Category Descriptions

I’ve tried to keep this site organized neatly as I build it, that way it doesn’t get unruly. Here’s a quick description of the categories I’m using here on the site.

Awesomely Awful is for all those movies that suck so bad they become fun to watch.

James Bond: Classic, Cheese, or Crap? is my series designed to sort the 007 franchise into category by quality.

Movies That Everyone Should See is my effort to list out the films that I feel are essential viewing for anyone who would call themselves a movie fan, and write up what I think and feel about them.

The Great Debates is my attempt to have FMR readers resolve some of the best movie debates ever!

Reviews are my reviews of current films, in theatres now.

Tossin’ It Out There is a series of threads where I suggest a topic, and then turn the floor over to the commenters to see what they have to say. Check ’em out and leave your thoughts! No matter how old a discussion thread is, your comment will post in the recent comment box, and I’ll be notified as well!

Under the Radar is my chance to recommend films that I just feel like… they haven’t been getting enough attention

There you have it. Please feel free to look around all you like and drop me comments on anything you please. I hope you find something you like and check back in again!

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