Hollywood Mysteries: M Night Shyamalan (Part III: Still Falling)

(You can find Part I here and Part II here)

By 2008, I had completely soured on M Night. “The Lady in the Water” was that bad. I honestly had no expectations of him any more, and no anticipation of his future projects. If he was atop my favorite working directors list in 2002, he was nowhere near it in 2008.

Which is why I was surprised when trailers for his next film, “The Happening” were intriguing. It was apocalyptic looking and moody, and features that great shot he got of bodies falling through the air.

What if “The Lady in the Water” were an aberration? I mean, you take that movie out, and the guy’s filmography was awesome. Three great flicks and one ok one. So maybe he just had one wild idea and he whiffed on it. I mean, even if it sucked, it was still…. unique. What if now he was pissed off over being called a hack, and this movie was his return to form? With a vengeance?

Oh my God no. No, no, no. LOL.

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Now showing on cable: “Devil”

“Devil” is making it rounds on HBO.

Dont let the stink of M Night Shaymalan fool you! This movie is actually pretty fun.

The premise sounds like the setup for a joke, or some kind of riddle. “Four people and the Devil get stuck in an elevator…”

Once the Devil starts killing people off, though (done as the lights sporadically go out so no one can tell who done it) the movie gets creepy and cool. Meanwhile, powerless cops and security guards watch the action unfold over closed circuit tv and try to figure out who the killer is. Its like a claustrophobic “And Then There Were None”.

There’s worse movies than this one… I give it a B- !