My Weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic ConHome again, safe and sound. Another convention in the books!

I thought I’d share some of the highlights of this weekend, as everyone loves cosplay photos!

Click through for the highlights of this weekend, and for my gallery of costumed attendees!

IMG_0174On Friday, I took the train down from CT, and stayed at the Marriott connected to the Philadelphia Convention Center. Which sounds much more convenient than it actually was, I swear the walk was still a mile. I have the blisters to prove it.

The area that the convention was held in was a cavernous exhibition hall that never quite seemed to IMG_0176fill with people. On the one hand, that was a bit disappointing, as it led to the feeling that the event wasn’t fully attended, but on the other hand, it was rather nice not having to deal with all the jostling and close quarter combat that NY and San Diego offer.  

IMG_0235The floor was mildly disappointing to me, as a seasoned vet of these things. There were no shortage of comic book and comic book related toy vendors, but large outside companies were almost completely absent. At New York IMG_0504and San Diego, video game companies, television networks, movie studios… all sorts of entities add character to the floor with their attention grabbing displays. Not that they don’t also have their share of comic book and toy dealers as well, but without the pizzazz of the pros, you’re left with a bit of a flea market feel to that aspect of the event. Not that there weren’t some fun things going on on the floor. They had a Batmobile, a General Lee and a Back the Future DeLorean to take pictures in, a Doctor Who call box, and a couple of zombie related photo ops. But it seemed as if the floor was missing a bit of the flash I was accustomed to.

IMG_1093The strength of the Wizard World events that I’ve attended (and looked into) are the autograph opportunities, and this is where Wizard World Philly really shined. I literally couldn’t get all the autographs I would have liked to, they had so many of them. As it was, I got William Shatner’s, Henry Winkler’s (right), Adam IMG_1095Baldwin’s, Michael Rooker’s and Linda Blair’s. There were tons of other autograph opportunities there, as well, such as Stan Lee (whom I have already), three other Firefly stars (Gina Torres, Jewel Staite and Summer Glau), WWE stars, two former Supermen (Brandon Routh and Dean Cain), a couple other Walking Dead stars (Norman Reedus and John Bernthal), and on and on… seriously, Wizard World does a fantastic job of bringing in celebs whose autograph you’d like to have.

At the moment, I’m not collecting comics, so I’m not on top of the “who’s who” right now, but they did feature a healthy “Artists’ Alley” of comic-book artists and authors signing off on their works, as well.

IMG_0211They also did a good job of putting together a panel lineup. Nothing to rival San Diego, of course, but right on par with New York! I worked two of them into my schedule. I attended Michael Rooker’s and William Shatner’s. As you can imagine, those are two guys who had no trouble commanding the stage for an hour. IMG_0265I planned on attending Linda Blair’s as well, but she missed a flight and had to cancel. The two biggest offerings of the weekend were a Walking Dead panel with Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, and John Bernthal, and a Firefly panel with Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Summer Glau and Jewel Staite. I would have enjoyed attending either of those, but they clear the room between panels at Philly Con, so you can’t attend both. Standing on their own, I just couldn’t muster the will to sacrifice the time required in line to get into them. I half heartedly checked into the line for the Firefly panel, trying to see if I could get in line at the last-minute and still catch a seat in the way back of the auditorium, to which the other attendees resoundingly answered, “No.”

Of course, the big question that always gets asked about these things is “How were the costumes”, and I’m happy to report that Philly fans did it right. There were a ton of people who came dressed up, and as usual some were great, some were good and some were ill-advised… here’s a sampling of the pictures I took!


All told, it was a really great weekend, and Wizard World put on quite a show! I got a lot of great autographs, got to see William Shatner and Michael Rooker talk about their respective careers, and got to see countless costumed conventioners doing their thing! It’s definitely a show I would recommend if you’re in that area, and one I look forward to attending again myself one of these days!

Daniel Fogarty

71 thoughts on “My Weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con

    • Yeah, always cool when Spaceball is in the house. Great costumes… need them to offset all the Star Wars, too. 🙄 There’s enough Stormtroopers at these things to actually FIND some droids…

    • Trust me, some of the ladies would put a look of shock on your face, too. They’re not all hot and enjoyable. LOL. You should give it a go though if you ever come across anything in your area, it definitely is a fun time.

  1. Love it! Great cosplay photos. I’m always amazed how many people actually do that.

    Also is this one of those events where you have to pay for autographs? I’ve never cared about getting them myself, but I always found the idea of paying strange. It creates a lot of awkward encounters too, as you get the guilt-trip stares of “Buy an 8×10.” Maybe that’s just horror cons. 🙂

    • Every event I’ve ever been to has been a “pay for autographs”, I actually thought free autographs were extinct, like dinosaurs. LOL

      I dont know how it works at horror cons, but at these events, it’s usually very well set up, and no awkwardness. There’s typically someone collecting the cash and giving you the pictures (you have to pay for the sig whether you buy a pic or not, so…) and then a few feet further on down the line, the celeb is signing, so there’s no cash exchanged with them.

      I’ve seen my share of lonely celebs in their lineless autograph booths in my day, but I have to say that really wasn’t the case here. Wizard brought in some good people, and everyone’s lines were pretty healthy 😉

      And yeah, cosplayers, LOL They always amaze me too. 😀

  2. There probably some comic book dealers happy for the smaller scale where they don’t get lost against the movies/TV/and video game displays.

    I’m surprised THe Fonze was there. I didn’t know he did these type of conventions.

    I guy I follow on YouTube–The Gay Comic Geek–attended with some friends. He is a Cosplay monster. Along those lines, here is some of my commentary of the Cosplay you have above: love K-9 w/ the Tom Baker scarf; love The Greatest American Hero (w/ blond goldilocks); loves lego Batman; and that was the saddest Galactus costume of all time.

    If you like famous movie and TV vehicles and you are ever in Miami, then I recommend the Dezer Collection in Aventura. They have just about every famous car: The Monkee mobile, The Munster mobile, Echto-1, all the Batmobiles, so on and so forth. They also have a great James Bond section that includes airplanes as well.

    • Oooh. Love to see some of that Bond stuff, I got to see a couple of vehicles back at Comic Con last year, but just a sampling…

      That Lego Batman WAS pretty cool, wasn’t it? What a great idea. I don’t think Galactus was all that serious about his costume though to tell you the truth, LOL. 😀

      Glad to see Henry Winkler making himself available, too. I don’t know how often he does these sorts of things, but it was cool to meet him and get his autograph, Vic!

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