The 2012 FMR MAJOR Awards: The Worst Picture Nominees

Worst Picture Nominees

Ladies and Gentleman, here we go. After a long year of suffering through a wide variety of putrid offal, I present to you the fruits of my labors… the WORST movies of 2012. These were the movies that made you want to escape the pain, the ones that you wish would just END already. The type of movie you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

My pain is your gain, though! Click through to see the ten movies that stunk out the joint the worst in 2012

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“Gone” is the story of a young woman who was kidnapped, and kept for a short time in a hole in the woods. There she discovers the human remains of previous victims before she manages to escape her captor and flee. The problem she faces on her emergence is that she has no way to prove her story. Searches of the woods fail to turn up the hole she was kept in, and during her ordeal she didn’t actually suffer enough physical trauma for the police to believe conclusively she was abducted.

Now, almost a year after her escape, the killer has returned and she’s once again facing the challenge of getting people to believe her.

Read on to see if “Gone” puts the lotion in the basket or if it gets the hose.

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2012 Winter Movie Season Preview

Winter has come.

The Holidays being over, Hollywood now nestles into its burrow to await March, hibernating during the cold winter months. The cinematic highlights of January and February are typically the movies which were “released” in the prior year, but are only trickling out to cineplexes now.

As to NEW releases?

Let’s just say I hope you saved your nuts, my squirrely friends. 😀 Remember our “Tossin’ It Out There” thread from a few days back which asked which movies you were looking forward to the most in 2012? Scant few of these were mentioned there.

That’s not to say nothing’s happening! There’s new movies every week… Let’s take a look and see what Hollywood expects to hold us over between now and Spring…

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