Catching the Classics: Scarface

Scarface PosterSince 1998, I have been maintaining a list of movies that I wanted to see. Sometimes these are all-time classics that passed me by, sometimes they’re genre classics that interest me. The list grows regularly and is currently more than 1800 movies long. Fogs has gone through and hand-picked several classic films for me to “fast-track” and review here. This is one of those films.

It’s hard to be certain when I first heard about Scarface. High school seems likely. Its excess of violence and its sense of style would have appealed to a lot of my fellow students. It took me a while to catch it, not for any particular reason, but simply difficulty in tracking down a cheap copy — you can be assured I knew even from early on that this was not a film to trust to TBS’s editors. Also, at nearly three hours in length, it’s a film that requires a significant time commitment, so there was that factor as well. But it was one I had to get my hands on eventually, if only to see how a film can garner Golden Globe nominations and, at the same time, a Razzie nomination. Continue reading

News Worth Sharing: Gangsta, Gangsta! A new “Scarface” and an N.W.A. biopic are on their way


So. During the blog’s impromptu “Lebowski Fest” the past couple of days, I didn’t get an opportunity to share the news about two upcoming movies I’ve heard about. Both involving gangsters.

The first is a new “Scarface” movie planned by Universal.

The second is an N.W.A. biopic, tentatively titled after their debut album, “Straight Outta Compton”

One of these makes me giddy with anticipation, the other tests my gag reflex. See if you can guess which one is which. The answer, after the break.

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