Fogs’ Movie Reviews has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Convention Coverage!

Lammy-111Just a quick post to let everyone know that FMR¬†has won the 2013 Lammy Award for Best Convention Coverage. ūüėÄ

Last year I attended San Diego Comic-Con and kept the readers here up to date with several posts a day worth of pictures and recaps, trying to capture the spirit of the event. I also live-tweeted as well as my phone reception would allow! Now all of that hard work has paid off! ūüėÄ

I¬†thought I’d¬†let everyone know, and publicly thank everyone who cast a vote for me. The results were, again, very close. Only four votes separated FMR from¬†Runner-Up¬†Bonjour Tristesse.¬†So to everyone¬†who voted for FMR, an enormous thank you!!

Congratulations to Bonjour Tristesse, and also¬†to French Toast Sunday, Big Thoughts From a Small Mind, and The Film Emporium! Thanks also to Andrew and Sara from Two Tickets For… , who did the¬†presentation video (below)!

New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

What’s up everyone, what’s going on?

Here’s another episode of (title pending) for you, this time with a couple of special treats!

First up is my Comic-Con review, featuring a break down of all the movie treats I got to see at Comic-Con. All the panels, and the highlights from them. Frankenweenie, Wreck it Ralph, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Expendables¬†2, Django¬†Unchained, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, The Campaign, the Hobbit, Iron Man 3… It’s all here. Seeing Sly and Ahnuld together, getting in line at 5 am and still having a million people in front of you, having Robert Downey Jr dance by, I cover it all for you!

Then, for Part II of a three part podcast crossover event, Brian Roan of Dearfilm and Ryan McNeil of The Matinee help¬†Tank and I¬†break down Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Part I, where Brian, Ryan and I break down “Batman Begins” on Dear Film’s Outside the Envelope¬†podcast can be found here. Part III, where we collectively discuss “The Dark Knight Rises” should be up this Sunday, I’ll keep you posted!

Together these two segments add up to an epic (title pending) episode that’s not to be missed! You can download it directly, here, or look for us on iTunes!

Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and give us a like, we’re sooooo close to 100! ūüėÄ Plus you get to see my picture with Richard Kiel crushing my head. LOL!

San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Comic-Con has ended.


Crazy crazy four days. Or should I say three crazy days, plus Sunday?

Sunday is the day where there’s nothing to rush to. You’ve already seen the floor, so you know your way around well, you know what’s out there, you’re not scrambling around anymore trying to “See Everything”. You have no reason to be hustling or hurrying, and neither to do the other attendees. This creates – as much as something like this can exist by Comic-con standards – a relaxed atmosphere. You walk around, you see the sights, you try to bag an autograph or two, and just soak it all in the best you can, knowing that there’s only a few hours left to the convention.

I tried to do just that

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San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: This is why Comic-Con is World Renown

This is why people camp out overnight.

Hall H today is why television networks cover the convention.

Why people travel from all over the world. Guam. Brazil. Canada. England. Heard them all this week. All over.

This is why Comic-Con is worth the big bucks, the headaches, the sleep deprivation, the hunger pains, the bursting bladder, the sore back, the blisters on your feet.

This is WHY.

Because you just do NOT GET stuff like this anywhere else.

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San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Greetings from the line for Hall H, on Saturday at 5:30 am (well, when I began this post at least). I got up at 4, was here by 10 after 5 or so…

And I have never been further back in line for an event. I cannot even SEE Hall H right now. The Lawn is completely full of campers, the sidewalk across the street was full of campers, the line loops around the grass and back by the bay. I got up at 4 am, and now wonder if I’ll even get in.

I spent my time last night updating all the photos, and never got around to a summary post, so I figured since I have TIME (LOL), I might as well write up my adventures from yesterday. Read on!


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San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Costume Gallery

Ok. Those of you who follow me on twitter have seen me post pics (to the best of my ability) throughout the day, and I’ve had a couple of opportunities to do a sampling of the costumes I’ve been capturing here and there on the blog.

But now it’s time for a good old fashioned pic dump.

Here’s a gallery of (almost) all of the costumes I’ve been able to snap a pic of so far this year at Comic-Con. A few just didnt come out, or had other people in them… aside from that though, here’s a bombing gallery of all the Cosplay I’ve captured so far this year.

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San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: The “Frankenweenie” Exhibit

This morning, one of the first things I did when I hit the Floor was to check out the display that had been set up to promote Tim Burton’s upcoming stop-motion animated film, “Frankenweenie”.

After seeing the presentation in Hall H on Thursday, my estimation for the movie’s prospects rose dramatically¬†and so I wanted to be sure to stop in and see the display, in case the movie turns out really awesome, I didn’t want to regret not checking it out.

Being first thing in the morning, there was no line and I was able to get right in. During the day, they only let a limited number of people in at a time in order to give everyone plenty of space to take pictures and look at the displays at their leisure.

The exhibit contains the actual figures that were used during the animation process, along with a number of the miniature sets. There were multiple figures for each character made, because scenes had to be worked on concurrently by multiple teams in order to complete the movie in a timely fashion. It can take days to get mere seconds of film time accomplished, so its important to have the coordinated effort to get everything done on time.

The display was obviously put together with enormous care, and staffed by attendees who were knowledgeable about the film, and encouraging to the visitors… click through to see the photos I took of the exhibit!

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San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: The Expendables 2 Panel

For those of you with interest, here’s the video I took of last night’s “Expendables 2” Panel, featuring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It really was one of the most fun panels I’ve had the pleasure of attending, both stars were in great spirits, and that sort of thing is completely infectious.

Sorry for the “Cuts”, Comic-Con does not allow footage to be recorded and released, so each time they went to video, I had to pause the recording. I’m sure if you choose to watch, you’ll be able to follow along anways!

Click through for the embed!

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San Diego Comic-Con International 2012: Friday on the Floor

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog, I’ve been battling with this crappy Comic-Con WiFi everytime I get a chance to sit…

It’s been a great day on the floor so far though, click through to see a bunch of random pics from the halfway point, I’ll do a full debrief tonight!!

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