This Is the End

This is the end

“This Is the End” is a riotously funny movie about six comedic stars trapped in one mansion as the Apocalypse unfolds around them. The personalities are funny, the situation is funny, everything is funny.

The first great comedy of 2013.

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The 2013 Summer Movie Preview – Part 1


Summer is finally upon us! With this Friday’s release of “Iron Man 3”, the 2013 Summer Movie season officially begins!

The summer season is defined by big budget, high-profile releases, and this summer is no exception. We’ll cover what’s coming out in May and June today, and then look at July and August tomorrow. 

Click through to check out what the first half of Summer, 2013 has in store!

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Now Showing on Cable: “Friends with Benefits”


“Friends with Benefits” premiered this weekend on Starz. It’s last year’s romantic/sex comedy starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.

Kunis plays a professional head-hunter who successfully recruits a web editor (Justin Timberlake) for GQ magazine. As she’s the only person he knows in New York, the two stay connected even after the employment contract is finalized.

Each of them have recently experienced romantic difficulties and both are frustrated with the very concept of romance. Yet they both still pine for sex…

Whatsoever shall they do?

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The Muppets

I couldn’t be happier to bring you this news.

“The Muppets” isn’t just good, it’s great. For fans from the “Old Days” it will be a joyous reunion. A thorough reminder of why you loved them to begin with. For children and young people who are new to the Muppets, you’ll love meeting them. They’re going to be characters you’ll love for the rest of your life.

It’s a song and dance comedy spectacular that’s full of laughs, feel good story moments and wonderful, colorful, comical characters. It literally gave me chills at several points, and I sat watching it with a grin ear to ear from beginning to end.

Muppets fans? Raise your expectations 100%. I guarantee you leave saying “That was SO awesome”.

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2011 Holiday Movie Season Preview!!

This year, the start of the Holiday Movie season is November 18th. That’s NEXT weekend already folks!! That’s when Hollywood releases “Happy Feet Two” and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”, two movies with valid expectations of large takes at the gate. The start of the second blockbuster season of the year!

Here are the movies coming up this Holiday Season that I’m most excited for. Check out Wednesday, December 21st! “The Adventures of Tintin”, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, and “Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol”! That’s going to be a busy day!

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Now showing on cable: “Gulliver’s Travels”

Premiering this last Saturday on HBO was 2010’s “Gulliver’s Travels”, starring Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel Amanda Peet and Chris O’Dowd.

Did you ever prejudge a movie, only to find out you were wrong?

You know, you see the trailers and the commercials or you read the reviews, and you think, “This movie looks terrible,” but then when you actually watch it you find yourself liking it and you have to admit it’s not all that bad?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that here, “Gulliver’s Travels” is every bit the steaming pile of crap you imagine it is.

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Now showing on cable: “Despicable Me”

Despicable Me made its debut tonight on HBO, and I got around to seeing it for the first time.

Afterwards I felt Despicable… FOR WAITING SO LONG!

What a great movie that is. First of all, it’s excellently and stylistically animated. I don’t know why that never gets touched on anymore in this day and age of CGI animation, but it should be. Just because the animation is CGI doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be good. Secondly, Steve Carell does some of the best work of his career here as Gru, the lead character. His accent makes Boris Badinov’s seem subtle by comparison, but it’s ridiculous in a good way.

Gru is a villain who wants to raise his profile. Standing in his way is his rival villain, Vector, voiced by Jason Segel. In order to infiltrate Vector’s fortress, Gru adopts a trio of young girls who supply Vector with Cookies. Comedy ensues as the girls move in and cramp Gru’s bachelor/villain lifestyle, and of course, eventually steal his heart. Continue reading

Bad Teacher

I have a problem when it comes to watching movies, sometimes. A lot of times, see, I just can’t watch a movie for what it IS without getting caught up in thinking what it could’ve been. Or should’ve been. Perhaps it’s the repressed directorial fantasies I harbor. LOL. Regardless, when I come across a movie like “Bad Teacher” I can’t help getting fixated on “Why didn’t they just”s…

I mean, it’s got a great premise, really, doesn’t it? I can totally imagine the pitch meeting… “Alright, are you ready for this?? Baaad Teeacher!! Huh? Huh?” And I’m in, you know, green light! ‘Cause it sounds fun. Comedy potential galore. There’s certainly enough talent on board, and you’re not going to have any trouble filling the trailer with jokes, so lets do this thing!

And some of that makes its way to the screen, sure. Diaz shows movies in class all day every day and sleeps through them. She openly mocks some of her students, drinks during class, and gets high in the parking lot. Only somewhere along the way, “Bad Teacher” becomes “Bad Co-Worker”. I think in the end, the ratio of time shown with Diaz’s character (Jesus, I just came from the movie and I can’t remember her name. LOL. I could lie right here and look it up, but isn’t it more telling that I can’t even remember the lead characters name 20 minutes after watching the freaking movie?) teaching vs dealing with her fellow teachers and her principal is like, 5 to 1 in the wrong direction. I went in wanting to see the anti “Stand and Deliver”, you know? School of Rock, except the teacher doesn’t give a crap! I asked myself at one point, didn’t anybody involved in this movie ever see “The Bad News Bears”? Just bring it inside for Christ’s sakes! 

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