New Episode of the (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

PodcastHere we go, folks! A brand new episode of (title pending) for your listening enjoyment!

We kick things off with “Tank and Fogs: Giant Slayers”, our latest endeavour into the realm of supernatural pest control…

Then of course, we have all of last week’s new releases covered for you, with reviews of “21 & Over”, “Phantom”, “The Last Exorcism: Part II” and “Jack the Giant Slayer”

Finally, Tank and I take you through the listing of the next few month’s upcoming movies in our Spring Movie Preview! He and I run down all the films that are coming out to tide us over between now and summer!

It’s a great episode and you won’t want to miss it! As always, you can download it directly, here, or search for us on iTunes or Stitcher radio by looking for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs!


21 & Over


It’s Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday, and we all know that that means he should get completely wasted in order to celebrate the fact that he can legally purchase alcohol. Jeff Chang’s problem, though, is that he has a meeting the next morning that’s important to his medical degree. So when he winds up getting so drunk he’s incapacitated, his fate lies in the hands of his two best friends, who need to get him home and sobered up in time for his father to pick him up in the morning.

Of course, along the way, a string of drunken hijinks ensue.

If you’re a fan of comedies revolving exclusively around drunken hijinks, then “21 & Over” is a film that will make you laugh. If not? Then, move along.

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