Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2


After the events shown in “Grown Ups”, Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) and his wife (Salma Hayek) decide to leave Hollywood and move their family back to Lenny’s hometown. Of course, this puts him back in with his old friends Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock) and “Higgy” (David Spade). Together they all face the challenges of dealing with their wives and their children.

When Kurt’s wife (Maya Rudolph) forgets their 20th wedding anniversary, he has a chit so large he barely knows what to do with it. He decides they should all have a party at Lenny’s house. Standing in their way, however, is the man that used to bully Lenny in high school, and an entire, angry fraternity who are after them due to a turf war over the local swimming hole.

Will Lenny and his friends be able to withstand the challenges of being adults?

“Grown Ups 2” was an absolutely horrifying exercise in stupid comedy. Think of it as an inverse IQ test… this film is trying to figure out how dumb you are. It takes stupefyingly dumb characters, puts them in horribly unfunny situations, then somehow expects the audience to laugh at the juvenile sensibilities. The film opens with a frightened buck who has wandered into Sandler’s family’s home peeing  all over people, and then it only gets worse from there. Spade sexually licks a female body builder’s bicep, Nick Swardson publicly takes a dump in a KMart display toilet, and Kevin James has a running joke about being able to burp, sneeze and fart simultaneously. I wish I were joking.

This is an exercise in infantilism that everyone involved with should be ashamed of. Of course, it will find the non-discerning bottom feeders of the American cinema going public and make its money, letting Sandler and his cronies continue unimpeded. The entire gang is here and then some. Aside from the core supporting trio of James, Rock and Spade, Lon Lovitz, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows, Andy Samberg and a host of others show up. Taylor Lautner and Milo Ventimiglia compete to be the film’s most annoying Frat boy, while Shaquille O’Neal and Stone Cold Steve Austin have small roles. When Shaquille O’Neal provides the funniest (note, that’s relative, I said funniest not funny) performance in your film, you know you’re in trouble. Swardson and Hayek were special stand-outs in the embarrassment. Hayek mangled what should have been a walk in the park role. At least she brought enough accent for the rest of the class. Swardson of course, turns up the obnoxiousness into a zone that’s currently immeasurable. Think I’m kidding? Wait to you see him in his urine stained tighty whiteys.

Together, the cast mugs their way through fart jokes, getting hit in the balls, and multiple vomit jokes. I would say that this humor was aimed at 12 year olds, except I doubt todays tweens would be caught dead at something as dumb as this.

This movie made me wonder if anyone involved had an ounce of pride in their work. It certainly wouldn’t be evidenced by their willingness to appear in this clumsy, unfunny, juvenile piece of garbage, that’s for sure.


50 thoughts on “Grown Ups 2

  1. I don’t know whether I should give you props for sitting through this or shame you for contributing to its box office success. 😛 Well done, man. I’ll be steering clear of this one, just like the first.

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