About Fogs

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Dan Fogarty (thus “Fogs”), and I watch way too many movies.

I’m constantly talking about movies to people who are shaking their heads saying things like “No, I havent seen that one”, or “Whats that one about”, or “Oh yeah, was that any good?” Being single with no kids, I realize that I have a lot more time on my hands than most people. But I also have a really deep love for the magic of the medium. So I try to watch ’em all, if I can.

My first version of this page ended with:

“I also like to hear myself talk, and I finally figured out that a Facebook page really isn’t the proper place to post movie reviews. So here we go, a spot for me to write about movies. Lets see if it winds up any good.”

I still like to “hear myself talk”, but I guess it IS turning out pretty good, as I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback (including being “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress a couple of times, being selected as an “Editor’s Pick of the Day” on Bloggers.com, and being nominated for 8 Lammys by the Large Association of Movie Blogs), and I’ve been fortunate to have a great batch of commenters settle in here. I really feel like we’ve got a fun, well versed bunch of movie fans that hang out now and are willing to share their views and opinions on the topics I post. I hope you’ll join in, too.

I co-host a podcast with Chris Tanski of Underscoopfire.com (another enormous movie fan), titled “The Title Pending Movie Podcast”. It’s clever AND a cop-out both at the same time!

So I hope you’ll like what you find here, I encourage you to explore the “Archives” by using the “Categories” on the right hand side of the homepage. If you read something you like, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts using the comments!!

55 thoughts on “About Fogs

  1. Hey finally caught you blog. Not bad. Better than I thought it was going to be. Hope you enjoy comic con. Post some picks on your site.

  2. So, I am finally visiting your site on a big computer, rather than my i-touch. I like it…..much easier to navigate on this! I am enjoying your blogs….you always had a quick wit, and it still comes through here. I like that you keep you comments real. There is nothing worse than reading a blog filled with flowery language and BS. I like reading something that sounds the way people really talk. Keep it up!

    • I appreciate your patronage sincerely and will strive to maintain the naturalistic style of discourse which you find so appealing!

      LOL. Just messing. Thanks, that’s what this is all about. I just look at it like another “social networking” tool where I get to hang out with my friends online, except here the conversation is 99% movies and tv!

      So yeah, glad you’re joining in. Be sure to help us out by giving a Facebook like on the front page (if you haven’t, I think you might have I don’t know :D)

  3. Hey Fogs, long time, eh? I know, I know… “He never writes, he never calls…”

    Love to see you review this Documentary: http://youtu.be/SvaG0xDdP8g … (Shameless plug, I had a little something to do with it)

    Hope all is well with you,

    • Ho. Ly. CRAP. It’s a Gelf sighting!!


      What’s up brother? How’ve you been?

      I’ll give it a look see. Don’t have time now… 😀 But I see you guys got Shatner involved, thats a bonus!!

      Have a look around… I’m sure there’s a post here or there here that’ll interest you!

  4. Dan,

    My name is Howie Decker, I run a site called underscoopfire.com. It is for children of the 80s, we post about pop culture, tv, comics, movies, etc. We have a few bloggers that contribute articles and columns that I post on our site, along with a blurb each time about where to find their blog and how to follow them. If you’d be interested I’d love to post some of your movie reviews, they would go on the front page when posted and I’d give you full credit as author. It would increase views of your work and traffic to your blog or wherever you want them to go. I don’t make any $ from the site yet, we just launched August 1, but we’ve been tweeted about by USA Today and Entertainment Weekly, which spiked our regular readers and subscribers.
    We also have a podcast (15 episodes so far) that we use to increase traffic to the site and we’d discuss your posts. We’d welcome you to call in to any show recording as well if you want to appear to discuss anything. I welcome you to check out the site and tell me what you think.

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Howie Decker

  5. Hey Dan – Like some of your other readers above, perhaps elsewhere on your blog, I found you through a handful of other bloggers, some connected to LAMb, others just random happenings since I started my movie review blog last year. That being said, I’m just now taking a look around and look forward to exchanging views. cheers->

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  8. Love this blog, your incorporation of polls is especially engaging for new users like myself, good work 🙂 I actually just started a movie review blog of my own recently, I’d love some feedback from an established blogger such as yourself. Let me know what you think


    • Well, as politely as I can, I’d suggest first off that you try to find blogs you like, get involved by reading and responding to the threads, and then if you want advice from the bloggers… contact them offline.

      Dropping a link to your blog in your first comment feels a little spammy.

      Try to find some sites you like and get involved with their comenting communities… then you’ll find there’s an abundance of help. The movie blogosphere is a VERY welcoming and cooperative place.

      • Thanks Fog, I appreciate the advice and I completely understand. I’ll definitely move forward like you suggested.

      • There you go, man.

        Aside from that, the best advice you can get at this stage is to put up the best content you can, regularly, and be open to feedback. I’d recommend pestering family, friends and co-workers, as they’re probably the people that will be most supportive of you early.

        The other visitors will come as you build content and connections through the blogosphere… good luck man! 😀

  9. Fogs, you are not the only person who watches way too many movies. I am the same, but being a girl, I tend to go for the romance, sexy, sappy kind of stuff. Glad to have found your blog. Hope you can point me in the direction of something I might not have seen!

    • Ha. Well, I hope so too. 😀

      Check out some of the categories, if you have time, it will probably help. “Under the Radar” is the one for like smaller type movies that might have gotten by people.

      For the next few days or so, I’m going to be reporting on Comic-con, so bear with me, but things’ll be back to normal here soon!

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