New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

PodcastGreetings, everyone. Here is the latest episode of the Lammy nominated (title pending) Movie Podcast for your listening pleasure! That’s right, for the second year in a row, (title pending) has been nominated for Best Podcast by the Large Association of Movie Blogs!

To celebrate, and to announce our intentions to the rest of nominees, we have this year’s Lammy campaign song “Show With No Title” (get your earplugs out). That’s right, following in the proud tradition of last year’s “Nom or Lammy”, we decide that the best way to earn Lammy votes is to assail the listeners with song!

Following that of course, we have our reviews of “Place Beyond the Pines”, “Scary Movie 5” and “42”! We wrap everything up this week with a discussion of baseball players in the movies by holding a TPMP draft of baseball movie characters! It’s a segment that turned out to be a great deal of fun!

It’s a great episode and you won’t want to miss it! As always, you can download it directly, here, or search for us on iTunes or Stitcher radio by looking for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs!




“42” tells the true story of Jackie Robinson, the Hall of Fame baseball player who was the first African-American to integrate the sport in 1947. For this, he received animosity from other players, incredibly nasty heckling from the fans, and an enormous volume of hate mail and death threats. Through it all, he persevered… not only to change the game, but to become great at it.

It’s a powerful story, inherently, and “42” tells it in a straightforward, conventional, albeit entertaining way.

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The 2013 Spring Movie Season Preview


YES! We made it through the Winter Movie Season, where Hollywood unloads their junk on us, and now we’re headed into the Spring!

Spring is a time for mini-blockbusters, and movies that Hollywood hopes will have decent runs. Last year, “The Hunger Games” was released in March, for example, and we all saw how well that did!

Click through to see all the movies that this Spring Season has to offer!

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