Grading System


I felt it would probably be a good idea to formally explain my grading system.

For new movie reviews, I use a “Scholastic grade” system, A-F. Probably because I still carry resentments from my school days and now I want to give someone ELSE a D. LOL.

Anyways, here it is:

A++ All Time Classic

A+ Great movie. If you told me it was your favorite movie ever, I wouldn’t crack wise.

A Excellent movie. Potential Movie of the Year for me.

A- Excellent movie, belongs in the movie of the year discussion, but I can already feel it wouldn’t take the crown.

B+ Very Enjoyable movie. There was some sort of problem with it that kept me from giving it an A range grade though.

B Enjoyable movie.

B- Enjoyable movie, but I have to qualify my opinion for multiple reasons.

C+ Average movie. There’s probably one or two decent scenes in it that make me feel its slightly notable.

C An average movie. Being called an “Average Movie” is not a compliment. Forgettable.

C- I’m really tempted to give this movie a bad grade. Multiple flaws.

D A bad movie. And not in a good way. Boring or stupid. Stay away.

F The worst of the worst. VERY Bad. Painful to sit through. Avoid at all costs.

5 thoughts on “Grading System

  1. I never thought of using a grading system to review movies.. lol goes to show that I’m still a noob at this. Your grading system is very detailed, awesome!

    • Welllllllllll…. I dont adhere to my own guidleines religiously…. But I try. It’s a good idea. A lot of people do other systems too.

      I think a final grade gives people something definitive to latch on to. A lot of times it lets them skip what you wrote, too, but, lol, that’s all part of the game. 😉

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  3. I think this grading system works pretty well b/c it offers a lot of flexibility. I see some rating systems that feel black and white with little gray area – and I think the gray area is the most important aspect.

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