The Great Debates: Superman vs. Batman and the winner is…


Last week, our Great Debates series asked the question Superman, or Batman? It’s a debate as old as comic books themselves, and one that continues to be relevant due to their high-profile films.

The votes are in, the poll is closed. Who did people choose? Superman or Batman?

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In the biggest blowout in “Great Debates” history, Batman kicked Superman’s ass, garnering over 70% of the vote! As usual, to the victors go the spoils, and here’s what some of the Batman supporters had to say!

Winners Comments

Well, there you have it, folks. Another Great Debate in the books!

Did the right choice win? Were you on the winning side, or the short end?



44 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Superman vs. Batman and the winner is…

      • I agree, Batman would still win. Batman’s been the preferred hero since about, oh, the 1960’s. Even the Christopher Reeve movie does nothing to change that, since the reasons that people picked Batman over Superman easily stem from that portrayal. (I notice the detractors all seemed to point toward the Reeve Superman and not, say, Tom Welling’s character in Smallville or the Animated Series or the comics.)

        Reeve was awesome, but all that stuff about him being a Big Blue Boy Scout, paternalistic, and not quite as sexily dark and moody? Clearly takeaways from those movies.

      • Hi, Hipster:

        Excellent point!

        Pre Nolan. We had Mr. Mom and others in a heavily protected and caped suit with no fluidity of movement. And a Bruce Wayne with little back story. Though Mr. Keaton pulled off the monied alter ego pretty well.

        Where Nolan gave Bruce Wayne’s tragic back story more than its due. Added extra attention to The Dark Knight’s lair and toys. And made Gotham City look and feel real. As opposed to a vastly overblown set.

        Batman would stil win, but by much closer numbers.

  1. Drat! I missed this one! I would have voted Superman. He is my hubby’s favorite super hero and I kinda love him too. He is just so good and wholesome which seems to be rare these days.

    • Bummer 😦

      I don’t think it would have helped much though. LOL Superman needed a cavalry to come to his rescue in this one, he was WAY behind 😯

      Agreed though, I wish they had kept that “good and wholesome” in this current film. we needed some of that. 😦

      • Yeah. I haven’t seen it yet. My husband is going back and forth on watching it. I’m a little worried since I’ve talked to a few friends that the “Truth, Justice and the American Way” is a bit lacking. That was one of the things I loved and continue to love about Captain America.

    • Nice choice. Very cool.

      In the meantime, for future reference, WP doesn’t allow [IMG] tags, just post the http address and I’ll edit your comment to embed. I wish they would allow commenters to embed pics directly, but I haven’t figured out how. I think we’d all have a lot of fun though. LOL

      • I should’ve known better. I use WordPress a lot. Then again, I was too lazy to do anything but copy and paste the code. Oh, man. I am sooooo lazy!

  2. Can’t say I’m surprised. Superman is VERY awesome as Man of Steel just proved, but Batman is easier to relate to. Human vs. humanlike alien…human will always win, at least imho 🙂

    • I don’t know if the fact that he was actually an alien came into play for many people, but I do know that the fact that he’s SUPER superpowered did. The fact that Batman’s only a trained individual is something a lot of people like 😉

  3. For me it comes to the villains – and Batman stories have the best ones 🙂 I’m such a geek there I could probably name 30 while the only villain from Superman comics I know is Lex Luthor 😛

    • Yeah… it’s not just you Sati. The Batman’s rogue gallery is excellent, while the Superman one isn’t as much. 😦 Definitely saw a lot of people citing that during the poll 😉

  4. Not a big surprise on the results there, considering most of the comments seemed to favour Batman. That comic page (from All Star Superman, by the looks of it) that El Santo posted sums up perfectly what Superman is about.

    • LOL. If I included all the superheroes everyone wanted I’d now have Spiderman, Deadpool, and Martian Manhunter in the mix LOL ;D

      Still, I had a feeling Batman would win out. He probably would even if we tossed other candidates into the mix as well!

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