible and I knew he was doing a good acting job and got many kudos for his role but I squirmed every time he was onscreen.

    This Means War was just something I couldn’t even watch on the airplane. What a terrible film. All Rom Com best friends should get smacked with the possible exception of Carrie Fisher in When Harry Met Sally… & Rupert Everett in My Best Friend’s Wedding though in a nice twist I would give Julia Roberts the most annoying character nod for her role in that film and a virtual smacking.

    • LOL. My Best Friends Wedding is still one I’ve managed to avoid so far. Maybe one day, Chick Flick City will take me to it, who knows πŸ˜‰ I didnt mind This Means War except for Chandler, who was terrible. 😦

      I think Kline was supposed to be that way though. He did a good job in Wanda…

      • Okay so I may just not be clearly in step with the category here. I mean I found Otto incredibly difficult to watch or annoying but he was intentionally this way by an excellent actor so….it doesn’t fall in the same vein as Jar Jar Binks annoying, eh?

  9. I hate to say this but the first person I thought of was Bella….really sad. I haven’t even watched all of the movies. I just hate her.

      • I am determined to only watch the rest of them with the RiftTracks playing. It was painful enough reading your posts as you worked through them.

      • πŸ˜€ Yeah, maybe Rifftracks might make it worth it. There’s plenty of mockery fodder. I don’t know how anything can save Breaking Dawn pt 1 though… That’s one of the most painful movies ever 😯 !

      • Yeah….It all looks and sounds painful. I think the hardest part for me is trying to talk to girls about it. I don’t mean like women in their twenties and thirties. My sister loves it, but is more than willing to see it’s fault. I’m talking about like girls under 20. Trying to explain to them that Edward is not the type of guy you want as your boyfriend/husband is like hitting your head against a brick wall. You just hope they wake up before they marry some wimp of a man. Scary stuff!!!
        Lol….now that that comment went way more serious than originally intended…..Belle is the most annoying movie character ever. Followed by Jar Jar Binks. πŸ™‚

      • Can I say I hate her just from the 5-minute scene I accidentally watched once? OK, maybe that was just Kristen Stewart’s inexplicably-permanently-constipated look, but the quotes from the books on FB don’t bode well either.

      • It doesn’t take much to get the sense of what she’s bringing to the table ND (or lack there of LOL) I don’t think you need to see much more than you have, your estimation seems spot on at this point πŸ˜‰

  10. This is a late addition, but someone mentioned The Shining, and it reminded me of Ruby Dee as Mother Abigail Freemantle in The Stand (do you include TV miniseries?) who makes the character really annoying, quite unintentionally.

    It was actually a really bad casting choice (and probably this belongs in an appropriate post by you πŸ˜‰ ). The woman in the novel is a frail woman with a deep faith and innate love for everyone. Ruby Dee comes across as a fat, conniving old bag. Actually, Jamey Sheridan as Randall Flagg is actually almost likeable, and the two mistakes would have actually turned the whole meaning around had it not been for Rob Lowe as Nick and Bill Fagerbakke as Tom (yup, IMDB) – excellent casting.

    You should do a poll on bad casting choices vs great casting choices.

    • Or a Tossin’ it Out There thread. πŸ˜‰

      I’ve seen “The Stand” but it’s been years. My recollection is limited… 😦 M-o-o-n spells Moon, and the ending. Oh and the opening where they play Blue Oyster Cult. LOL So unfortunately, ND, I cant back you up! 😦

  11. It’s funny that you mentioned Mary Corleone! She’s by far the ONE character I really wanted off the screen in any of the Godfather films. I still remember her whining and complaining, but most of all I remember her shock after she was shot and called for her “dad”. Truly awful acting by Sofia. Good thing she switched to directing.
    As for my all-time selection many come to mind. There’s Winona Ryder’s in Alien: Resurrection, Rob Schneider’s role in Judge Dredd from 1995, Paris Hilton just being her annoying self in House of Wax, Charlie Day’s high-pitched squeal during most of Horrible Bosses (works in Sunny in Philadelphia, too much in a film), and many others that I’m probably forgetting right now.
    My choice off the top of my head has to be the annoying daughter of our heroic Liam Neeson in Taken. Could she have been any more bothersome? She was incredibly naive, whiny, and dangerously immature. I still remember her running from place to place as if she was 10. A total miscast and the one awful thing about the film.

    • Mary Corleone WAS supremely annoying. One of the worst (of many bad) aspects of Godfather III. Thank goodness she switched to directing is right, LOL.

      Thoughts on the others: At least Paris got killed in that movie, LOL. I liked Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses, I thought it worked. An yeah, Maggie Grace was really annoying in the Taken movies. More so in 2 where they gave her a bigger role than just “Kidnap victim” LOL. πŸ™„

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