The Internship


No computer skills? Over 40? No problem! If you can BS, you can make it into one of the most competitive internships in the country!

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take their fast talking scam duo act to the most innovative employer in the country in this safe, sweet, mildly funny comedy.

When the company that Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) sell watches for goes out of business, they’re left to seek out new careers. In spite of having no computer skills, Billy comes up with the bright idea of applying for an internship at Google. Google is widely considered one of the country’s most progressive employers, and working for them would represent a new adventure for the two of them. Quickly applying for college at the University of Phoenix Online in order to satisfy the college attendance requirements, the two BS their way through an interview via webcam and find themselves selected for the program.

Getting accepted is only half the challenge, however. When they arrive, they realize that everyone else in the internship is in their early twenties… their age makes them stand out like a sore thumb. This leaves them left out when teams for the competition get selected, and they wind up on a team of rejects. Of course, that gives the two of them the opportunity to mentor the gifted but socially inept youngsters, and mold them into a team.

Will it be enough to overcome the fact that they know nothing about computer programming, though?

As you can imagine, “The Internship” glosses over Vaughn and Wilson’s characters’ shortcomings, and emphasizes the fact that Google is an unorthodox workplace in order to work around the fact that these two grown men without computer science degrees could actually get IN to an internship, let alone cut it in one. It’s all in the name of setting up a mildly humorous fish out of water comedy where “online” gets confused with “on the line” and Vaughn doesn’t know what Instagram is. It’s not the greatest set up ever for a comedy, but it does boast the comedic pairing of Wilson and Vaughn.

Fans of Vaughn will be pleased to hear that he puts himself into this film, as opposed to some of the half-hearted mail-in jobs he gives us occasionally. Here, he’s energetically working his typical fast talking, bullshitting persona. Owen Wilson is his soft-spoken sidekick, and is also given a romantic sub-plot with Rose Byrne that serves as filler. Together they’re surrounded by a motley crew of misfit kids and a hard ass manager overseeing the internship program. As one might expect, there are also a couple of humorous cameos, as well.

If you enjoy the banter of Vaughn and Wilson, this movie was actually halfway decent. It certainly will never hold a candle to “Wedding Crashers”, but its far better “The Watch”, say, which was the last movie Vaughn was in. In spite of the farfetched setup, there are some safe chuckles to be found scattered about, and a moment or two now and then when you catch a glimpse of the promise of this comedy pairing.

“The Internship” is an innocuous comedy filled with platitudes about believing in yourself and working together as a team. It features sporadic doses of mild humor between inoffensive plot points. It’s not something I call highly recommend, but if you’re a fan of these two guys, you’ll get some benefit out of it if you catch up with it one day at home.


Daniel Fogarty

47 thoughts on “The Internship

  1. Commenting on the Instagram-ignorance plausibility mentioned above: In fairness, Instagram’s only a few years old, and is strictly a social media thing… somebody who doesn’t use Twitter has no reason to know what it is. I didn’t until then, and I actually have a C.S. degree.

    And getting an internship without the degree is not only plausible, but expected; someone with the degree should be looking for a job, not an internship. The main issue with believability is that Google wouldn’t check their degree progress and notice that they just started. But that’s part of the whole bluff-comedy, I assume.

    I don’t know, this might be all right. Didn’t look stellar, but possibly amusing, and your grade at least bears that out.

    One question, which you just slightly touched upon with the “quirky work environment” comment… how much does this movie come across as an ad for Google?

    • You know? Its undeniable that Google is front and center in this thing. They’re at Google, they’re working on Google products, etc etc. There are some people out there that get sensitive anytime any actual corporate name or product gets named or shown, freaking out about product placement… but I’m not one of them. It is what it is. Google is the setting of this story. I didn’t ever have the feeling they were trying to sell me anything, and its not as if they need the name brand recognition. The only thing they might be selling was how cool it was to work there.

      “Amusing” is a decent word for this, actually, but yeah, there are a LOT of holes like Google not checking on anything that they sent in in their application 🙄 You just have to go with it!

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