The Great Debates: “Alien” vs. “Aliens” – THE WINNER IS…

Last week, I posed the question of which movie people prefer… Ridley Scott’s “Alien” (1979) or Jame Cameron’s “Aliens” (1986). The poll is now closed… thank you to everyone who participated!

We received 87 votes, and the winner, by a 60/40 margin¬†was…

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The Great Debates: Alien vs. Aliens

Given the release of “Prometheus” this past week, the “Alien” franchise has been pushed back to the forefront. I’m not sure that anyone would prefer that movie to either of these, so I’m fairly certain that the debate over the best film in the Franchise still boils down to these two.

So let’s hash it out once and for all.

Click through to read the “Tale of the Tape” and then let’s hear which one you think is better, “Alien” or “Aliens”!

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New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

It’s Wednesday! That means a brand new (title pending) episode!

This week, I touch on Madagascar 3, and then the Tank and I discuss Ridley Scott’s new epic, “Prometheus”! There’s a lot of wildly varying opinions on this movie… I honestly don’t think there’s any consensus at all on it. Find out what Tanker and I think by listening in!

From there we use “Prometheus” to launch a discussion about the “Alien” franchise. It’s a storied series, with 4 very different films on its roster. We break ’em down for you, and go over our thoughts on them, including – which is better, Alien or Aliens? Plus our feelings on the Alien 3 “Assembly Cut”.

All that, plus the Box Office Roundup, “Has Tank Seen Scarface” and our look ahead at what’s on the radar. It’s a great episode, check it out, you wont want to miss it! ūüėÄ You can download it directly here or search for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs on iTunes!

To keep in touch with the goings on all week long, stop by and give our facebook page a like!


Heralded by an amazing advertising campaign, featuring an impressive cast, and boasting an impeccable pedigree, “Prometheus” was a film burdened with expectations that few films face. Ridley Scott was returning to the “Alien” universe, and he had a full house of incredible actors and actresses going with him. The film’s astounding trailers were accompanied by a series of highly effective viral videos¬†that whet our appetites for sci-fi awesomeness.

It’s perhaps unfair then, that I saddle it with the expectations I had going in. Those are mine.

And so I won’t.

I’ll say instead that “Prometheus” disappointed me not because I was let down in comparison to the thoughts I had going in, but because it is so tantalizingly close to greatness as the movie that¬†it is. Maddeningly close.

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The Top Ten Ridley Scott Films.

In all honesty, I never wanted to do “Top Ten” lists here.

I’ve never read one that didn’t piss me off somehow, and frankly, who am I to authoritatively rank anything? AFI, I am not.

But I have to acknowledge that they’re an extremely popular post format, and going through them can actually be an interesting exercise. For example, as familiar as I am with¬†Sir Ridley’s filmography, I found myself rewatching 3 different films in order to compile this¬†list.

So here we go, our first top ten list here. The top ten films of Sir Ridley Scott.

I’m well on the record here as being a big fan of the man, he’s a great director with a handful of true classics under his belt and a filmography full of solid movies. You can always count on his movies to be visually appealing, and more often than not they’re lavish productions that can transport the viewer to a different place, or time, or even world.

That’s what the magic of movies is all about.

Click through to check out what I feel are his ten best!

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Hey! I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that I was able to participate in a Lambcast recently ūüėÄ in fact, this is the first of two back to back episodes I wound up on… I tried to make the most of it because now it’s going to be awhile before I can make my triumphant return…

But in the meantime, I was able to have a great conversation with host Dylan Fields of Man I Love Films, co-host Nick Jobe of Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob Tom Clift of Movie Reviews by Tom Clift (amongst other places) and Markus Welby of Green People Soup about the Alien Franchise!

The five¬†of us go over the franchise¬†in depth¬†– comparing Alien to Aliens, arguing over whether Alien3¬†is better than Alien Resurrection, debating the possibilities of replicating a parasitic organism via DNA cloning… all the nerdy fun you would expect when you get a group of movie geeks together and record their thoughts for public consumption!

It’s a really fun listen, I’ve had a chance to listen to the finished product myself already, and I highly recommend it, especially to fans of the franchise! You can search it out on iTunes under “Lambcast” or play it directly here via podomatic!

And just a word of warning… this is the first episode of three guest appearances I have over the next week, plus I wouldn’t dream of not doing our (title pending)s! So it’ll be podcast city here, check out the ones you like and leave the rest!

– Joel Burman, “Shepherd” of the Large Association of Movie Blogs