My Weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic ConHome again, safe and sound. Another convention in the books!

I thought I’d share some of the highlights of this weekend, as everyone loves cosplay photos!

Click through for the highlights of this weekend, and for my gallery of costumed attendees!

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Here Comes the Boom

Here comes the “Boom”, alright. Let me tell you what the %$&#ing “Boom” is.

The “Boom” is that whatever minor modicum of talent Kevin James has is rendered meaningless by the fact that he continually chooses these insipid, moron friendly comedies to star in. This movie proceeds from the assumption that the audience will willingly trade their common sense for the opportunity to “feel good” and then proceeds to build a farfetched scenario laden with implausible occurrences, featuring stereotypical characters. “Here Comes the Boom” is exactly the dumbed down tripe you suspect it is.


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The 2012 Fall Movie Preview – Part II

Ok folks, here we go. Part II of the 2012 Fall Movie Preview. Today we’ll break down all the major releases on tap for the month of October, and the first week of November!

As you might imagine, it’s a diverse bunch. There are some ahead that look intriguing, and some that might as well be announcing that they’re garbage already, LOL. Let’s have a look and see if we can’t sort out what’s what!!

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