“Gone” is the story of a young woman who was kidnapped, and kept for a short time in a hole in the woods. There she discovers the human remains of previous victims before she manages to escape her captor and flee. The problem she faces on her emergence is that she has no way to prove her story. Searches of the woods fail to turn up the hole she was kept in, and during her ordeal she didn’t actually suffer enough physical trauma for the police to believe conclusively she was abducted.

Now, almost a year after her escape, the killer has returned and she’s once again facing the challenge of getting people to believe her.

Read on to see if “Gone” puts the lotion in the basket or if it gets the hose.

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One For the Money

“One for the Money” is the story of a divorced Jersey Girl who’s been fired from her job and facing an impending financial crisis. In order to earn money, she turns to her cousin’s bail bonds business, hoping for a filing job. When she finds out that one of her ex-flames has a large bounty out, what she winds up doing instead is becoming a bounty hunter.

It’s more than a little implausible, as are many, many of the situations within the movie. It’s also clichéd and insubstantial. On the plus side though, it’s lighthearted and doesn’t try to do too much. The result is a flick that isn’t very highly recommendable, but wasn’t exactly painful to sit through, either.

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