For Your Consideration: Best Community Builder

Normally on Fridays, I like to run my “Follow Fridays” series, where I recommend another movie blog and try to briefly explain why they’re worth checking out. It’s one of the ways that I try to connect everyone, and also a way to try to support other blogger’s efforts.

So I thought today would be a good day to launch my Lammy campaigning, and lead with the category “Best Community Builder / Networking Lamb”. It kind of ties in neatly to what I’d be doing today anyways.

I think everyone here knows that here at FMR we have a great movie discussion/commenting community, but you might not all be familiar with all of the other candidates. This post will give me an opportunity to highlight the other nominees, which will be good for our Non-Lammie readers and help our eligible voter friends have a look at the category and make an informed decision…

For FMR, of course! 😀 Read on!

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Follow Fridays!: Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

It’s Friday, and it’s a long weekend (here in the States at least :D)! So what better way to kick things off than with a really great movie blog recommendation?

This time up? The super prolific “Dan the Man” of Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews! You may know Dan as CMrok93, the screen name he uses to comment and reply, he’s visited here on many occasions, in fact I’m sure many of you have seen him on your blogs as well! 

Dan’s one of the hardest working reviewers around, he’s cranking out reviews left and right… click through to read more about his site!!

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Follow Fridays!: Paragraph Film Reviews


And with Friday comes another edition of our blog spotlight series, “Follow Fridays”! This week, it’s Paragraph Film Reviews, the movie blog where you can get your reviews in a single paragraph format!

Click through and check out what they have going on!

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Follow Fridays: The Warning Sign!

Thank God it’s Friday, people!

Today’s “Follow Fridays” is our buddy Eric, over at “The Warning Sign”.

TWS is a great spot for movie discussion. There’s a healthy commenting community (as many of you know!) and a great opportunity to comment on a wide range of classic films, primarily due to Eric’s decision to select a large number of important/influential flicks, watch ’em, and chronicle the journey.

His “Movie Project”.

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Follow Fridays!: French Toast Sunday

Thank God it’s Friday!

And Fridays bring another movie blog recommendation from yours truly. Up this week? French Toast Sunday!

This is a bit of “Instant Karma” for Lindsay and the folks over at FTS. At the beginning of the week, they were kind enough to recommend my blog in one of their posts, and I stopped in to check out the backlink. I was instantly impressed with the clean, colorful look of the site, and I wound up reading that they had recently changed their layout!

So. Quid pro quo opportunity? Great new look to plug? Impressive blog with accompanying podcast? A “Follow Fridays!” was a no brainer! Plus, they had a post on their front page recommending Troll 2! Hell ya!!

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Follow Fridays!: Awesomely Shitty

Continuing my Friday series of recommending other blogs and bloggers to everyone.

Up this week? “Awesomely Shitty”. The homecave of our resident curmudgeon, Brikhaus. If you’ve ever wondered why I approve of Brik in spite of his profanity laden bitterness, and his little icon giving us all the finger, well, you’ve probably never gotten the full “Awesomely Shitty” experience!

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Two New Blogs to the Blogroll

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a second and draw your attention to the addition of two new blogs to the blog roll, Fat Guy With Glasses and Morgan on Media.

I realize the blogroll here isn’t very prominent, so when and if I add someone to it, I’ll probably give a shout out about it. In my journeys around the blogosphere since I’ve begun this blog, I’ve seen a lot of bloated blog rolls, and I’m really trying to keep this one tight. The blogs listed there are all people who post here – “members” of this community. These blogs are no exception, they’re the blogs of the commenters you guys know as Morgan Lewis and Bruce (Spikor).

We actually go wayyyy back. I’ve probably known these guys online for almost a decade now, and although we’ve never actually met, I consider them friends. So demonstrate that interconnected blogosphere spirit and stop by check them out! Hopefully you’ll see something you like and maybe even make it a part of your internet time!