2 Guns


Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington team up in this preposterous, yet fun heist/buddy movie.

It’s chock full of unbelievable and outright silly plot points, yet the charisma and camaraderie on display make it an enjoyable effort.

When undercover DEA Agent Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington) fails to get the goods on a cartel leader named Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos), he becomes open to an idea pitched to him by a criminal associate of his, “Stig” Stigman (Mark Wahlberg). Stig proposes that the two of them rob the bank where Greco keeps his money. Stigman is out for the cash, but Trench rationalizes that the money could unravel things for Greco and potentially lead to criminal charges. Unbeknownst to Trench, however, Stigman is actually a Naval Intelligence Officer on an undercover mission, out to confiscate the money for his own team.

Of course, neither of them have the full picture of what’s going on, and both of them have been double crossed. There’s much more money in the safety deposit boxes in the bank than they counted on, and the duo immediately realize that it’s not just Papi Greco storing his cash there. The two of them turn on each other before trying to figure out who set them up, but before long they realize they’re in way over their heads, and will need to team back up if they hope to shoot their way out of the mess they’re in…

“2 Guns” is one of those slick movies where everyone constantly double crosses each other and a new twist comes every other minute. Not that any of the twists are surprising, but they certainly are plentiful. The DEA, the cartel, the Navy, the CIA, they all have parts to play in this movie version of three card monte. Its a thin, silly, implausible game of who’s after who and who’s behind what, but at least they keep everything fast paced and light. At least they don’t leave you much time to say “C’mon…”

With that said, it still winds up an enjoyable watch for two simple reasons: Wahlberg and Washington. These two didn’t get to be big name stars for nothing, they’re both charismatic entertainers who are fun to watch onscreen. They certainly seemed to enjoy working together, too, as the camaraderie between them not only resonates with the audience, but carries the movie. Wahlberg is a fast talking, cocky punk, and Denzel is a grizzled vet who all but delivers the “I’m too old for this shit” line. Together they make for a very entertaining and sometimes comedic pairing that turns “2 Guns” into something worth watching.

It certainly wont be anything I ever buy on Blu, it’s not something that I’m in any rush to see again. But I definitely did find it entertaining enough as it was playing.


26 thoughts on “2 Guns

  1. Wow, it seems we see eye-to-eye on this one, our reviews are almost identical lol. This was a pure entertainment project (cash grab??) for both of em, but I dug it. A lot. Good review

    • LOL. I plagiarize people too, don’t forget 😉

      Naw, just kidding. Yeah, its not a very substantive film, but at least it was enjoyable for what it was. There are SO many movies out there that aren’t. 😦

  2. Honestly this film has been my most anticipated film of this summer!! Ever since I saw the 3 minute trailer on the day it was posted online, I just knew,while this film will have lots of silly and predictable plot elements, that this film could still be very funny and can be lots of fun!! I have been reading that the film has a few convoluted twists that are hard to keep track, so luckily, I’m keeping that opinion(that several critics with) in mind before I see this film! Seeing both Denzel and Mark in this film on screen for the first time is the most fascinating team-up and the greatest point to the film -in my opinion!! So a 3/5 is an acceptable rating, despite the film being predictable and preposterous with a few convoluted twists that are hard to keep track!! So I’ll keep that in mind before and while I see this film!! So, Yes, admittedly, I am lowering my exceptions and keeping in mind with everything the critics(including you) are saying about this film!!! Glad you enjoyed the film!!! I’ll let you know howI felt about the film when I see it tomorrow!! Thanks for the review and keep the coming because you’re doing a great job at (writing and posting) your reviews!!!
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  3. More or less every review seems to be saying this. Perfectly watchable but nothing great. Suits me fine right now. And hey, it’s got Eddie Olmos in it!

  4. Like I said in my review, it sure as hell won’t change the action-thriller game, but it definitely has fun with it while it can. That’s mainly thanks to Marky Mark and Denzel’s lovable chemistry. Good review Fogs.

  5. Yup, I enjoyed this one as well. Marky Mark and Denzel just have awesome chemistry, and those two really elevated this movie to something fun, if not quite something I necessarily need to see again anytime soon, heh.

    • Yeah, me either. Maybe on a rainy day… years from now, I might take a nap to it or something, LOL. But… I’ve seen it once already, that’s good enough for now. 😉

      Glad everyone seems to be in agreement on this one! 😀

  6. Wait.. who are you? Did you get permission to post to this blog?

    This seems to be getting “fair to middling” reviews all over the place. Which really isn’t all that surprising… trailers make it look like just another iteration on the old “buddy cop” formula.

    • I know, right, we’re all going to need bylines here! 😯

      The reason its getting “fair to middling” reviews is that its a “fair to middling” movie. The only difference between this and a buddy cop movie is that they’re not cops. LOL

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  8. As soon as I saw the first trailer for this film I was thinking this is one of those movies I will watch when it is streaming for free on Netflix. Your review has only cemented my opinion on the subject.

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