The Great Debates: Superman vs. Batman


It’s a debate that’s been around for decades upon decades, thanks to the comics, and with Superman putting a new movie into the mix this weekend, I felt it was the perfect time to hold a discussion here and see how FMR visitors felt.

Who do you choose? Superman or Batman?

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SupermanFirst Appearance: Action Comics #1 (1938)

TV Series: Adventures of Superman (1951), Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) Smallville (2001)

Movies: Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), Superman Returns (2006), Man of Steel (2013)

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Superman came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He has since used those abilities not only to protect truth justice and the American way, but to serve as a symbol of hope and inspiration.



BatmanFirst Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (1939)

TV Series: Batman (1966)

Movies: Batman: The Movie (1966), Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995), Batman & Robin (1997), Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Batman has no super powers, merely abilities that arduous training can provide. Heir to billions when his parents were killed, he eschewed the playboy lifestyle and instead trained to become an instrument of justice. Ever since, he has struck fear into the heart of criminals!


Well, there you have it folks! Two of the greatest superheroes of all time!

Who do you choose? Why?

Let us hear it!!

Daniel Fogarty

149 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Superman vs. Batman

  1. This is like the George Carlin baseball vs football comedy bit.
    Baseball is lighter (“are you up? who’s up?”) and football is darker and more intense (“what down is it”?) which is kind of how I see the Superman vs Batman contest.

    on par maybe slight edge to Superman (for me)
    Batman by wide margin; Superman thusfar has not been able to reboot strongly
    Superman by a hair.
    1960s Adam West vs 1950s George Reeves is a deadheat;
    Lois/Clark and Smallville edge Batman animated series.

    The two modern relaunches of movies have catapulted Batman atop the contest.

    That said purely due to sentimental reasons, I voted Superman! 🙂
    He’s more likeable and plays perceivably more fair with villains. 🙂

    • Love that Carlin routine. Still one of the funniest ever.

      LOL… I love how you create a checklist and then discard it there. That’s some unpredictability for ya S, nicely done! 😀 Fun stuff…

    • That’s good stuff, there’s no denying. But as I said to PG Cooper (who was protesting the omission of Batman and Superman TAS), there were just too many cartoons and comics to make a listing feasible.

      Those are pretty fantastic cartoons though. The rotoscoping gives the animation a fantastic feel to it. 😀

  2. I love Supes a lot but I find myself reading and watching Batman way more. That was hard! Great post!

  3. Iron Man is actually my all-time favorite superhero, but between Batman and Superman, I’m going to have to go with Batman. 🙂 I really loved Nolan’s Batman films, though I’m still trying to recover from the trauma of “Batman and Robin.” :p

  4. Superman is more powerful, the most powerful superhero, as far as I’m concerned, but Batman, is far and away the most interesting superhero. He’s gone through some questionable times, in the past, where variations of him were sub-par, or extremely altered from the more dark and superior versions of the character, but still, I gotta go with Batman. Better movies, by a mile, more interesting character, more interesting universe, etc. Superman, is powerful, and I love the old George Reeves series, and “Lois and Clark,” and “Superman 2”, I put up there, with any other superhero film, but it still pales in comparison, and I gotta say it, his backstory sucks. This may be blasphemous for some, which I apparently get blamed for a lot, but why is he fighting for the American Way, he’s not even American. Truth and Justice, the American way, questionable at best. His life doesn’t get interesting, ’til he’s thirty, in the city as a reporter, (And BTW, wtf, “Smallville”, take the worse, and more boring part, of this already-overrated backstory, and make it TV show? Is that still on the air? How did that last so long?) Grew up in the country, and powerful, but nobody knew, and he has to live in an ice castle throughout his twenties ’cause of his father. I mean, good lord. Also, Lex Luthor, overrated villain. He’s boring, he’s cliched, in every variation of him, he’s single-minded, he’s no fun, I’ll take the worst Batman villain over him. I’ll take Poison Ivy over Lex Luthor. There’s nothing cool about him. Yeah, the more I think about it, too many things about Superman frustrate me, I gotta go with Batman.

    • No doubt, Batman has had better movies by far, even with the respectable Man of steel out this weekend.

      Of course, I don’t agree that Superman’s backstory “sucks”. He was adopted Dave, which does make him Amercian, he was raised In Kansas!

      I can’t defend Smallville, I don’t watch it.

      Lex Luthor is my favorite comic book villain. I’ll hand you that his big screen portrayals have been lousy, but in the DC Animated Universe, he was bad ass. That’s the Luthor I love.

      • Well, yeah I know he was adopted, but still, it comes off so forced and unintentionally funny, fighting for the American way. It’s such propaganda, and you didn’t get that kind of cartoonish-ness, in the best of the Batman runs, (and the cartoonish Batmans, like the Adam West show, they have their moments of inspiration) I remember watching the first Superman movie, bored to death for about an hour, as they went through the beginning story-, that’s the kind of beginning that discovery is used for. Start the story in the middle of something, then refer back to his roots, it was so boring. Adopted is one thing, but adopted in the country, where nothing is going on? I don’t get that. Seriously, we couldn’t he have just grew up in a Metropolis apartment, and play stickball in the streets with the kids, or something. I’m very much, not big on the quiet serene starts to life, especially for a superhero. Maybe that’s partly me, I was the one that cheered for the freeway when I watched when I watched “The Goonies”, so maybe I don’t get the appeal of the country or suburbs, but I mean, especially compared to Batman’s frigged up origins. Parents killed, in front of him, company overtaken, from spoiled kid to angry teenager to living on the streets, to billionaire, to vigilante… Holy Christ, Superman’s opening is dull!

        I don’t know the DC animated universe, at all, but, eh, I still would claim Lex Luthor, is a weak villain, and not a villain, worthy of being an arch-nemesis of Superman. I just can’t see himself that high. Honestly, I watched a lot of Superman as a kid, but the first time I heard the name, I didn’t know who he was. That’s how uninspiring he is. to me. I don’t think of Superman, and think Lex Luthor, immediately.

        And if he can just go fly around the world and go back in time, why doesn’t he do that for every disaster? Or at the beginning of them. Yeah, the first Superman movie, always annoyed the hell out of me; that’s part of it too.

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